October 21, 2019
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Hello friends welcome to Parul ka Zaika Today I am going to make Strawberry
Basil Seeds Pudding Click subscribe button and Bell Icon So that you get the instant notification
of my new upcoming videos And to make this recipe the
ingredients we require are 8 to 10 strawberries roughly chopped 200 ml coconut milk 50 grams basil seeds 1 tablespoon of honey 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence 8 to 10 strawberries finely chopped First, in a mixer jar put
strawberries, coconut milk, honey Vanilla essence
And blend well Then remove the mixer in a bowl Then put basil seeds in it and mix well And and keep it for 10-12 hours
in the fridge to set Once pudding sets well Put prepared pudding in a a glass and put
strawberries over it Now, repeat the process untill
the glass is full Tasty and healthy strawberry and
basil seeds pudding is ready to serve. If you have like my this recipe Then please don’t forget to click subscribe
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my other videos Soon I’ll upload more recipes Till then stay foodie and stay healthy

Randall Smitham