April 7, 2020
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2 Leftover Egg White Recipes: Low Carb Macaroons & Avocado Clouds
Breakfast Meal Prep | Egg White Scramble with Sweet Potato Hash | A Sweet Pea Chef

Hey there. Lacey here with “A Sweet Pea Chef.” And do you have no time in the morning to cook a healthy breakfast, but you would really love to have a grab-and-go, delicious, and nutritious breakfast for you every single morning? Well, let me show you how to meal prep a healthy breakfast, so that […]

Baked Fluffy Egg – Low Carb Breakfast

2 cloves garlic, minced.1 tbsp olive oilChopped any of vegetables you like/availableSausage/ham/bacon/salami/leftover meat/chicken, etcSalt, pepper, to tasteHot Chili peppers, my favorite.1 full tbsp of plain flour2 tbsp milkSkip the flour+milk if you don’t want2 egg yolks (skip if you don’t want)Shredded cheese, I choose Emmental cheese.Smear soft butter/margarine into ramekin/bowl/mini panDivide vegetable mixture into the […]

WTF: Egg Protein BBQ Chips by IPS – Good Junk Food? | FreakEating Weird Foods and Finds

and welcome back to everybody’s least favorite food review show finally todayis a gift from a company called IPS intelligent protein solutions. protein isprobably not the first thing that comes to mind is thinking about snackingI think there’s one of those companies was trying to change your mind by comingup with a quite ships were […]