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Sweet Chaffles Two Ways – Blueberry and Oreo

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we’re gonna make a
couple of sweet chaffles a blueberry chaffle
and an Oreo chaffle but before we do that
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release a new video I have received in
excess of probably 40 suggestions and
requests for various chaffle
variations and videos today we’re going
to be doing a blueberry chaffle and an
Oreo chaffle
starting with a blueberry chaffle right
we start with two ounces of cream cheese
that we’ve softened in the microwave
we’ll add one large egg and whisk
together to this we’ll add 1 tablespoon
of sweetener I’m using Boca sweet one
tablespoon of coconut flour quarter
teaspoon of baking powder mixed together
next we’re going to add a couple of
optional ingredients but I’m thinking
they’re really gonna kick up the flavor
first some buttery sweet dough emulsion
and I will include the link to that
below 1/4 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon of
organic blueberry powder mix it up for
half the batter into your mini waffle
maker and then I’m gonna drop in Oh
six or seven blueberries
now this chaffle turned out kind of dark
but I think that’s probably just the the
blueberry powder maybe on the exterior
let’s give it a taste
probably should let it cool down a
little bit I just hit a molten hot
blueberry this is good but I think it
can use more blueberries round two not
using quite half of the batter because I
want to put in a bunch of blueberries
here good enough alright this one’s
going on a cooling rack for a while
okay let’s see how the super blueberry
blueberry chaffle is hmm I like that
better everybody have one more idea
because my next recipe is going to be
the Oreo chaffle and I’ve already made
the frosting for that so let’s put a
little cream cheese frosting on that
chaffle with the frosting okay I’m at a
loss that is really really really really
I mean I’ve I’ve got goose bumps that’s
how good that is so continue watching so
that you can see the recipe for the Oreo
filling that we’re going to use on the
Oreo chaffle and put that on your
blueberry chaffle
I’ve been doing the whole chaffle Test
Kitchen thing for about the last five
hours and I’ve had a number of failures
with the sweet chaffle mix trying to do a
peanut butter chaffle
peanut butter and jelly type chaffle I
had a really good idea for a cinnamon
roll chaffle that just didn’t pan out so
I’m a little bit gun shy on this Oreo
thing normally I kind of like the idea
of creating the recipes on my own but in
this case I am gonna take a recipe from
somebody else I’m gonna make this recipe
almost exactly as it appears on the
low-carb inspirations website and I will
link to that recipe below because I
think it’s only fair that she get credit
for it rather than me unless it turns
out badly
in which case and I guess yes you should
still get credit for that now one of the
ingredients that this recipe calls for
is black cocoa powder I have never had
black cocoa powder but I’m about to it’s
like ash
it tastes somewhere between ashtray and
chocolate probably leaning more towards
the former than the latter so I guess
this is gonna be an interesting recipe
let’s get to making it
we start with one ounce of softened
cream cheese and add a large egg then
we’re gonna add a tablespoon of
mayonnaise whisk that together then we
add a tablespoon of the black cocoa
powder a tablespoon of swerve
confectioner’s quarter teaspoon of
baking powder quarter teaspoon of
instant coffee pinch of salt teaspoon of
vanilla Zac – whisking and we’ll add our
batter it’s only been about two and a
half or three minutes but these already
have it’s very much a burn sort of smell
in the kitchen we’re gonna remove these
to a wire rack and let them cool until
they reach room temperature
for the frosting we have one ounce or
two tablespoons of cream cheese softened
two tablespoons of confectioner’s
sweetener I’m using swerve and a quarter
teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix all
right we had a little off-camera noise
so in addition to my daughter Courtney
joining us we also have Colton my
grandson hi Colton you don’t get tri any
so I also screwed up and wasn’t
recording when we took our first bite so
let’s see if we can recreate that moment
first off the chaffle really
nails the Oreo taste beautiful texture
and I love the frosting I mean to me the
inside of an Oreo is a little too
powerful I can’t I can’t eat an Oreo
double stuffed but this this the the
cream cheese really diggin it yeah now
there was enough batter left over that I
also made a chancake so let’s see what
we think of the chain cake Oreo
correct hmm doesn’t seem it’s puffy but
you know honest if you’re going more of
an Oreo look yeah this is more of an
Oreo look but I like the the fluffiness
of the other one better this is still
good that one’s better
low-carb inspirations great job on this
Oreo recipe I doubt I could have made
this myself without you so thank you I
will include the link if I didn’t
mention that already before down in the
description below so I’m not especially
big on eating desserts or sweet type
stuff for breakfast but both of those
recipes were winners the chaffle just continues to impress so if you
enjoyed this video and are interested in
seeing more travel videos as well as
other low carb cooking videos don’t
forget to subscribe because
there’s a lot more coming and thanks for

Randall Smitham



  1. Diane Krause Posted on September 6, 2019 at 3:18 am

    love all your interpretations of the chaffles but to be fair to the real chaffles you can't call it a chaffle or chancake if you don't add cheese. Otherwise it's just a low carb waffle. A really yummy looking waffle but not a chaffle.

  2. Kim Richards Posted on September 6, 2019 at 8:27 am

    You have the perfect radio voice!

  3. Kim Richards Posted on September 6, 2019 at 8:35 am

    You are becoming the Chaffel King! Thanks for doing all of the experimenting for us all!

  4. kajova Posted on September 6, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Absolutely will try the oreo ones, loved your recipes! thanks and your voice is awesome. Just subscribed.

  5. Nena G de kvz Posted on September 6, 2019 at 12:47 pm

    Muchas gracias
    Se ve delicioso …