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Sumaya Kazi America’s “best young entrepreneurs”

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yeah sure we know that Cleopatra and we hear about her but you talk about her in
terms of beauty we never talk about her in terms of business and intelligence
you know we actually have Cleopatra today for building the world’s first spa so she was born in 69 BC and at the age
of 30 she traveled from Egypt to the Dead Sea because she heard about the
magical properties of the water and she execrated the world for spa as well as
creating products beauty products that she then took back to Egypt and the
surrounding area now while we don’t know too much about Cleopatra in business
what we can learn from Cleopatra is that you know what you can travel far
distances to get what you need in order to achieve why don’t we hear stories
about Eliza Lucas Eliza Lucas was born in 1722 and what’s
remarkable remarkable about her is that at the age of 16 she actually inherited
three plantations when her father had to travel 24 the military now at 16 she not
only ran these plantations of Steel Toe a terror family now she was determined
to make sure that the crop of indigo could be built in South Carolina and so
after three years of unsuccessful so what was it frustrated about I was
frustrated not seeing young people in the news I prided myself myself upon
surrounding myself with just amazing people doing really impressive things
but you don’t read about them in the news you know see them in the news I was
frustrated not knowing or learning about nonprofits in the news unless there was
a financial or natural disaster and then my third frustration was with the
cultural community I grew up with that told me that in order to be successful I
needed to be a doctor a lawyer or an engineer or what we call the Holy
Trinity of success and for me that just wasn’t acceptable and so instead of
complaining about it and you just kind of been changed I decided to do
something about it so I started a company at the age of 22
I was working full time at Sun Microsystems and to me at that time it
wasn’t starting a company it was just me starting in that pocket however when I started both companies I
never really went into it thinking about being a female entrepreneur or being a
woman entrepreneur I knew that I was frustrated with problems in the world
and I thought that I if I was the one working on those particular problems and
who would be and that’s really how I got started it’s that simple but well
recently I started thinking about well who are the people who are the women
that actually allowed us to do what we’re able to do today to allow us to
start build and grow our businesses so we hear about wonderful extraordinary
women women like Oprah and women like Martha Stewart have really you know done
amazing things in their lifetimes but it made me think who are the original the
first women

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