April 5, 2020
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Hey YouTube Family, so today we are doing a Strict Keto Grocery Haul in Walmart, so let’s stop talking and let’s go shopping! so y’all on strict keto you can have
berries so I’m gonna get some strawberries and some blackberries as
well and of course avocados What is keto without avocados normally the avocados are like 80 some cents and they’re a dollar and something and I don’t know why are
you doing this to me but whatever Oh y’all and heads up today is July 3rd so
we are going to be getting some stuff that’s not keto related but I promise you I put this on everything it’s not for me
July 4th is tomorrow and so my mom is gonna my mom and like the rest of my family
eating all that I’m not I’m sticking to strict keto 100% for this month okay ya’ll so we are in veggie heaven right now I want some kale and cucumbers and some
lettuce yeah that would be great so y’all they are out of kale and
cucumbers no God no God please no no my heart is so hurt right now
I’m trying to do right you see when you try to do right and how Satan be trying
to work against you I’m over here really trying to do right so yeah I’m gonna get
some baby spinach yes ok health hashtag health I am gonna get some lemons
because y’all know in the morning time now I’m having my lemon apple cider
vinegar and water which is just so good ha! lies okay y’all so I’m using this MillerLite
I front back I really don’t drink alcohol y’all to show y’all what I’m
getting so first things first I have the organic grass-fed ground beef patties
then I have the organic grass-fed ground beef as well because on the little
strict keto cheat sheet that I have it talks about grass-fed meat so that’s
what I’m getting oh they also have grass-fed beef chuck
roast so I’m gonna get that too I think I’ll like it okay y’all now I’m gonna get some all natural 100% natural chicken thighs I
love me some chicken thighs y’all so good
okay y’all so I’m glad to get this ribeye steak I think I can have this I’m
not sure if I can’t y’all let me know ahead of time before I cook it okay
y’all what is keto without bacon y’all like
dang come on now so I have this natural smoked uncured bacon no artificial
ingredients no artificial preservatives and all that good stuff so yeah just
beginning I’m gonna get two of these I think yeah we are out of pink Himalayan
sea salt y’all so we just gonna get some yes yes yes so y’all we are currently in
nut heaven right now I’m gonna get some pecans I just love because so much all
oh my gosh I do I didn’t as if right now yeah okay so
the oil that I’m going to get is some coconut oil I wish they had like a big
container of it they don’t yeah this is the one I’m getting now y’all I’m gonna
have some planters salted peanuts I need them in like a package like this y’all
because I can’t trust myself y’all at all with peanuts I will eat a whole
container like it’s nothing so yeah packs work great for me y’all I
really just want to also get some roasted pecans so that’s what I’m gonna
get I am all out of almond milk so I’m going to get the silk almond 30 calories
one unsweetened almond milk so y’all let me tell y’all something about my
family. They don’t even eat eggs, but when I started eating like all the eggs then they started eating
all the eggs so therefore I got to get more eggs so we’re going to get some eggs now. Y’all due to the fact that
I’m gonna have to find new snack ideas I’m gonna be having some pickles at
least I can keep that okay y’all so another obsession my family has recently
stole from me is my Smucker’s natural creamy peanut butter it’s so good y’all. So, I’ma gonna have to sneak and hide my peanut butter y’all yes I have to hide my peanut
butter what is this world coming to and y’all I haven’t had almond butter in so long I don’t even remember if I like it or not so there’s something I’m
gonna get it’s some creamy almond butter yeah I know that y’all know that I’m
definitely gonna get some vegetables but you have to make sure we get our veggies
in that’s so important so I’m over here really thinking about some green beans a
good amount of that some broccoli of course cauliflower and maybe some more
stuff I’m also gonna get some cauliflower rice
oh yeah maybe a good three bags of this problem yeah
I also got some okra too y’all I love me some okra okay y’all, so day four of strict keto I am at 179.0 pounds
yes oh my gosh we’re so happy so happy fYI y’all is also day one of my period
so that’s going to be so much fun the Sun is definitely definitely hey also I’m breaking my fast with some
nuts well actually some roasted pecans and a pickle yeah yeah
nice little keto snack that I got going on over here tonight we are having rib eye steak with
broccoli and two scrambled eggs that almost burn and you know that’s just a
normal thing for me now and to drink I’m just having water hey YouTube family so
I’m about to actually go to Zumba class this is the July 9th version of myself
while I was editing I realized I did not close out the video so quick update I’m
so so so so so happy that I am back in the 170s you know my goal like I told
you on my last video that I really would like to be in the ones like the lower
160s before the end of this month is out like y’all I feel like I be like
real cute in the 160s my head will probably still be like really being
though where my body would be cute so that’s great I really and truly do hope
that you guys enjoyed the straight keto grocery haul that I did it y’all um I
will be doing another grocery haul because you know that’s not all the food
I you know you could eat over here so I mean that’s not gonna last me a whole
much like no honestly though y’all it just depends because sometimes I eat
three meals a day two meals a day and it’s amazed I just eat one meal a day it
just depends on how your girl is feeling so I mean but honestly though y’all
that’s probably not gonna last me a whole month but I’m yeah y’all so if you
are new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here got community my keto weight loss journey and your girl is sharing everything so go ahead and click
that subscribe button plus the notification belt as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here for the month of July I am doing strict keto
typically I do lazy keto but right now I’m kind of diggin the whole little
Street keto thing vibe that we got going on over here if you are joining me on
this keto summer shred that we got going on over here I really and truly hope
everything is going great for you if you fall off the little train get back on it
school you know just could you mess up a little bit that’s okay we all make
mistakes and that’s it that’s all the matters okay so um I just felt like
somebody need to hear that and I don’t know I guess I’m up here kinda myself
preaching but God definitely did not call me a
preacher but yeah also to my returning YouTube family thank you so much for
watching this video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love
you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Friday
alright you guys love you and I’ve been procrastinating and I’m probably gonna be late to Zumba class because… no I’m not I’m exaggerating over here y’all let me stop
cuz every time I start talking to y’all it’s hard to stop so yeah alright forreal byeeee! : )

Randall Smitham