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Summer Blender Breakfast with Dr. Schulze

Hello, friends. I’m Dr. Schulze. And welcome to my home. Welcome to my kitchen. Maybe more important,
welcome to my blog. Every week, I post something
on my blog for you, the best of my entire
life’s work of Natural Healing information
and herbal medicine. It’s for you. And you write in
lots of questions. And some of the questions I
get, in fact a lot of them, are Dr. Schulze, what do
you eat for breakfast. So this is what I’m going
to show you today, quickly, in a very quick video. So let’s go to Denny’s or IHOP. Mm, no, that’s not how
I want to start my day. I like to start my day lighter. When I eat food for breakfast,
well, I want to go back to bed. So I like to start my
day with a blender drink, with a nutritional drink. And to me, the
whole name breakfast means breaking the fast. We’re breaking the fast. And now it’s even
summer, so I want to start with even a
lighter morning drink. And any of you out
there with diabetes, whether it’s type 1 or type
2, pay close attention, because this is also a
low glycemic breakfast drink, my summer
nutritional blender bomb. That’s what we’re going
to make here this morning. So let’s get started. OK, first off you
need a blender. Now, any blender will do. And you can get one
for about 20 bucks. A blender is a great tool
to have in your kitchen to make soups and
all sorts of things, but especially morning
nutritional drinks. Now, I’ve got a powerhouse here. I’ve got the Vitamix. OK. This is an old school one. This is ancient. But when you buy
big tools like this, they might cost a
couple hundred bucks. But they last you a lifetime. And we’re going to be using
my Vitamix this morning. So what do I put in
my morning drink? Well, I have a couple
of focuses here. One is I want it to be
low in a lot of things. I want it to be low calorie. In the summer, when
it’s hot outside, I don’t need a lot of
calories or heat units to get myself hot. So I want this drink to be low
calorie, low fat, low sugar. But I want it to be
high in nutrition. Wait a minute, not high– I want it to be a bomb. I want it to be a blast
of nutrition, of vitamins. High in vitamins, high in
minerals, high in enzymes, high in amino acids. So I want it to be a
high nutritional blast. I also want it to
be high in fiber, which does a number of things. One is the high fiber makes
sure that I have a good bowel movement every day. But also, the high
fiber, and I’m going to talk about
that in a minute, also keeps it in a low
glycemic index for you people with diabetes
type 1 and type 2. So you don’t get a sugar
rush in your bloodstream from having my morning drink. OK. Let’s get started. Well, the first thing we
need to do is put in liquid. Now a lot of times
people will put in 16 or 20 ounces of fresh
fruit or vegetable juice. But that’s very potent medicine. And in the summer, I
don’t want to consume that much potent medicine, that
much sugar, that many calories. So I just like to put in
a little bit of juice. Now I always use organic fruit. And I always make it fresh. But some of you don’t do that. So I just wanted
to show there is lots of fresh juices available
out there on the market. And here’s even one of
reduced calorie peach guava. OK, that sounds yummy. Now, again, I prefer you
to make them yourself. But there’s lots of companies
out there making fresh juice for us. Now how much juice do I put in? Well, really, we’re only going
to put in two ounces of juice, which is not a lot. OK, again, many people put
16 or 20 ounces of juice in their drink. And what happens is
that’s a lot of calories. That’s a lot of nutrition. But it’s a lot of calories. And remember, this is
my lighter, summertime, morning blender drink, also
my low glycemic blender drink. So now we just have
two ounces of juice. Well, we’re going
to need more liquid. So you can put in
14 ounces of water. Now what I like to put
in is some herbal tea. It gives it a little color. It gives it a little flavor. As you know, I’m always
exact in my– oop. That’s about 20
ounces total there. I like to use herbal tea,
because it adds some color. It adds some flavor. But you can just add water. Now you’re probably
wondering, how is this going to be
a smoothie if we’re putting only a few things in? You’re going to learn. OK. So what do we start with? Well, I love almonds
and sunflower seeds. There’s a few reasons. One is they’re great
food, great nutrition. Did you know that almonds
are a complete protein? In fact, sunflower seeds
are a complete protein, not that that really matters,
because we don’t pay attention to that. Why? Because there’s no
Americans out there that aren’t getting
enough protein. Even according to the
Department of Agriculture, the average vegetarian
American is still getting one and half times, or
150%, of their needed protein. In America, we don’t have any
problem getting enough protein. We have a problem
with all of us getting fat from getting too much
protein and too much fat. So we don’t have
to worry about not getting enough of
much of anything in America except nutrition. So I’m only going to use
four almonds, four almonds. OK. We don’t need a lot of food. I’m going to use
sunflower seeds. And I’m only going to use
two teaspoons of fun– fun? Fun flower seeds! That’s a good name. I renamed these. Two teaspoons of
fun flower seeds. You know, I live in
Italy part of the year. And the fields are covered
with golden yellow sunflowers, a beautiful thing to look at. I’ve been eating sunflower
seeds since I was a young hippie in the 1960s. They were one of the
first great health foods that I got involved in. OK. And we’re also going
to add walnuts. But we’re just going to
add two halves of walnuts. Walnuts are loaded with
essential fatty acids and great oils that we need. You know, a lot
of us are looking to get more omega-6
essential fatty acid and omega-3
essential fatty acid. Now, we got to get away from
the fish guts and the fish oils. Eck! You know, some people
take fish liver oil. The liver is your
organ to remove toxins. Imagine these fish are
swimming around, filtering out the toxins in the water. And then you’re eating the oil,
toxic oil, out of their– yuck. Imagine putting
fish liver– yuck. Forget about it. You can get all the essential
fatty acids you need, omega-3 and omega-6. And they’re called essential
because your body does not manufacture them. You need to consume
them in food. And plant food is
rich with those. Not only are walnuts rich
with those essential oils, but we have a couple of
other great herbal slash food ingredients here. And one of them is flaxseeds. I mean, these go back to
the Bible, my friends. Christ’s robe was supposedly
made out of Linum. And the Latin name for flax
is Linum usitatissimum. Now that’s a mouthful. But flax has been used since
the beginning of time, not only as a nutritional food source,
but even to make clothes. And so with the
flax, we’re going to put in one teaspoon
of flax seeds. And we’re also going
to use some chia seeds. I’ve been consuming
some chia seeds lately. I like them a lot. And both flax and
chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 and omega-6
essential fatty acids, or oil. And these are important
oils for our body. So we have almonds, sunflowers,
walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds. Wow. But as you can see, we put
very little of them in there. We don’t need a lot. And you’ll be surprised at how
incredible this drink tastes. But it’s not 500
calories, which we don’t want in the summertime. OK. Now we’re going to put
some fruit in the drink. Now what do I like? Well, this morning we’re
going to have strawberries. Wow. That’s live food. It jumps around. We’re going to
have strawberries. So I’m going to put
one strawberry in. We don’t need
handfuls of things. We’re going to put in some
red raspberries, which are one of my favorites. These are beautiful food
and red raspberries, four. OK? Again, we’re keeping this light. Blackberries,
these are the bomb. These grow all over
my place in Italy. And these are beautiful
food, blackberries. Look it, you don’t have to
worry about iron when you’re eating blue and purple food. This is loaded with iron. I used to get my patients’
iron count and hemoglobin count up skyrocketing with
dark red and purple food. So we’re going to have
two blackberries and four blueberries. Now we’re talking
blood building. And I– look at it. Tried to get away. Uh-uh. That ain’t gonna happen. And banana, forget
about a whole banana. We don’t need a whole banana. We’re going to put in
a third of the banana. And that’s really all we
need in this drink, a third. Maybe I was cheating. That might be, actually,
40% of the banana. We’re going to put
a little banana in. And then, we’re going to put
in our herbal ingredients. Now this is already power packed
with nutrition, as you heard. But I want to send
it over the top. And to do that, I’m going
to use the same thing I did in my clinic to get
the blood values skyrocketing of my dying
patients, patients with cancer, with anemia so bad even
B12 shots weren’t working. And so I’m going to
use my SuperFood Plus. And here we are. We’re going to put in
two rounded tablespoons of my SuperFood Plus. Yes. [SNIFFING] This will bring
you back to life. And the other herbal ingredient
we’re going to put in is my HerbalMucil Plus. You got a little weird
when I said that. OK, there’s two
reasons we’re putting– [CLINKING] –the HerbalMucil
Plus in this drink. One is for fiber. We all need more fiber. And so you drink this drink. And you’re going to find
that the next thing that happens later on in the
day, or tomorrow, is you’re going to have a magical,
an amazing, bowel movement. That’s what fiber is good for. And there’s lots of
fiber in this drink. But we need more
fiber, because you know how much fiber is
in all animal foods, like hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
chicken, fish, cheese, yogurt, how much fiber? ZERO! There is zero fiber in
any, any animal food. So where you get your fiber is
in the vegetable, fruit, nut, seed, grain, sprout kingdom. So we’re adding fiber. But there’s another reason. Adding fiber into this
drink or into any meal slows down the digestive time. And when you slow down
the digestive time, you lower the glycemic index. Now, this is naturally a low
glycemic index drink anyway. Type 2 and type 1 diabetes
people listening up right now, OK, this is naturally a
low glycemic index drink. But by putting this
additional fiber in, it also makes it even
more low glycemic. So you won’t get any
blood sugar spikes if you test your blood sugar. But there is a third reason. HerbalMucil Plus
is my secret weapon of how to make the finest, most
amazing smoothie in the world because it’s fiber,
and it’s mucilaginous. So it’s gelatinous. So you can put this in
water and make a smoothie. So because I only have two
ounces, two little ounces, of juice in here and the
rest of it’s herbal tea, I want to make– and I only
have a third of a banana and a very small amount
of fruit and a few nuts. I want to make sure that this is
a smoothie, my friends, and not a watery drink. So this is the amazing secret
weapon smoothie ingredient. And I put it in. I can see it in there. How much did you use? How much? One rounded teaspoon. Thank you. I have an audience here. How much? One rounded teaspoon of my
HerbalMucil Plus in this drink. And so you end up with
about 20 ounces of liquid. Now, the next thing you want
to do is just whip it up. So bear with the
noise right here. And I got to be careful
here, because I’m famous for making
huge, explosive messes in the kitchen. So I start out on low. One thing, great,
start out on low. You’ll hear it
crunch a little bit. Hup! Got to plug it in, standby. OK. Here we go. Start out on low. [BLENDER WHIRRING] OK, good. Let it get chopped
up a little bit. Then I’m going to
turn up the dial here. And– [BLENDER WHIRRING FASTER] –get it going. And then, now that it’s going,
I’m going to kick it into high. [BLENDER WHIRRING FASTER] YES! OK. This is breakfast, my friend. Here we go. And thank you so much for– [BLENDER POWERS DOWN] –watching the blog. Because the whole
idea, my friends, is that you learn all these
things so you can not only create powerful health with
your family and with yourself, but if you do have an emergency
or a crisis or a disease you’ll know what to do,
because 52 times a year you are tuning into my
blog, every Wednesday, and learning more about
being your own doctor, learning more about Natural
Healing and herbal medicine. OK, wow. Now, I love Dr. Schulze. I love myself. But I love these bottles. These are great. And I use them all the time. So even if I’m going to
drink this in the morning, I’m going to put
this in my bottle. Woo! Right up to the top. Now, I love– excuse me. I love these bottles
for a few reasons. One is their quick twist,
which means you twist it once and it’s on. And look, woo-hoo! I scare everybody with this,
because it stays on there. I can toss this in
my backpack, my car. I’m heading out, now,
for my nature trek. I have my drink with me. Yahoo. But I need a glass, a glass. I just want you to
see this is thick. Look at this. Come on right in here, Jennifer. Look at this. I’m going to pour it again. It’s thick. Now the majority of that
is water or herbal tea. But it’s thick. And I didn’t load
it up with fruit. It’s thick because of my
smoothie making secret weapon right here, the HerbalMucil
Plus, loaded with fiber, lowers the glycemic index of
the whole drink or any meal. Add that to any meal and you’ll
lower the glycemic index. And anyway, I want
to keep this short. But I never succeed in that. But thank you for tuning in. I’m going to have
my breakfast now. Dr. Schulze. I love you.

Randall Smitham