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Hello everyone welcome to Mind-Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet. today I’m going to talk about how if we don’t
understand what we’re trying to accomplish we fail miserably I’m gonna
use weight as the example but there’s lots of examples of this for those of
you don’t know my name is Violet Reveira and I’m a psychologist in Montreal
Canada I have so many people that come into my office and they have problems
that they’re trying to solve but they really just don’t know what question
they need to ask to solve that problem they don’t know if they’re causing the
issue or if the issue is coming from somewhere else like some other person or
from a work structure you know the reason I make these videos is that I
really want to help everyone to live the life that they want to live to be happy
and be fulfilled and so we’re gonna tackle this question
and I’m gonna help you to understand what you can do to solve weight issues
and any other questions problems that you have in your life by looking at the
right elements of the issue right you have to ask the right question so when
it comes to weight and I’m gonna use myself as the example cuz I think it’s
so clear when you look at my story how asking the right question led to the
better answer so the whole reason that I found the ketogenic way of life was
because I had a hip issue so let’s back up in history it started off with me
having a hip issue and going from a very active person to a person who was
recognizing that as winter approaches with the way that my hip was feeling I
wasn’t going to be able to ski or snowboard this year that year I had
already minimized my longboarding for the summer I had already minimized my
bike riding for the summer trying to heal my hip and so I was becoming afraid
that I would not be able to snowboard that’s my favorite thing to do so what
ended up happening is I decided the obvious answer must have been I’m a
little bit overweight let me lose some weight the pressure on my hip will go
away and I will feel better so I did all the conventional things to lose weight I
started to exercise more I started to eat less so a lot of motion movement
never sitting still decrease my intake and six months later I had lost zero
pounds you can imagine the frustration because now we cross through snowboard
season I still went but in excruciating pain and that wasn’t a smart thing to do
so coming into the next spring so we’re talking about the month of February the
beginning of February actually to be more precise I started to do some
research because I recognized that what was happening in my hip was inflammation
so I researched how do you cure inflammation and I found two very
interesting pieces of information the first piece of information was that
carbohydrates are highly inflammatory in your body ok the second piece of
information I found was man-made vegetable oils are highly inflammatory
in your body ok well over the course of the following month I would say month
and a half I did a lot of research to verify this because honestly I’d never
heard that before that carbohydrates and manmade oils were very highly
inflammatory after a month and a half of research and finding all kinds of
information that seemed to support the idea that eating carbohydrates so any
kind of sugar or starch or grain or like all the carbohydrates was inflammatory
and after researching and finding out that vegetable oil canola oil
margarine peanut oil soy oil any unnatural oil was also inflammatory
April 20th well actually the week before April 20th I decided it looks like I
need to eliminate these things for my life so finally I had the quite the
correct question what’s causing my inflammation and I had the correct
answer which is carbohydrates and first of all a quote from everything I could
figure out so I took carbohydrates out of my life I started with that because
it was the simplest thing to remove right I just didn’t go grocery shopping
I allowed all of that food to be eaten out of the house and then when I did go
grocery shopping I bought a nutrient-dense vegetables and I bought
high quality proteins and that’s what I started with I just had whatever meat
and vegetable I was gonna have for supper and I planned myself out a week
of eating and I figured the next weekend if I didn’t like what I had I can always
make some adjustments if I didn’t like what I had so I had a week’s worth of
meals to go through from one weekend to the next
so I began on April 20th 2018 and so what happened was a week in I didn’t
really feel much different but I didn’t expect to a week in in terms of my hip
going through the first week was actually rather difficult because what I
had not anticipated was how badly I would have wanted carbohydrates and so
how miserable I would have felt on the third day of eating this new way I had a
very difficult time so just full disclosure I had an extremely difficult
third fourth and fifth day but what I learned doing some more research about
what happens when you remove carbs from your diet which was the next thing I
researched and I had glimpses of this along the way but I was so focused on
getting rid of the inflammation I think I wasn’t paying enough attention to what
would happen when I took the carbs out was that I learned that it’s super
important first of all to keep your fat intake high so which I was not so
focused on and recognizing that you would have withdrawal symptoms which was
what I felt like I was having and the suggestion was to raise your fats and
plow through so that’s what I did I raised my fats what I actually did was I
bought coconut milk and I started adding that to my coffee
about a tablespoon to my coffee and by the so by day five I was feeling better
and by day six I was really better so I had like three
days so 3 4 & 5 were uncomfortable days and the seventh day I was
to feeling like normal so after two weeks of eating that that way my hip
continued to have some discomfort but it was feeling slightly less painful
now I want to go back and I want to mention one thing during the six to nine
months I think was more like nine months that I was walking so throughout the
summer I started in the end of the summer and throughout the winter I had
been doing a lot of walking especially I added a lot of walking to my exercise
regime and during that time the thing that I did notice is that on the days
that I was able to walk for about an hour my hip felt better longer through
the day than on days that I could only walk for 20-ish minutes or so and that’s
more to do with my schedule so I had continued walking even after starting
this new diet even though I hadn’t lost anything just because walking helped my
hip to feel so much better what I did notice is that the walking was still
helping so through the process of changing my foods after two weeks and
walking I was still feeling the same but about a month in so a month after taking
carbohydrates out of my diet I noticed that my hips started to feel better so
right away again we look at when you ask the right question removing
carbohydrates all of a sudden things started to change and shift and I
actually notice a difference in my hip feeling better the other thing that I
did notice during this period of time so that first month April 20th to May 20th
was that I lost weight I wasn’t trying to lose weight my whole goal was help my
hip feel better but I lost weight and just for clarity during the period of
time that my hip was hurting me as you heard me mention I continued to do my
activities which probably wasn’t the smartest thing in the world but I never
stopped doing my activities I had not gained weight during that period of time
my weight stayed stable so just for clarity then I actually upped my
exercise and workouts for nine months and I lost nothing but in the month of
April going away from April 20 to May 20th I lost weight which I
thought was interesting I knew that from my research that I had done in the first
week that eight pounds that I lost was water weight but the weeks that followed
which had still impressive numbers of weight being lost continuing so it
continues so basically in that first month I lost quite a bit of weight and
my hip started to feel better by three months in my hip was fine actually I
would even say that probably like one and a half to two months in my hip was
so dramatically better that at a few different occasions people asked me how
my hip was doing and I actually forgotten that my hip was bothering and
then the times that I would notice it the most would have been when I was
climbing stairs so after two months if I wasn’t climbing stairs I didn’t notice
it and by the third month my hip issue had been eliminated now just again
because I want to make sure that people understand what I’m trying to show you
here I asked the right question what causes inflammation well guess what I
had other inflammation issues happening in my body that I wasn’t as focused on
changing only because they weren’t affecting me as much as the hip issue
was affecting me so the other issues that I had I had a back problem I had
knee issues I had a neck stiffness issue and I was beginning to get what I
thought was the beginning of arthritis in my hands because I was noticing I had
issues with my hands when I woke up in the morning as my mom reported to me
sometimes having and she has that what I did what I did do was I continued to
move forward and not only did I remove the inflammatory carbs I did
dramatically and decrease the oil so I went out and I purchased coconut oil
avocado oil and olive oil and I decided to start using those things for cooking
etc now to look at the grand scheme of things like I said within three months
the hip issue was gone I would also say that my back felt dramatically better my
knees felt nor again my neck strain issues were no
longer I was no longer feeling that however I would say that it took a
little bit longer for my back to feel great like today my back feels terrific
it was as a matter of fact today I have no signs of any kind of inflammatory
anything so we asked the right question we got the right answer
interestingly accidentally by asking the question what causes inflammation
I also learned what causes weight gain so carbohydrates play a big role also in
weight gain inflammation plays a big role in retention of water and when you
retain water you weigh more so in my discovery so my in my effort to find the
right question I learned something about weight loss but here’s to take us
another step further when we ask the question what causes weight gain and how
do you lose weight I want to point out that when we ask that question we don’t
actually look for the right answer so what I mean by that is most people
believe that weight gain is caused by eating too many calories period and
although I will agree that if you eat too many calories of course you’re gonna
gain weight the definition of what’s too many calories is what I’m gonna argue
with so for clarity today sitting here in front of you I weigh less than I
weighed nine months ago ten months ago and yet today sitting here in front of
you I eat more calories than I used to eat ten months ago so how’s that
possible well it’s possible because I’ve actually asked a question what causes
weight gain and guess what the answer wasn’t eating extra calories period it
was eating excessive carbohydrates because when you eat excessive
carbohydrates that raises your insulin and when you raise your insulin you end
up in a hormone situation that pushes you to
overeat and therefore you end up eating of course too many calories
interestingly enough you can also eat fewer calories and still gain weight
because when you eat too many carbohydrates and your insulin levels
are pushed to a certain level because your sugar in your system is pushed to a
certain level insulins job is to take the extra sugar circulating in your
bloodstream and store it safely as fat because carbohydrates circulating in
your bloodstream extra carbohydrates circulate in your bloodstream is toxic
so when we ask the right question what causes us to gain weight well then we
notice that insulin plays a very large role in what’s considered too many
calories because if I eat the same amount of calories from fats rather than
from carbs my insulin system doesn’t get turned on and so therefore I don’t start
storing these calories as fat because fat and circulating in my system isn’t
dangerous you need to ask the right question in order to get the right
solution so the right solution is decrease the amount of carbohydrates
that you eat and you will likely lose weight which is exactly what happened to
me accidentally I was trying to solve an inflammation issue and ended up solving
an inflammation issue and a weight issue just by making that small change I
really hope that this first of all helps you to understand that every time you
want to solve a problem you need to find the right question so you need to
understand the problem correctly so that you can solve it but and the other thing
I hope that this helps you to understand is that if you would like to solve a
weight problem you need to look at it more as a health problem because if you
understand why it’s unhealthy for you to eat certain things what your body is
trying to do then you’ll be able to solve the problem because then you’ll
understand what your body is doing and you’ll be able to eat foods that allow
your body to use the energy appropriately rather than quickly trying
to store it away where it won’t damage your system I really hope you found the
video helpful because I love making these videos for you guys and I want to
make sure that everyone has the opportunity to live the happy life that
they want to live and for by me making these videos I hope that I helped to
show you that there are things you can do to improve your life thanks for
watching I’ll see you in the next video

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