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Spaghetti and Meat Sauce MUKBANG | How To Eat PASTA ON KETO

you guys it has been so long since I’ve been in my house able to film a video for you guys do you guys miss this background I’m super excited to be back as well as have this video via a collab video with eat with mark the shark if you guys haven’t checked him out I’ll have a link in the description box below he’s phenomenal he eats on camera like me he reached out to me while I was actually still visiting my mom in Japan and I I was like oh I can’t do it now but like I really want to he post is about 1 to 2 times a week so be on the lookout I think he is doing a seafood alfredo which sounds super amazing so this is the first video back from Japan that I am actually filming I have a lot of pre-recorded stuff I still have some vlogs that I have to get up and some keto recipes so look out for that I have brought to you some spaghetti bolognaise some or spaghetti with meat sauce this is actually a keto meal I actually have to go get the packaging just so I can show you guys so one moment I actually really love this it’s the turkey bolognese sauce from Trader Joe’s it’s super cheap umm three servings and this one package so this is a easy meal prep idea if you’re struggling to have the energy to cook anything which has been me lately also how can you eat pasta on a ketogenic diet well you can’t eat real pasta obviously but there are so many substitutes vegetables is a great substitute I actually haven’t tried that yet um I want to try it with some squash so that probabl happen soon but I’ve been obsessed with these tofu shiitake spaghetti shaped um things it’s super good on my macros since I am on a ketogenic diet it only has 3 total carbs per serving but two of them are dietary fiber so you can actually subtract that and it’s only one card per serving I put the whole thing in this is two servings per package so this whole thing with the sauce and the noodles I think is six about eight grams of carbs and of course to top it all off I love cheese and that’s partly why I brought the cheese with me because I probably will add some more some Parmesan cheese I usually like the freshly grated one but this is all that I had I’m completely fine with it cheese’s cheese right okay I’m going to stop talking and just go ahead and start eating pitas oh my goodness I’m super good I don’t think I had spaghetti with meat sauce and like since I’ve been on keto so this will be a monument to this moment mmm oh my goodness trying to mix in the cheese I am going to give you guys a bike because I’m not stingy like that Akana you know I care mmm oh my gosh I’m telling you even if you’re not on a ketogenic diet if you just want to lessen your carbs in some places this is a great alternative to pasta and you can hardly tell the difference the only thing is it’s a slightly different texture but and I seasoned it just like I would with regular pasta ethanol salt and pepper and some garlic powder I’m just opening up Lucroy this is my favorite flavor Orange I’ve tried a couple of other ones I tried the cranberry one and it’s okay but I keep coming back to orange because I’m obsessed with it okay guys so let’s talk that talk so I just got back from Japan about a week ago today and I just went crazy crazy crazy like I didn’t mill prep which so bad on my part and I think I’m going to have a meal prep video next week just that way I can hold myself accountable so hold me here but yes um I still stayed mostly Hedo but there was one day that I just like went crazy I was at the mall I got a Cinnabon I was like man I could have like actually film that like I wasn’t even thinking this meat sauce is so good I used to actually buy it in college when I was like too lazy to make my own meat sauce because I’m such a foodie I make like a six hour meat sauce with like two different types of meat but I never feel like doing that and who has the time now it is so I’ve gotta love LA guys sorry you I would definitely take advantage of like shortcuts sometimes especially if you are a Mill prep person like me oh I’m sorry guys is that super annoying hearing it clink I always get annoyed when I’m like editing and I hear that I’m like dang it why did I not catch myself I caught myself though sorry hmm and then I do it again but yes I’ve been getting up so motivated to work out more I’m going to the gym well not the gym going hiking because I just do not like the traditional gym I’ve never liked it so I decided to go hike and it perfect for me I do it right after work I don’t have to think about it but um I didn’t really do a weight loss update for you guys um but I did gain weight from my craziness in Japan but it’s not as much as you would think a lot I gained about two pounds most of it I think is water weight I’m completely fine with it because I had an amazing time it was months of prepping and like waiting to go there and it’s been I’ve been able to get back on the keto bandwagon with no pretty easy I did have one leg slip up but hey I’m totally fine with that but I think I’m going to start putting my weight loss update on my other channel I actually have another channel from this that I’ve completely neglected it’s called Caleb handed off and I’ll link in the description box I haven’t really posted anything since I started this channel because I’ve been so passionate about this channel that I kind of but if you’re interested in plus-size fashion and body positivity head that way because there will be some videos coming your way mmm let’s just saw that I love orange soda so this is like orange soda without guilt like there’s no sugar and sweeteners it’s literally just carbonated water and a little bit of orange extract and I didn’t think I would like I did not think I would be on that Lacroix bandwagon but they got me they got me because I love soda and I can’t let go that completely and I need to get my water into again so but I’m so rude I haven’t asked you guys how are you doing today mmm hmm oh my goodness sorry I keep like mourning after I eat it was just so good I haven’t had spaghetti forever and if you’re new to my channel yeah you’re going to hear this again it if you stick around with me but I’m a pasta scene I love pasta I love ramen I love any forms of pasta pate that’s all me so being on this diet the first thing I have fun with something to replace pasta I’m so happy that I found it relatively quickly hmm but what do you guys want me to eat next let me know in the comments down below I have a couple things in mind I kind of want to make a pizza Akito friendly pizza I also interested in like making keto friendly onion rings and this week I’m definitely making keto cookies like I’ve had such a sweet tooth this week it’s crazy to me I’m usually like a salty chip person this week it’s been all about sugar so I just want to make sure I’m prepared because upcoming week it’s that way I don’t end up at Cinnabon again mmm this is so good I’m so sad it’s almost done I still have like two more servings of sauce so I might have to eat this again tomorrow I think it’s done I think I have to call it guys but the sauce is so good definitely recommend if you’re buying food or Joe’s picking it up trying it out it’s good on regular pasta too I just eat all the time in college but that can we offered this one as always if you like these types of videos and want me to make more muffins definitely give me a thumbs up it helps my channel grow and it lets me know that you guys still like watching these as always I’ll see you guys in the next one Oh

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