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Stuffed Bell Peppers in Spicy Tomato Sauce – keto, grain free, gluten free | Keto Comfort Food

welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com,
today I’m going to show you how to make one of my family’s favorite keto comfort meals, this recipe is adapted from my mom’s version of stuffed bell
peppers I love making this stuffed pepper recipe
because it’s actually very easy to make and the finished peppers in the simple
but spicy tomato sauce adds the perfect savory balance and makes this such an
incredible meal and the other nice thing about it is that it actually uses my
ultimate keto hamburger recipe for the filling, and recycling recipes in this
way helps to make meal prep much easier while reducing repetition and also
allowing for prep ahead and freezer type options I hope you’ll give this
delicious stuffed bell pepper and spicy tomato sauce a try really soon. The macro
nutrient ratio for each half stuffed bell pepper is 2.2 to 1 with 12.4 grams of total carbs, 3.6 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 8.8 grams of net carbs per serving as I’ve mentioned I used my ultimate keto
hamburger as the stuffing so the first thing is to make a double batch of the
ultimate keto hamburger recipe since my ultimate keto hamburger recipe is
actually a very tasty gourmet burger recipe I would like to mention that I
also use this recipe when I make my Juicy Lucy burger,
both of these burger recipes will be posted in the description below, now that
I have made the double batch of the recipe I’m going to set it aside for a
moment so that I can preheat the oven to 180 8 degrees Celsius or 370 degrees
Fahrenheit and to also make the very easy spicy tomato sauce which begins
with a can of wholesome Marzano tomatoes added to a medium sized pot, here I’m
going to use a potato masher to mash the tomatoes using a potato masher will
result in a bit coarser texture and the deeper red color to the sauce whereas
using a blender to puree the tomatoes will result in a very smooth and much
paler color and that’s not the texture that you’re really looking for after the
tomatoes are well mashed add the dehydrated garlic
Flakes the dehydrated onion flakes the dry parsley the salt and the olive oil
which will give the sauce a very wonderful Mediterranean flavor,
now stir to combine everything cook over medium heat and bring it to a light
simmer, once it’s simmering cook for five more minutes this will bring out the
flavors in the sauce, then set the sauce aside while you prepare the bell peppers
which simply begins by cutting each bell pepper in half, cut through the stems so
each medium-sized bell pepper also has half of the stump this will allow for a
better enclosure for the stuffing, and it also looks nicer too. Instead of using a
full bell pepper I prefer to cut the bell peppers in half as a vegetable bell
peppers are a bit higher in carbs and I do consider the bell pepper carbs in
total when I’m calculating my macro ratios next I weigh out 142 grams or 5
ounce portions of the ultimate keto burger meat preparation, and stuff each
bell pepper with a portion of the meat after weighing it out when you’re
putting the meat in the bell pepper make sure you press the meat into the inside
of the bell pepper so that it fills the entire cavity, and pat and compress the
top of the meat to make a nice smooth surface Because this is going in the
oven I used an ovenproof casserole dish with
a lid and into this casserole I poured about 3/4 of the prepared tomato sauce
and spread it all over the bottom of the pan next I snugly place the bell peppers
into the pan when all the stuffed peppers were in position I pour it a bit
of the remaining tomato sauce on each of the bell pepper halves, then cover the
casserole with its lid and bake in the center position of the preheated oven
for 45 minutes when I’m serving these stuffed bell peppers I like to place a
little bit of the tomato sauce on the bottom of the plate first
then I place half a bell pepper or two if someone’s really hungry and to finish
off a drizzle a bit of the spicy tomato sauce on top to make this into a
complete meal I like to serve it with a simple spring salad with cucumber pieces
with a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, that’s all it really needs, and I
also like to serve either my keto hamburger buns which are more like a
white bread or for heartier more of a whole-grain
type role I make my easy keto buns and rolls I hope you enjoyed this recipe. By
the way the leftover stuffed peppers and the sauce should be placed in a glass
container with a lid and stored in the refrigerator, the stuffed peppers will
keep well for three to four days, and the bonus is the flavor will develop more
thank you very much for watching this video please subscribe and turn on your
notification bell and I hope to see you next time the link for all mentioned
recipes and the directions for this stuffed bell pepper and spicy tomato
sauce will be posted in the description below

Randall Smitham



  1. TopHatJones Posted on November 2, 2018 at 12:50 am

    My favorite kind of recipe, simple to make but it looks impressive. Your recipes are always so clear and easy to follow.

  2. Mommy T. Posted on November 2, 2018 at 2:14 am

    Uuuuuuu I missed stuffed peppers thank you, maybe we can add quinoa for rice ❤️❤️

  3. Stephan Blake Posted on November 2, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    Can I get like 10 of those to-go please? Thanks 😉 haha