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Supplement Review | Bang Energy Drink | Creatine nutrition breakdown

welcome back you guys thank you for
joining me it’s your coach, Coach Johann again this is the show where we go over
everything having to do with sports nutrition you guys have questions about
pyruvate, creatine, your branched chain amino acids, your keto diet everything
under the Sun I’m gonna make sure we covered but today I’m gonna do something
that I used to do a couple of years back I’m gonna bring it back we’re gonna do
supplement review my supplement reviews are always gonna include a stacking or a
skip it and what that means is you’re either gonna put it in your supplement
stack or you’re gonna skip it all together and today we’re gonna talk
about bang your drink yeah and then taste already pretty good right that’s
um it’s a blue raspberry I was wondering about these supplement companies what
makes them choose like a flavored fit for you know a twelve-year-old
with blue rads you know I mean I mean it’s taste good but it always makes me
wonder why do they do this versus something like more adult some people go
with a tropical theme some people go with that like a natural fruit seem
right you the next drink is gonna be you know made from from like kale chips and
butter lettuce meanwhile you know if you have the palate of a ten-year-old get
your bang which is cool and again it tastes good let’s flip over to the back
side so right off the top I know there’s a few things first of all you guys want
to learn how to read one of these things as fast as humanly possible like 20
seconds see my other videos but it’s got nothing in it and a couple of lecture
lights and a ton of B vitamins which is great and a lot of vitamin C and branched chain amino acids and of course
creatine and that’s the big one isn’t it guys it’s creating the fact that there
is a drink with creatine and it makes it pretty special and noticing that there
is creatine with out the presence of sugar leans heavily towards light
bodybuilding that’s the whole idea that people wanted creatine without any sugar
going back to the 90s that was tracked creatine without new sugar that was a
big deal truthfully guys we got to talk about it so it’s this idea that creatine
is involved with our nutrition short bursts of energy a few seconds sets that
lasts about 30 seconds these are where creatine is the primary source of fuel
in your body that is very heavy lifting that is extreme plyometrics that is
sprinting that is extremely hard punching and kicking butane is king
typically you want to get your creatine from meats and animal products cuz
they’re inside of our muscles right here we got a drink and a supplement no less
and this I think cost me like a dollar maybe up to two dollars I think it’s
like a dollar seventy nine if that much okay so I get creatine and I’m looking
to see how much so like I’m scouring the can right now and I’m not finding out
how much creatine is in this thing readily available and that’s super
important because if you’re gonna be something that provides people with
creatine you kind of gotta get it released a gram up in here now I used to
sell the nutrition product and I know if you get a powdered creatine inside of a
drink you can probably get about it Bram’s in there will you see some
benefit from your very heavy lips who knows we got to talk about it so you
guys know the whole myth as soon as you stop taking creatine all your games go
to the shitter well that’s not entirely true
okay that’s because how many of you are lifting super heavy when you’re doing
your creatine infused lips when you take in your creatine you should be doing
extremely fast weighted sprints parachutes you should be doing oh you
know your PR plus a little bit more when you’re doing a heavy squat day you
should be doing your plyo pull-ups when you’re on creatine big muscles grow the
muscles that you get while you’re using it they can not to dissipate after
you’ve come off and your gains stay there so when you stop using it you’ve
built enough high tension fatigue sensitive muscle fiber that you stay
strong and those tend to be the bigger muscles so enough about bad guys why do
we need creatine in a drink well here’s why because it’s a quickest way to get
it into our bodies and creatine really it’s kind of like a pick-me-up almost
it’s the way to really use if you’re being honest with yourself so why why
does this drink even exist well at first I was ready to do this to say yeah it
exists to give us a creatine supplement and I noticed it had branched chain
amino acids in it also and a lot of the creatine side biologically is attached
to some of the branched chains man I’ve always contended that the way you guys
should take your protein supplements is with amino acids you should be taking
amino acids instead of protein powder but not everyone does it this actually
has branched chain amino acids now those are gonna be the precursors to building
other substrates for energy during exercise in other words branched chains
are the first ones that turn into other types of
substrates for energy later on and this drink has some that’s pretty special
honestly I haven’t seen too many drinks and I can’t think of a lot of them that
have just branched chains and creating both of those things save this it’s
gonna help me workout in the immediate timeframe better than an energy drink
that doesn’t have this stuff in it and so it’s very viable sugarless energy the
fuck right how does that go together other branch chains and creatine so yeah
it can endogenous Li provide energy for your workouts even though there’s no
sugar I could go on and on about the stupidest product in the world which is
5 LM a 5-hour energy one of the worst products to ever put in
your body largely because it has no calories or no sugar in it and it’s just
caffeine but I don’t have enough time to get into it speaking of caffeine this
this Bank has a ton of it 300 milligrams per can that’s like 3 cups of coffee
apparently remember the old redline from back in the days when I was in college
and I take a redline to the face drink it and then I’d be like hey I don’t feel
sweaty enough or agitated let me drink another one and my heart which was
palpitating so heavily against my ribcage I might have called the EMTs
that’s started happening I was like you know what let me read the back turn it
around and notice hey you shouldn’t drink to red lines in a single day or
you might have a heart attack well this stuff 300 milligrams of
caffeine that’s a lot and what that means is probably only drink half of
this at a time considering it doesn’t say readily how much creatine is in it
and I’ll find out how much is in it put it in the description but
based on that alone you’re probably getting most of the energy from little
creatine there might be in there and the 300 milligrams of caffeine because
that’s enough to wake up a freakin dead cow and get that dead cow to start doing
box jumps in no time so guys for this one are we skipping it nah we’re
actually gonna stack this one I’m surprised as fuck oh really it has a
place it has a place because again not many things are going to offer you
creatine and branched chains you were to miss out on entire swaths of snacks for
a day because you’re way too busy and you need pre-workout it’s best to go
ahead and get protein even more so amino acids since branched chains are those
that are going to be converted or readily by your body for energy
substrates later on it’s best then to go with branched chains meaning in a pinch
branched chains or what you want to go for and you can’t get your creatine for
me for whatever reason and you can’t get enough well one of these might be your
best option and I’m as surprised as you might know me about supplements is
especially ones like this but yeah I’m gonna say you can’t stack this one it’s
not harmful for you except for the caffeine that’s the only thing so drink
half of it lastly the carbonation you had a terrible stomach and you’re prone
to cramps this thing is carbonated I don’t know why they couldn’t turn it
into a juice but if they did that they couldn’t come up with the next nuclear
colored you know pixie stick flavored bullshit for flavoring I mean no offense
but my teeth hurt just thinking about drinking another one
all right you guys thank you for joining me this has been your coach I hope you
got a lot out of that lesson forget to pick up your next flight let’s see what
you come up with a better flavour for this stuff like maybe um just simple
like pineapples apples chia seeds there’s no way you can make
that sell alright guys thanks for watching that last video take a minute
to join the channel that way you can ask me any nutrition question
I do enjoy answering them so get at me it’s been your coach
take care

Randall Smitham



  1. Supplement Kitchen Reviews Posted on October 10, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    BANG is a great product 💪🏽 Great breakdown
    We are new to the channel will keep following along! Keep up the good content & be sure to check us out also! 😎