February 23, 2020
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Spinach Muffins with Ginger Carrot Marmalade

Spinach, these are spinach muffins and we’re
going to do a ginger carrot marmalade on top.
So we are using about 2 cups of raw spinach
that is going to go to food processor here.
All the wet ingredients essentially are going
to go in here, so I have applesauce. Applesauce
is a great way that you can replace some of
the fats and oils when you are baking and
it really helps to add some of that moisture
content. About, we have about half a cup of
honey here we’re using that to sweeten it
up and about 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extra
and an egg so that’s it all of our wet ingredients
into the food processor and blend. You can
leave it a little chunkier if you want so
you can see some of the spinach or you can
just purée it through. And I mean aside from
the egg and you probably go for that right
now so that is going to go in really nice
and vibrant. Let me get my spoon there, vibrant
green. The cool thing about spinach leaves,
you want to go for the brightest green colour
that you can because that shows you it’s higher
in vitamin C. Yes, they have studied this.
So, wet ingredients in, trying to get as much
as possible. And then I’ve got about the
cup and three quarters of red fife. We love
using red fife you can use spelt flour any
flour will work with this. I’ve actually done
it with quinoa flour a gluten-free version
and it works as well.
So any flour of choice. Go for the whole grains
if you can, stone ground to get some more
fibre interior recipe. Some booed the quinoa
flour, not everyone’s cup of tea. The quinoa
flour does have a little bit of, I don’t want
to say bitterness to it but it’s a pretty
distinctive taste. So, you can go for it if
you want if not use your flour of choice we
like using red fife or spelt too and have
a little bit of baking powder in there. So
we will just slowly, slowly combined. Do you
want me to stir? Yes if you would not mind
that. This batter as pretty thin kind of like
your typical muffin, if you make muffin, your
typical muffin batter other ways it’s like
a little thicker than a pancake batter I would
say. And just until it’s all combined. That’s
probably, a good consistency. Yup. And that
will go into some muffin tins so actually
Christie if you don’t mind, so that is the
consistency you are looking for. Really really
nice and green, it might not be the easiest
sell for kids, just called them green monster
muffins. Sure you can get creative at that
point. So those are going to go into your
muffin tins as you would and then for our
marmalade really really simple. These are
called, Simon what are these called these
ones here? I don’t know what it is called,
these ones here, purple dragon. Purple dragon
carrots. Cool. Amazing it’s got a nice little
thin kind of violet shape on the outside and
then you can grate them like this but I just
want to show you how orange like how vibrant
orange these are. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
carrots. If you get this carrots with different
colours, in different colours indicate that
there is difference types of plant nutrients
and which have different antioxidants. So
with any vegetable you know the more variety
of colour you go for, the more variety of
nutrients you’re going to be getting. So I’m
just grating this up, I use the large grater
I like the big chunks of the carrots you want
to go about two or three carrots, we’ll
make a small batch this time. So that’s all
done so those muffins actually go into the
oven. If you are making small ones like this
they don’t take as long. So the muffins, if
you’re making the regular size muffins 350,
it’s going to take about 20 minutes or so
otherwise if you’re making the smaller ones
like that it takes a little bit less times,
it takes about 15 minutes and you get a nice
golden brown, toothpick test. Everyone know
the toothpick test? Dry toothpicks you are
good to go. So grated carrot I want some grated
ginger as well, peel it. Should we peel it?
Yeah. Probably should peel it. I mean you
get some extra fibre from the outside but
in terms of flavour or texture I’m not sure
how people feel about that. I want the fibre.
So, ginger you can go as hot as you’d like.
Ginger and carrot is a fantastic combination,
it does have a nice little kick, a nice little
heat to it. But fresh ginger just a little
bit and there, really nice we have about,
this is. Where are my spoons? Ginger is another
ingredient that there is research looking
into its effect on inflammation. So just about
a cup of water, some honey for sweetness,
I think we’ve said buckwheat honey on there,
you can use any type honey. Buckwheat honey
has a nice very rich flavour to it but any
type of honey and some zest of an orange.
It wouldn’t be the marmalade without the orange
peel. Yeah, orange just gives it a nice little
boost the flavour there. so, we have our micro
plain here. So, we are using that zest and
the juice as well. So this is going to take
like I would start with this it would take
about 20 minutes 25 minutes or so. So you
start this by the time the muffins are done
this will be done. So that goes in, the juice
goes in, the zest goes in, the pot goes on.
Bring it to a boil, once it starts to boil
reduce the heat to low, simmer and just let
it simmer away for about 20-25 minutes. And
here are finished muffins beautiful colours.

Randall Smitham