April 4, 2020
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Stroganoff With Red Palm Oil

Hello everyone, welcome back to bariatric keto over 50 today We’re going to be doing a beef stroganoff and some red palm oil over some cooked cabbage. I hope that you enjoy All right for this beef stroganoff I am going to be using some red palm oil In it instead of your regular olive oil or avocado oil or found out this has a really good flavor and it’s very Nutritional value and it has a very high Heat rate You just put about a quarter of a cup that there should be enough Now then the first thing we’re going to put in cooking this What I like to use is some stew meat Put a couple more pieces of meat here that should work for what I got here Let the meat slow-cooked for a little while So it stays tinder Okay, it’s been in there slow-cooking now for probably about ten minutes Going to add my onion And then going to add some baby bella sliced mushrooms Add the whole thing in there Let these reduce down a little bit and get caramelized And now while those are caramelizing and one also add a little bit above Worcestershire sauce And a couple drops here some liquid smoke Alright now I’m going to add some beef stock And let that reduce down a little And just a little bit more pepper and a little bit more garlic and salt a little bit more liquid smoke a little bit more Worcestershire sauce Now we’ll look all that reduced down And how that tastes better Let that sit there and simmer down a little bit we’ll go from there. So this is reduced The moisture in it is reduced down Going to put in About a cup of sour cream or so Again, we’re gonna eyeball that out If I need more I’ll put it in. I’m also going to add in a little bit of heavy cream Let’s see how that turns out That’s looking pretty good Little bit parsley a little bit of parsley to it Okay now to cook up the cabbage Got some heat there on underneath the frying pan This time now for the cabbage I’m going to be using some coconut oil If I can open it up I really need that much. I just want a little bit in there that’ll probably work Let the pan warm up a little let the pan get nice and hot My other tongs for the cabbage And there you have a my friends wide version of beef stroganoff made with red palm oil It is very high in fats vitamin A and vitamin E Now if you like and see what you see in here, please hit that like button and subscribe button in that little bill icon So that you can get notifications next time I post a video until next time eat well eat healthy stay keto

Randall Smitham