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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 3 Ways! | healthy easy paleo recipes

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome if you’re new
my name is Lev and I make lots of
healthy recipe and lifestyle videos on
this channel and today’s healthy recipes
are all about sweet potato they’re all
stuffed sweet potato recipes that are
easy to make and taste delicious I love
sweet potatoes because not only are they
easy and affordable but they gave you a
nice dose of complex carbs which means
they both spike your blood sugar their
filling and they have lots of
beta-carotene which is a great
antioxidant so let’s go ahead and get
into the 3-step recipes so to start off
you’re gonna take your sweet potato and
you’re going to pierce it with a fork
and then bake it at 400 degrees for 45
minutes and I like doing this as a prep
so that I have them ready to go the
first one we’re making is a breakfast
style one so once your potatoes cooked
and like I said I prepped these and then
you can reheat them during the week or
whenever you need them I’m mashing up
the inside a little bit with the knife
to make it softer and a little bit
easier to eat and then I’m gonna be
adding in my fillings so I’m adding in
half of an avocado and avocado has great
healthy fats so that with a complex carb
of the sweet potato is really gonna help
keep you full and then I’m adding on a
poached egg you can also do a fried egg
and I will leave the poaching
instructions down below and then I’m
putting some martyr cress on top but you
can also do any kind of leafy green
spinach kale microgreens anything like
that you got protein you’ve got greens
you got complex carbs and fats what a
delicious meal I even brought this for
breakfast today to clinic the next one
we’re making is a pizza style stuff
sweet potato so once again I am taking
our nice cooked sweet potato cutting
that down the middle now if you want to
do this in a pinch and can microwave
your soup potato
I just tried not to microwave food as
much as possible but you can totally do
that I’m adding in about a quarter cup
of tomato sauce tomato sauce is just
something I have in my pantry I look for
a low sugar one and then I’m filling
with my favorite topping so I’m doing
some mushrooms and some dairy free
cheese you can do whatever your favorite
popping czar and just throw that in or
throw any leftover vegetables it’s a
great way to make the leftover
vegetables super tasty and then I pop it
in the oven just a little bit to melt
the cheese but that part is optional and
you have a wonderful style pizzas –
potato lastly we’re making a this
coconut curry soup potato so I’m taking
some coconut milk which has great
healthy fats in it and it’s gonna be the
base of this sauce I’m adding and a half
a tablespoon of red curry paste you
could also use yellow curry paste or
green curry paste along with a
tablespoon of almond butter and this is
kind of like a really simple coconut
curry sauce that I like to make it taste
good ah a lots of different things but
especially good on a sweet potato and it
really has a different kind of flavor
but you whip it up super easily which is
nice so usually need to whisk that all
together until you get one nice and
smooth sauce so it’s super easy and if
you make extra which this makes extra
for more than one potato you just keep
it in the fridge and use it again so
again taking our sweet potato cutting
that down the middle and mashing up the
sides and as always I like to increase
my greens in my meals as you guys know I
have a goal of seven servings of green
vegetables a day so I’m taking some
green beans this time I have been
craving green beans and it’s really fun
but whatever kind of green vegetable you
love throw that in there because it’s
just gonna taste delicious and then I’m
pouring our coconut curry sauce on the
top it’s warm it’s delicious we got
greens we’ve got so much flavor from the
sauce and this is definitely something
you can meal prep to bring wherever
you’re going to school to work eat it at
home I just love all of these stuff
super tater recipes because they’re so
easy so delicious and affordable – okay
guys I hope you enjoyed this video if
you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs
up and leave me your favorite way to
have sweet potato down below so that I
can try it out I hope you guys are all
having a great day and I’ll see you in
my next video
bye guys

Randall Smitham



  1. keepupwithliv Posted on January 31, 2019 at 12:01 am

    Enjoy these healthy stuffed sweet potato recipes! I love them because the stuffing possibilities are endless and sweet potatoes are cheap too!

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