March 31, 2020
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Good morning y’all so Day 1 of Strict Keto I’m starting off at 182.8 pounds
yes y’all I ate a whole lot of food
y’all thought I was playing when I said
I jumped into the carb world… like no… I
wasn’t so uh yeah um my toes we’re gonna
be blocking these out it’s honey it’s
like the only time I can come on here
and show y’all like maybe it on a scale
is when my toes are looking around I
don’t know why I keep doing this and I
honestly don’t know what all these other
numbers mean but I guess I could find
that out I think that is interesting
it’s still good for me to keep track of
okay y’all so this is the front of my
body this is what I’m working with right
now yeah she’s not cute at all y’all I
dived into that whole little card world
I’m currently showing all my boobs okay
that’s cool oh right there mm-hmm
YouTube family this is my back oh my
no I fell off like when I told y’all I
was enjoying this car world I mean it so
yeah thanks day one so let’s get it I
really all cannot believe that I came on
here looking like this but then again
like I’ve never been like the type
that’s like all dolled up everything’s
our nature or something there’s that so
um yeah we’re done talking right now
about to get dressed head to the gym and
yeah be all about that keto lifestyle
but yet that strict keto lifestyle okay
so I’m back to having my apple cider
vinegar lemon and water little
concoction or whatever this morning so
um yeah today is day one of this keto summer shred
so we got to go all the
way in y’all Whew! Jesus A Fence
Good morning y’all so today is day one of my strict keto
I’ve already had my apple cider vinegar
lemon and water I have some water over
here as well because today is my cardio
day 45 minutes on the elliptical machine
probably gonna try to do a little bit
like maybe six minutes on the
I hate myself clearly hey yeah so I’m
about to start meditating and then going
to actually head over to the gym real
quick y’all I just want to share that
the clouds are looking so beautiful
today oh my goodness
all right now so we are going to do 45
minutes here on the elliptical machine
let’s see what I can do on this machine
because I don’t know
so I’m just doing a little bit of my
cool down right now I’ve burned 300
calories yeah look at me okay
but anyways I’m tired I really don’t
know if I’m gonna get on the Stairmaster
like honestly y’all not feeling it and
plus I have Zumba today so I’m not
trying to kill myself alright y’all so
done working out I’m about to I think
maybe go to the peel box I’ll probably
go visit my family at the cemetery and
then yeah I’ll cook some food cuz I’m
not hungry right now like I’m feeling
pretty great honestly that’s how I feel
so I’m happy about that because this is
my first day and I was like kind of like
scared about what I would happen because
honestly y’all when I like fell into the
car bro for a little bit y’all I just
was like oh my gosh why did I do this
and I was really scared about how today
would be alright y’all so change of
plans I went to all more just to get two
items I got some eggs and some
strawberries because I need those like
definitely right now
I am going to be doing a strict keto grocery haul very very soon y’all never
done that before
pretty excited and nervous at the same
time for it so I’m yeah be on the
lookout for that video – for me to get
my keto macros y’all I’m just going to
use the perfect keto website very easy
hold on take so I chose from my activity
level I workout typically five days a
week and so I think I’m like mid level
or whatever so that’s what I chose um
whew Jesus this deficit okay ya”ll alright now
I think I’m going to try to do 22
percent deficit I don’t know if I’m
lying to myself right now but we have
high hopes
hashtag panic at the disco according to
my skill this morning it said that I’m
like 36 percent body fat and I just
don’t think that’s correct yeah I don’t
know I think that’s great but I’m gonna
put it on here
I’m gonna do it mm-hmm now regarding my
net carbs y’all it doesn’t allow me to
change it from 30 grams net carbs so
that’s what I’m gonna do and I don’t
know if I’m gonna drop it all right wait
but we’ll just see how it goes with 30
grams net carbs hey y’all time to see my
results oh I gotta put my email address
on here okay hold on okay what in the
world okay so it says 94 grams of
protein 30 grams of carbs 127 grams of
fat and 100 oh wow
1714 calories
okay so first meal of the day y’all so I
have three chicken wings with my
zucchini veggie spirals I have one whole
avocado two eggs and my no sugar added
ketchup and to drink I’m just gonna have
some water definitely getting a whole
lot of water in today okay so based on
the little chart that I’ve been using to
help me on this little strict keto
journey that I got going on right now
y’all it’s said that the no sugar addict
ketchup isn’t like allowed on
strict keto if you have like homemade ketchup
that’s great or whatever but like I
guess store-bought ketchup isn’t great
so I’m going to just be using mustard
instead and I’m looking to see if I got
any hot sauce hey YouTube family so I’m
on my way
well about to leave the house and go to
was in the class I kind of just woke up
looking crazy as ever but yeah it’ll be
fun all right now
okay y’all so just pull it up to the
house I am tired is from working out
like y’all I had the biggest headache oh
my gosh trial in Zumba why what’s going
on with my hair
boom yeah I had the biggest headache
robbing Zumba I had to go to the car and
get some Aleve which randomly I just had
to leave in the car that was God that’s
all I know that was God because I don’t
have it leaving my car any other time
but I’m yeah y’all I took some leave and
then I felt better I started getting the
groove dancing but if I got I was like
why am I here honestly not starving
starving or anything to the nature I
just want to eat story of my life so um
yeah like I’m so full from my first meal
of the day so like right now strict keto isn’t too bad like I don’t know
where my head is randomly came from cuz
I took a nap before I went to Zumba so I
don’t know where that came from
is it my body getting rid of all the
toxins I mean it couldn’t be heaven
right now I mean it’s only day one but I
don’t know you know so I’m having a nice
little keto friendly salad going oh
hashtag health yes so I have like some
baby lettuce and greens eggs ground beef
cauliflower broccoli mix all in this and
for my dressing I’m just using apple
cider vinegar and I’m just drinking my
water over here in my big container I’ve
had like a lot of water today y’all very
proud of myself
we just need to make sure we keep this
up hey YouTube family so editing version
of myself oh my goodness y’all ain’t no
way the USP is lady over here driving
like this yo this one I really can’t
drive oh my god Jesus over so yeah y’all
so my first day on strict keto not too
bad I’m pretty much loving it right now
I’m loving it wow I’m not feeling any
like craziness only thing like I said
y’all was when I had the worst headache
like out of nowhere in Zumba class y’all
but after I took some Aleve I felt
pretty good but I don’t know where that
headache came from though
just like random because I don’t
typically get headaches at all but uhm
yeah y’all so if you are new to the
channel welcome
the fam I’m over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey and your girl
is sharing everything for the month of
July I am doing Strict Keto so go ahead
and click that subscribe button + the
notification bell as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here
right now I am uploading 3 videos a week
so you can’t expect the video from me on
Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I do lazy
Kido but I decided to switch it up for
the month of July and who knows maybe
I’ll stick with it maybe I won’t maybe
I’ll put a little bit of both in my
lifestyle who knows – my returning
YouTube family thank you so much for
watching this video and as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Friday
alright you guys love you bye

Randall Smitham



  1. Lindsey Schuff Posted on July 3, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    So proud of you 🙌🏼 especially for not using that ketchup and switching to mustard. That takes so strong will power!! You go sis!

  2. Lisa Riddle Posted on July 3, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Kudos to you…. Stay strong! you will get there.. ♥♥

  3. SALLY MULLINS Posted on July 3, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Will you show your weigh in regularly? Good Luck!

  4. Keto Strong With Harriet Posted on July 3, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    I will call my way stricter Keto. I am not using heavy cream, cheese and store bought snacks. Low sugar ketchup and sour cream is sticking around. Great job sis!!!!! Oh and no peanut butter😢😢😭😭😭

  5. Gayle Klein Posted on July 4, 2019 at 4:37 am

    Hey Beautifulness,

    Passing this along – Nutritional info on guava. 7.8 carbs, but 3 grams fiber reduces the carbs down to 4.8 and it's one of the least chemically-treated fruits sold. Also has lots of benefits for cardiovascular health and immune system boosting. Good stuff.
    Tastes like a cross between a strawberry and a pear. Not sure where you're located. I can't find it here in the Midwest.

  6. Desiree 2123 Posted on July 4, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    I'm so proud of you my friend!!!! Stay strong and consistent. We will be here to help motivate you!!! I'm with you doll! I'm on a weightlifting journey and I'm hoping to have some baby muscles by my birthday in October 🤣😘 love ya!!!

  7. Miss Tee Posted on July 4, 2019 at 5:23 pm

    Girl, Zumba needs to get you on payroll…you do not come to play! 😆 Keep up the good work!!

  8. Lili Posted on July 4, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Great job! Thanks for sharing. Love your videos!