August 24, 2019
  • 8:50 pm Healthy Donuts With Chocolate Glaze | paleo desserts
  • 7:50 pm Cabbage
  • 6:53 pm Healthy Eating – Portion Control
  • 6:53 pm A Quick, Healthy Breakfast by Dana Drori, Model & Food Blogger | BTS Interview
  • 5:02 pm Keto and Cholesterol
Healthy Donuts With Chocolate Glaze | paleo desserts

so today we are making some chocolate glazed healthy donuts they’re paleothey’re free refined sugar but they taste so delicious and the glaze on topjust really makes them if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe tosee lots more healthy recipes and let’s get into what you’re waiting for whichis those chocolate glazed […]


>>When I was growing up,the only way I ever ate cabbagewas shreddedand drowned in creamy dressing,but there is a lot moreto this leafy greenthan coleslaw and sauerkraut.For starters, when you havea head of cabbage,that’s a lot of food to workwith, and with proper careand some creativity,the flavor possibilitiesare extraordinary.I’m Charity Nebbe.On this episodeof “Iowa Ingredient,”we’ll […]

Keto and Cholesterol

It might be logical to think that a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat, must be high inbad cholesterol.But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.Plenty of modern scientific and nutritional research shows that high-fat, low-carb dietscan optimize cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.To understand the relationship between a keto diet […]

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s With Diet

[Music] what’s behind the dramatic increase in dementia in Japan over recent decades maybe it’s rising obesity rates or the increases in cholesterol saturated fat in iron from increases in animal products and meat overall calories just went up about 10 percent in Japan whereas animal fat and meat consumption grows 500% about 10 times […]

How To Reduce Cortisol Levels Naturally For Weight Loss And Stress Relief

how to reduce cortisol well cortisol is a stress hormone so in order to reducecortisol we have to reduce stress and stress has been linked to every diseasecondition known to man and because stress is often a result ofa lifestyle it’s a way of life that we have adapted then in order to trulyreduce stress […]

💓The Shocking Truth About Shrimp & High Cholesterol – by Dr Sam Robbins

Hi, it’s Dr Sam Robbins,I’ve got a friend named Frank, who just LOVES shrimp.Whenever we go out to eat, he has to have it.And he’s always posting some shrimp meal or dish on his Facebook page.So a few nights ago, when he ordered a bunch of shrimp for dinner, my other friend, Howardasked, “hey, aren’t […]

Kip Andersen, Dave Asprey, Dr. Joel Kahn: “The Ideal Diet: The Directors of […]” | Talks at Google

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE: Good morning. AUDIENCE: Good morning. DAVE: So today’s a very exciting day. It marks the launch of our Talks at Google Friendly Debate Series, where we bring together people who take different positions on key issues, with the hopes that through their dialogue, we’re able to better understand questions whose answers are […]

Is Monk Fruit Sweetener Safe?

“Is Monk Fruit Sweetener Safe?” A number of artificial sweeteners have been FDA-approved in North America, including aspartame and sucralose (sold as Splenda). But, there are also natural high-intensity sweeteners found in plants. The global market for non-nutritive sweeteners in general, these non-caloric sweeteners, is in the billions, including all the artificial ones— and two […]

One Meal A Day Weight Loss (Plus 6 Top Reasons You’re Gaining Weight)

OMAD for weight loss eating just one meal a day can that help you lose weightfaster well a lot of people have found that to be the case and for others whohave really stubborn weight they have found that they couldn’t lose weight atall until they started eating fewer meals or even just one meal […]

Best Supplements For Health Explained  (2018 and beyond)

what are the best supplements or do you even need supplements stay tuned andI’ll explain hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For Life and by subscribing tothis channel you will learn everything that you need to master true healthtoday we’re going to talk about supplements and there is so muchconfusion and so much misunderstanding about […]