April 4, 2020
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Sunny shares a quick, healthy meal using devices you can often bring into a residence hall.

Hi, I’m Sunny and I’m a graduate student
at the University of Florida and I’m going to show you a really tasty little meal that
you can make in the microwave and as a matter of fact, unlike some other foods,
this is best made in the microwave. So all you need is a box of Triscuits, a jar
of tomato sauce, and some shredded cheese, and you basically have instant pizza. I actually like to eat this
better than real pizza, because the Triscuits have this
very unique woven wheat structure that makes for an extra crispy crust. So all you do is you put a little
bit of sauce on the Triscuit, and then you put a little cheese on top of
that, and you can do that to as many Triscuits as you want, and then you
just put it in the microwave for a few seconds and just
until the cheese melts. Now someone told me that you can do
something similar on a George Foreman grill, except using bread instead of Triscuits. George Foreman grills are really handy
to have if you’re living in a dorm because you can basically grill almost anything,
not only burgers and chicken, but also fish, vegetables, and even certain kinds of lettuce, like for example endive or
radicchio, or so I’ve heard. So anyway, when your little mini
pizzas are done, they look something like this- little mini Triscuit pizzas. I really like how the sauce and cheese
gets in all the little nooks and crannies of the Triscuit, but the
Triscuit, that stays crispy.

Randall Smitham