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Hello and welcome to Kissan Tiffin Timetable. This is Chef Ajay Chopra, well it’s another day of the week but the same old question. What do we make for the tiffin tomorrow? Well that’s why India’s most loved chefs have come together to create 200 recipes for 200 school days. Today’s recipe is Jaga Dosa, Jaga Dosa? What is this? Don’t worry its Soya Dosa It’s a refreshing twist on the regular dosa recipe, well that’s another reason to bring back an empty tiffin. “Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin” Well this soya dosa recipe is not as unique as it sounds, it’s actually very simple. We take the same rice for making this batter, along with it 1/2 cup of white Urad Dal 1 small cup of soyabean A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and some chana dal. Soak this overnight, then puree it and then ferment it for 6-7 hours So I’ve with me the batter which is already fermented and ready. I’m going to add little bit of salt into it and just mix it well. Now I’m going to add a twist to the dosa batter. Yes ketchup, tomato ketchup “Kissan Tomato Ketchup” It’s gone make this dosa color beautiful, as well as the whole soya-tomato combination it’s just mind-blowing. Look at this color. Its gorgeous! Okay, I’m ready with the batter Now we’re going to start with the stuffing, which is a vegetable stuffing. Pretty simple, pretty easy Just start with a little bit of oil and little bit of mustard seeds And as soon as they crackle, we’re going to add raw chana dal Then I’m going to add some chopped ginger, A little bit of chopped green chili and some curry leaves for the flavor. Now along with it I’m going to saute some chopped onions. Now the onions are getting sautéed, I’ve with me some bell peppers, some chopped beans I’m gonna add straight in, you can actually add whatever fresh vegetables you have I also have with me some green peas, veggies are good for children, and Veggies are great for children But children somehow don’t love vegetables So we’ve to find new ways to give vegetables to them. Okay, now we go with a little bit of salt A little bit of turmeric powder, And then finally some crush boiled potatoes. You know great masala dosa filling has got a little moisture. So I’m going to add little bit of water, so that the potato and the vegetables and everything just comes together This mixture is looking so colorful, It’s only missing one color which is red tomato Ketchup It’s going to lift the flavor so the extra tomatoe texture and the flavor of the Kissan Tomato Ketchup is going to make this mixture amazing Amazing! The dosa pan should be nice and hot We should drizzle a little bit of oil And just do the same action the dosa guy does, which is throw some water. Although the pan is non stick, but actually it gets glazed with some oil And that glazing makes nice and crispy Okay, I’m going to smear some oil on the side. Just little bit. So let it cook gently. Once the dosa has left the base, that’s when I’m going to add the stuffing I’m gonna make a nice triangle dosa Alright the dosa is becoming crispy on both sides. I’m going to get my chopping board out on to it. Okay. Nice and tasty. Dosa ready. And now this goes directly, Make the box healthier by putting some fresh fruit, some freshly cut watermelon and some lovely pistas

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