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Spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukgaejang: 육개장)

(chopping) (upbeat instrumental music) – Hi everybody! Today, let’s make some soup. Delicious soup. I said, “soup”! Spicy beef and vegetable
soup called yukgaejang. I will just make for four servings today but even though you’re living alone, just make this four servings. You can keep in the
refrigerator up to one week, and you can keep eating. Mom is leaving for some travel. She has to make
some food for family. Spaghetti sauce, a lot of spaghetti sauce and spaghetti. Or sometimes sandwich kind of, you know, preparation Or I heard that lasagna. They make a lot of lasagna. “Okay, this is for you
guys while I’m not home. You guys can keep eating.” That’s a kind of a Western mom. Korean mom, including me, makes yukgaejang when I leave for travel. And also bone soup. Korean ox bone soup Ox bone soup is maybe longer, longer period because I make a huge amount and they keep eating, eating. But this yukgaejang is like, “Okay, I will come back, three or four days after, you guys eat this.” It contains all kinds of
lots of vegetables inside and also meat. Whenever you eat, reheat it again. that’s it. All you need is rice. Rice and soup, well balanced meal. It’s simple. I’m really craving for yukgaejang now. First, I’m going to boil water because soup, we need lots of water. Three quarts of water I’m going to boil. Let’s boil. Around 10 minutes after
it starts boiling and the I’m going to add my beef and other stuff. One pound of beef brisket. I’m going to soak this beef in water because I like to remove
some blood from the meat. Soak in cold water. These are vegetables and garlic and onion, I’m going to use these all. And also this is mung bean sprouts. And also I never skip gosari. Fernbrake, it’s mountain vegetable. I just already soaked, boiled and soaked using my pressure cooker. This is 50 grams of dried gosari. Look at this one. It’s really thin, but when this is well soaked, it look like this. Huge difference. Well soaked gosari is You can easily squish like this, see? It has lots of dust here. We need to wash. a couple of times wash. Remove all dust. Add some water. Just see, this amount. Now, I am boiling my gosari
with pressure cooker. It takes 30 minutes, I measured the time. So you see? a little blood. We need to boil this beef
until really, really tender. So I’m going to cut just
a little bit like that. Cut this along the grain, so that after it’s cooked, easily pull apart. Four dried shiitake mushrooms. And then onion, let’s cut it in half. Let’s add this to the boiling water. We need to boil this for one hour. after one hour, I’m
going to check my beef. Beef should be so tender. Close. This is sukju namul, mung bean sprouts. Mung bean sprouts: We
need around three cups of mung bean sprouts. This is a perfect size. It’s 12 ounces (340 grams). I will use this. You can grow mung bean sprouts. You know that my another video? “growing mung bean sprouts” I was going to grow my mung
bean sprouts to make this video, but I was too busy. So I just bought this. Grab and shaking. Very clean. This is green onion. You guys saw this green onion? You can find this only at either Korean grocery store or a Japanese grocery store. Yesterday I found really nice one. Long stem is sweet. This is called “dae-pa”. Large green onion. Cut it around two and a half inches long. Too thick, I’m going to cut it in half. Then, here. Gosari, around six ounces About two cups. “Oh Maangchi, what are you going to do, the leftover gosari?” “Don’t worry, I’m going to
make bindaetteok later.” When I make bindaetteok, I always use this. Or stir fry with a soy sauce
and garlic, it’s gosari-namul. Sometimes you guys are asking me so cute questions. You guys are, “What are you
doing with the leftover?” “Who is eating all this food?” I’m eating! (laughing) I’m eating. Now, these guys are
really boiling right now. That’s great! A lot of vegetables. For four servings only but when these guys are cooked, all shrunk. Are you ready to smash something? Let’s do garlic cloves! (hitting knife) Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. My vegetables are all ready. I like to show you how to clean. If you find it in a Korean grocery store, look like this kind of a guy, grab it and then make yukgaejang. Cut the root like this. And outer skin, remove. Long isn’t it? And then here, cut it. Just use your finger. Really nice beautiful clean, isn’t it? Let’s wash this. Next, we are going to
make the seasoning sauce. Seasoning sauce should be salty spicy, and oily. I’m going to add quarter
cup hot pepper flakes. One tablespoon salt. One tablespoon soy sauce. Sesame oil, one tablespoon. Olive oil, one tablespoon. Black pepper, around one teaspoon. Mmm, smells delicious. I just cover this to keep the flavor. And then, all we can do is waiting until our beef is cooked really tender. Let’s take a break. This is my gosari. Rinse this in cold water. (jaunty instrumental music) See, I’m going to squeeze this guy. Perfect! One hour passed. I’m going to check my beef. If the beef is very easily pulled apart, that’s done. If it’s not yet, then, I’m going to cook longer. See? easily you can poke
this with chopstick, but still kind of a little tough. If I cook 10 minutes longer, I think it will be awesome. Our goal is to make this beef very tender. Boil, boil until very,
very easily pull it apart. So, you can add more water
until when you’re satisfied. It has to be 10 cups. I’m making rice. We’ll all strain this. Let it cool down. It’s too hot to handle this. Now, this is boiling stock, I’m going to add this. Just mix well. Really smells good, sesame oil smell garlic smell Before adding to boiling stock, you need to mix this well. So that all this ingredient in stock is going to be incorporated so well. Lots of vegetables. Vegetables should be really also soft. I’m going to cook 20 minutes. Just leftover soup, I’m going to put it back. Mushrooms, let’s cut it thinly. Slice thinly. And beef. You can tear like this or you can cut, why not? if you like to cut. Just cut this way. Look at this. 20 minutes passed! Let’s add the beef and mushroom. Yukgaejang is a soup, lots of stuff inside. 10 minutes passed! Our soup is done. Are you guys hungry? I’m so hungry. Wow. Lots of stuff inside, eh? Chopped green onion. I’m going to bring my rice. Red bean rice. a pinch of salt. And mix. Looks so good. Let’s taste. All vegetables are very tender. Gosari I love the texture. The texture is lke a
little crispy but soft. Lots of… succulent! Usually what I’m doing
is when I eat yukgaejang, I put some rice inside it. Then, just mix this in. You don’t need many side dishes. I prepared just my kimchi and steamed perilla leaves. Hot. Delicious! So chewy and tender beef. Rice and kimchi. Today we made yukgaejang, Korean spicy beef and vegetable soup. Make this and let me know
how yours turns out. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye! (upbeat instrumental music)

Randall Smitham



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