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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So I’d like to introduce Maria Filosa? Welcome.
Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today.
My pleasure. So this was a really, really
nice recipe. Strawberry, banana smoothie.
Maria’s strawberry, banana smoothie. I hope
I didn’t tamper with it too much, but we
added just a couple of other ingredients.
Delicious refreshing and I’ll let you at
it. Yeah, maybe you could tell us why this
was an important recipe that you wanted to
share with everybody today. Absolutely. Well
I am a head and neck cancer survivor. I’m
almost 7 years post treatment. And I know
it’s something to celebrate. And it tends
to be very difficult. The side effects are
many and swallowing and speech impediments
are high up there. So, excuse me, my particular
recovery was in stages so the recipes that
you made here today are interesting because
I would say for the first year I would have
too many soups and I would have smoothies.
So that was the consistency I could handle.
But then as years went by I graduated to that
delicious meatloaf and that type of consistency
so my recovery is not everyone’s recovery
but the importance of thinking outside of
the box with the food really helps and this
is creative and imaginative and its fun with
the different ingredients. So this I say saved
my life, I have lost so much weight and by
having smoothies I was able to have lots of
nutrition, lots of good nutrition, lots of
calories and it helped me to maintain my weight.
So you can use any fruit I start with strawberries,
but you can use anything you like. Peaches,
mangoes. Can use the, ah I would just drop
it all over the place so the spoon might help.
Maria’s been making smoothies for a long
time. Yeah. I still make them today. I find
it’s an excellent way for me. If I had to
eat everything that I put in here it would
take me a long time and I’d probably be
so bored before I finished. It’s a lot of
work to chew and swallow – it is – with
this amount of fruit and a banana. So imagine
trying to eat all of this food. So again we’re
doing strawberry banana, but you can make
peach, mango, blueberry. You can add pineapples,
peaches. Whatever fruit you’re interested
in. I found in the beginning that bananas
were very mild. So when I was having those
issues with the soreness I found it very easy
to handle. And I use milk so then when I had
lost so much weight I just used whole milk.
Now I use 1% so you can adapt it. I’m just
going to eyeball this. There is a recipe,
but you can make it to whatever consistency
you want. That’s right some people like
their smoothies on the thicker side or you
know you might need it to be a thinner consistency,
so you can always blend and adjust by using
some extra milk. So this is the first little
change up yes cause I know that’s not yoghurt.
So we want to add a protein source to our
shake so that we’re helping with that growth
and repair. I would typically use yoghurt,
but I’ve used cottage cheese. It’s a different
consistency so it makes it a little bit more
of like a cheesecake. Ooh. And so this is
a strawberry banana cheesecake. Strawberry
banana cheesecake smoothie. So cottage cheese.
So you just put whatever amount you want.
You’re getting some excellent protein and
calcium here. Yes a lot of protein. And we’re
using today some skim milk powder for in place
of protein powder. I use protein powder at
home I use whey protein, but any type of protein
powder is fine and that’s to get that extra
protein. Absolutely. And then let’s see.
I’m looking at these ingredients, oh yeah
so I’m using cereal. A high fiber cereal,
but we’re using oat bran, which is another
excellent choice and I think you get the picture.
You can use whatever ingredients that you
want. You have the food groups in mind, just
choose from each food group and you’ve got
the plan. Try and get a lot of fiber too can
be challenging. You know to have whole wheat
breads or rice, brown rice a lot of these
foods are really difficult to swallow. So
I find if you are like Maria was saying, early
in your recovery or even later in your recovery
relying on more of the smoothie more of the
blended and pureed consistencies, then you
need to get some fiber in your diet. The way
to do that is by adding some oat bran, you
can add wheat bran as well I find it doesn’t
blend and break down as well. Or flax. Or
you could add flax seed, you could add chia
seeds, to get that extra fiber. And the good
thing with oat bran is that you’re getting
some vitamin E as well which is an antioxidant
which reduces inflammation and with your oat
bran you’re also getting some protein. It’s
higher in protein than other types of fiber.
So for each tablespoon you’re getting 2
or 3 grams of protein. Well I did not know
that I learned something today. Then I typically
add a nut butter. I use peanut butter or almond
butter you can use sunflower seeds. So then
there’s another food group you can just
use what you enjoy. So again you’re getting
protein from this, you’re getting a healthy
source of fat and the nut butters are a great
way to boost calories. And again if you’re
having troubles chewing and swallowing very,
very difficult consistency you know it’s
difficult. So I’ll often suggest to cancer
survivors, throw it into the smoothie. You’re
going to get the benefits of having some nuts
in your diet and you’re not going to experience
that stickiness. You’ll see once it’s
blended, you’re going to get the beautiful
flavor and it’s just going to emulsify into
all of the liquid. And this is actually almond
butter I think I said Peanut butter, but this
is almond butter. It was an almond butter
yeah. And then we have some honey okay. And
it’s optional. I snuck the honey in there
because I wanted to make it a little sweet.
If you like things on the sweeter side or
if you’re finding things are tasting bitter,
or you’re having an unpleasant taste then
some sweet options can help to balance that.
And you can also, if honey is not your thing
you can use some jam. There are some excellent
Jams on the market. Where the first ingredient
is fruit that’s very important. Fruit first
rather than sugar. And then there are other
options that depend on whether you’re trying
to put on weight or maintain it. You can add
ice cream. I did that for the first full year
it was fabulous. That’s right. Fat was not
an issue. So it depends on your needs absolutely.
You can always boost up the calories with
any of these recipes. Or go for the lighter
version you know make it with skim milk if
you’d rather, but these are all wonderful
nutritious ingredients. And then you just
mix it up. So this is something that you can
bring with you. You can put it in a thermos,
you’re having a busy day, you’re having
appointments and you’re not sure how you’re
going to have a meal and rather than the booze.
And I know, I’m not a big fan of the booze,
but this is just a great drink you can bring
it with you and you have instant nutrition.

Randall Smitham