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Staying Keto on the Weekend – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello Wellness Warriors today’s video is
me answering a viewer question or
actually it’s more of a comment but I
switched up into a question cuz I
thought there’s something interesting
there Pam is jamming commented my reason
for low carb is insulin resistance not
so much focused on weight loss at this
point just trying to get the carbs right
very good information I will have to
review this video again she says but she
goes on to say my weekends are the worst
hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet I’m
Violet I’m a psychologist the reason
that I make these videos is to help
everyone to understand that your mental
health and physical health come together
to create your overall sense of
well-being and this is a good example of
where our mental health could definitely
be affected when we feel like we’re
constantly going off plan and hurting
either our body or our weight progress
our weight loss progress the truth is
most of us when even when we are doing a
standard American diet like most of us
do well during the week just because we
don’t have time to eat a lot of junk
right um unless your breakfast is a
doughnut or something like that like
most people are focused on work during
their week so the first thing that I
want to point out that we all need to do
because when we are not working then
we’re much more likely to be in front of
triggers and so I say triggers what I
mean are scenarios where eating is seen
as okay it could be I’m watching
television and I’m used to snacking
while I watch television it could be
that I see a commercial of my favorite
food which reminds me that I have it in
the pantry and then I run off and get it
it could be a number of things that puts
the idea of eating or eating something
specific in my mind when if I hadn’t
been in that situation I wouldn’t have
been thinking of eating now how do we
manage triggers I think the first part
is actually noticing when they happen
we’re so used to seeing commercials
about food that we don’t even realize
that that commercial sends us to the
kitchen we need to notice that whenever
I see a food commercial or whenever I
sit in this scenario I end up wanting to
eat the same way let you know a lot of
people who smoked had to start to
realize that when they have an alcoholic
beverage they would pull out a cigarette
right we
connect things together that don’t
necessarily need to be connected
together it’s not because I’m watching
TV that I have to eat something the best
way to change that is to ask a question
am i hungry right every time that you go
to get food before you get up to go get
food you should really stop and ask
yourself am i hungry because a lot of
the time what you’re gonna notice is
that you’re more Munchie than hungry
so what’s Munchie Munchie is that thing
where you feel like chewing something
but your stomach is not actually hungry
you just you just want to be chewing on
something we all get this and it’s
normal but at the same time is it
necessary if I have weight loss goals if
I have inflammation that I’m trying to
solve if I’m having insulin resistance
issues that I’m trying to solve when and
what I eat is gonna be super important
what I eat of course I would love to
keep my carbs under 20 per day but it’s
also the when every time I eat
regardless of what I eat my insulin
level will rise because fats cause
insulin to rise protein cause insulin to
rise and so do carbohydrates especially
cause insulin to rise it’s not just
about the fact that the snack is a
carbohydrate snack or something else it
doesn’t matter how big the snack is when
I eat my insulin needs to come on board
to manage what I just ate that’s how it
functions so verifying with yourself if
you’re actually hungry can help you to
minimize the number of times that you go
get something to eat
when you weren’t actually hungry part of
verification beyond asking yourself a
question could also be taking a sip of
water and seeing you know now do I still
feel like I need to go eat something
again sometimes you realize that I
really just it was it was me just
thinking about food you need to hang
around people who respect your food
choices on the weekends we tend to be
with family and friends because we’re
not working if I’m hanging out with
people who are not doing a ketogenic
lifestyle but I am they’re much more
likely to put foods in front of me that
are not in line with what I would like
to be eating so part one could be hang
people who are also doing a ketogenic
lifestyle however you’re not gonna
change in your entire friends system
your entire family system because you’re
doing keto and they’re not but I would
at least ask them to respect that I’m
doing keto and what that might look like
is either a letting me know in advance
what you’re planning to serve so that if
nothing on the menu suits me I can bring
my own food or be working with me on
making sure that they’re making
something that’s in line with what I
feel like I would be happy to eat that
evening either those could work it’s
just a matter of having that
conversation with the people in your
life and if these people love you
they’re gonna work with you because they
want you to come over so this one’s
tricky are you emotional feeling sad
feeling lonely feeling bored feeling
angry feeling frustrated when we have
these kinds of feelings what we actually
need to do is solve with people right
not with food we need to solve with
activities not with food if I’m bored
it’s better for me to do something to
alleviate my boredom like go visit a
friend or do my favorite sport or do my
favorite personal activity that I might
be able to do on my own
that it is for me to make a snack but
oftentimes what we end up doing I’m
bored I need some chips oh I’m bored I’m
gonna eat you know some nuts oh I’m
bored I’m gonna eat some I don’t know
pepperoni sticks you know regardless of
whether what I’m eating is keto or not
it doesn’t change the fact that I just
right raised my insulin by eating
something because I was bored now
another variant of this is celebrating
because if I’m celebrating do I need to
be spending the entire time that I’m
celebrating eating food
although the answer to that question is
no how often does it actually happen
that that’s what we do we arrive at a
party and there’s food in front of us
and while we’re talking were snacking
and we’re eating and then there’s the
meal and then we have the meal and then
after the meal
there’s the dessert and and basically
the entire time that we’re at the event
were eating is the event about food or
is the event
getting together and celebrating
someone’s birthday a holiday if we don’t
allow ourselves to actually stop and
think about why are we getting together
what is our goal here what is our focus
then we do end up allowing all of that
extra intake of food that’s really
unnecessary but happening because
everybody else is doing it or happening
because this is the expectation I have
of a party a party a celebration of any
kind is not a reason to put your body in
a situation where it’s having to manage
excess intake of nutrients whether the
nutrients are in line with your
ketogenic lifestyle or not it’s super
important for us to be conscious of the
amount of food we ingest and I’m not
going to say that one day of
overindulgence is gonna totally ruin
your situation but again I’ve had the
story where multiple weekends in a row
I had birthday parties Christmas other
family events of christenings and all
kinds of things happening and at that
point you have to stop and say well if
every single weekend or if like ten
weekends out of twelve I have an event
happening is it ten weekend’s out of
twelve that I’m gonna overeat
how will that affect my my weight loss
progress if that’s what I’m doing or my
inflammation maintenance if that’s what
I’m doing because that is what I’m doing
right it of course will affect my
inflammation maintenance right if I want
to keep my inflammation low I need to
keep my carbohydrates low which means I
need to be conscious of what I’m eating
even if what I’m eating is in line with
my ketogenic lifestyle if I eat too much
of it the chance that my carbohydrate
number gets high is very very high we
need to be honest with ourselves so the
other thing that I need to you to think
about when we’re talking about how do we
manage our weekends and and how do we
understand why it is that on the
weekends we are over indulging in food
part of it is being honest do I like my
weekends do my weekends play out the way
that I want them to play out do I see
the people that I want to see do I do
the activities that I want to do am I
happy with my life
on the weekend in actuality if when the
I’m sad then there’s a high probability
that because I’m sad now I’m gonna
engage that emotional eating thing which
is gonna put me in that cycle of the
dopamine hit making me feel better
but then making me feel bad and I need
more of it to me feel better and etc etc
it’s important to be honest with
why are you overeating what’s happening
what is it about your life your
situation that you’re not enjoying
because not liking my life can influence
whether or not I indulge in foods
because when I indulge in sugar
especially I get that dopamine hit which
temporarily lets me feel good
temporarily it didn’t change my
situation if I’m lonely I’m still lonely
I just ate something I have a temporary
hit but then I’m back to this we do have
the ability to change things in our
lives if we focus on them that means
actually actively looking at the
problems and finding solutions that will
solve those problems if I’m not being
honest with myself about why my weekends
are so hard then I won’t be able to find
a solution for my weekend I need
everyone to understand that if it’s a
trigger I need to look at those triggers
if it’s emotional I need to look at
those emotional things if my life is not
the way that I want it to be I need to
look at my life make some adjustments so
that I’m not becoming emotional leading
to me emotionally eating right there are
so many things in our life that might
not be functioning well we might not
like our job we might not like the
people that were hanging out with or the
lack of people that we have we might not
like our relationship you need to figure
out what it is that’s causing you
distress if there’s something in your
life solve it if it’s food triggers
address them if it’s emotional like when
I’m happy when I’m sad this is what I’ve
been I’ve been taught to do look at that
directly being at a healthy weight does
take effort it does take work being
happy takes work if we want these things
in our lives we need to be able to put
in the effort putting the energy put in
the work that it takes to have these
things come to fruition for us I want
you guys to go out there be the Wellness
word is that you are a
the problems directly I hope you found
this video helpful if you did like the
video that would really help me out if
you’re new here subscribe because I make
new videos every week ring that bell so
you know when I’m gonna make my next
video I want to thank you all for
watching Mind Blowing Health and
Wellness with Violet I will talk to you
next time

Randall Smitham



  1. MrHazelglen Posted on September 2, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Very timely. Have been on the proverbial slippery slope for two weeks with a daughters wedding, family staying with me and a loss of focus. Not sure if these were the reasons or the excuses.

  2. Nancy Archibald Posted on September 2, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    After a month of keto maintenance (still managed to lose 3 lbs anyway), I am ready to jump back in for the final 35 lbs to come off. I'VE LOST 100 LBS 🤸🎉🤸 thus far which is liberating!! 10 month and 10 days of KWOE with IF. Yay!! Yesterday felt indulgent tho, with a sweet potato/red potato chicken dish. THEN, my pregnant daughter-in-law made chocolate chip cookies. BUT she modified them with cream cheese, extra DARK mini- chocolate chips and only a fraction of the usual flours and sugars. I ate 2 of them thinking that I would pay dearly with water weight today, and a 3 day fight to get back into ketosis. ** BUT * that didn't happen! In fact, I feel great and the scale is looking great!! ( I usually weigh right before breaking my IF later in the day). ** What did I learn from this?? That in moderation and keeping recipes keto 'friendly', still obeying the principles with IF and a smart strategy, I can lose ALL my unhealthy fat AND maintain it. SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS REALIZATION!! PLUS, I think this insulin resistance is HEALED now and I don't react metabolically negatively as before.

  3. EVELYN Boodhan Posted on September 2, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    I love you violet😙
    Thank you for all your health 's concern! I thank God for you bcuz he uses you to bless us!
    God bless

  4. Patricia P Posted on September 2, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    Great video! Thank you, Violet 😀