April 6, 2020
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there’s a lot of people defending sugar and that’s understandable because it’s an addictive substance but anyway this video is about how sugar and carbs almost killed me but yet I never got fat and I never got diabetes which is kind of interesting because a lot of people that eat too much sugar get diabetes but what we need to understand is and this is part of the reason why I didn’t get diabetes and I didn’t get fat because I never really ate a lot of animal products and something that people need to realize is that animal products are a major contributor to diabetes sure sugar all that stuff is not necessarily good for it but the point is that when you eat animal products hydrated fat cholesterol clogs up your insulin receptors so the sugar doesn’t get absorbed in your cells and that’s part of the reason so I never really ate a lot of animal products when I was a kid although I ate every car you can imagine like nothing but noodles and pop-tarts and bread and pasta and cookies and pies and cakes matter of fact when I left home I hit the art school I was 18 years old I go to diners and I would only order desserts I just eat pies and guys say I’m free I get to do what I want violate so I desserts were my meals pies cakes ah I I go to 7-eleven I get like the the hostess fruitcakes I go to to Burger King and I’d get cheap milkshakes and ice creams and those those hot microwave cherry pies and stuff and that’s what I lived off of I had when I was in the school cafeteria I put like five six bags of sugar in my iced tea I’d put Jam all over my eggs I mean I was the most I was the biggest sugar addict in the world so anybody talks about sugar I I was the sugar king and I had so much energy I remember I’d have to run it off I’d be like like this is like Mighty Mouse I’d be like running around the school the whole like the block the area like like six million dollar man days that I used to love that show so explain when I used to imagine I was the bionic man I’d run like 80 miles an hour you know like around three blocks just constantly until I know our energy I mean I have so much energy you could peel you couldn’t peel me off the ceiling had so much energy so yeah the sugar gave me a lot of energy but I was so sick I was dying literally I was dying by the time 19 I had cysts growing on my body and I had never happened to go it was kind of embarrassing I was once one that was like on my tailbone and I had to go into a doctor and he had this big old he said oh you got a big cyst I got to cut it open got a Lancet so he took a razor blade where washed and drained it out and all this white pus came out he stuck some cotton in there really embarrassing really painful and it was like I didn’t know I was causing it and I was getting like chronic bronchitis three times a year my lungs were so filled with fluid I couldn’t barely breathe I was choking to death asthma allergies a lot of admin as mine allergies like you and late I was whistling when I was breathing my eyesight was so bad I need glasses thicker than the windshield of my car I mean and it was all because I was eating carbs and sugar and I didn’t know I had no idea I said I’m not eat I’m not drinking I’m not smoking I’m not doing drugs I’m not doing anything bad I’m just living the American dream I’m eating the food that Americans are supposed to eat right and I just I couldn’t I didn’t put two and two together I didn’t know and I never got fat and I never got a diabetes I mean I was kind of hypoglycemic i sugar crash and stuff a guy was really cranky I was miserable to be with because I was so when I had my sugar crashes hohhhh you didn’t want to be around me but that’s you know so no you don’t have to be overweight to have sugar problems or it is there’s a lot of skinny people that are have problems just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy it doesn’t I mean you you need to eat right because otherwise oh and by the time I was in my late 20s my heart was collapsing my liver was was shot my kidneys were I mean I I could list a mile of things a mile long I mean parasites going crazy feeding like crazy because that’s all I had was yeast and sugar and it was all from just wheat products and sugar and milk and dairy which by the way is lactose which is a sugar it it’s thank God I wasn’t eating animal products I mean once in a while ie a little something but it really can turn me on I mean it was nothing really exciting about an animal problem but meat meat just really didn’t do much for me but man I poured the jam on my eggs and then I mean literally I I would try to get a mole I was trying to impress my friends see how many bags of sugar I could put in my iced tea you know they say scientifically there there’s the point of super saturation it is you pour sugar and water and there is a point to where there’s more sugar than water and when it hits super saturation point it actually solidifies it goes from water to salt from liquid to solid like insulate just turns into this solid chunk of sugar which is probably what I was pretty close to at the time anyway so it’s really important to understand that you just because you’re skinny and you realize sugar and you have energy and you look good I had a pretty good looking body I always had a lot of energy there’s a lot of people out there that are thin and have lots of energy and they look pretty good and they’re sugar freaks and they say see I’m thin I’m healthy nothing wrong with me wait till you hit your 30s and 40s wait till that stuff catches up to you theirs does you can’t cheat nature it’s going to catch up to you at some point now I’m not saying it’s anything to do with fruit because this keeps coming up it’s always some crazy person in there oh yeah well fruits good for you and here’s the reasons why well yeah fruits good free it’s got fiber you eat the whole fruit that’s what you’re supposed to do that’s fine I’m talking about refined carbs pasta pizza bread especially bread cereal cookies crackers pies anything that’s that’s baked in an oven with wheat cooked food in general it means cooked starches they break down into sugars you know you’re supposed to be eating raw fruits and vegetables in nature like all the other life-forms on the planet we’re not up of ins did not come with nature anyway I don’t want to get an argument about that I’m just saying this is what got me healthier and just because you’re thin and of energy and you look good doesn’t you’re healthy so the reason a lot of these people are is because they’re vegan or vegetarian because animal fats the cholesterol and saturated fats it clogs our insulin receptors so your sugar your cells can’t open up to receive the sugar for energy so you have high blood sugar and and then you know all that extra sugar turns into fat and causes disease and things like that so animal products are a big contributor for weight gain and diabetes and things like that so you can’t cheat you can’t just do sugar and not animal products I think you’re healthy and that’s my bottom line okay red for the day I hope that helped somewhat I’m just trying to help people okay I’m not trying to start a fight between the sugar lovers and the healthy non-sugar lovers just trying to help okay all right do your bit live the way nature intended stay tuned for more bye bye [Music]

Randall Smitham