February 21, 2020
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  • 8:52 am 10 Great Myths About Eating Meat * Bodybuilder Listen up – AFTER KETO REHAB (2020)
  • 7:53 pm Whistle Blowing Nutritionist Tells You What Diet Is Best For You (LIES EXPOSED)
  • 7:53 pm 아삭한 양파김치 만들기 | 다이어트 식단 | 하루 haroo diet recipes
  • 6:53 pm BIG FAMILY GROCERY HAUL with MASSIVE DEALS! Family of 10 ❤️
Best Of Teen Mom 2: Kailyn’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV

– I’m Kailyn. I’m a high school senior from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. – Wow, you look like a princess. – I am a princess, Kendra. When I was six months old, my dad left, and I haven’t seen him since. My mom’s always struggled to hold down a steady job, boyfriend, and home. If I had […]


– So this is like- – Hey! – Big wild hair don’t care, – Mama! – Toddler hollerin’, commitment to vlog this morning. – Mama! Sippy cup, that’s what is needed. Anyway, if I waited to start filming until my hair was done and I was ready for the day, then we just may not […]

🏘Large Family VACATION House Tour 🚐

– [Jamerrill] If you watch all of my vlogs you know I’ve been talking about us getting ready to go way over the river, over many rivers and through many woods and over many mountains, we are heading on a Stewart family big trip, big vacation this week, here we go. So many of our […]

🎂Happy Birthday Elise🎁
Bowling Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. I’m Jason Belmonte. Still the #1 bowler in the world Welcome to Bowling Trick Shots 2! This is the twin trust shot. No way! So anytime you do something cool when you’re over here in the states. YEWWWW YEWWWW Yeah, do that all the time. We got some catching […]

A Swedish weekend vlog,  #Sweden, English subtitle

One is Crispy chicken another one big King Give this one , just kidding Toby is cleaning our car Please look at the top, OHHH my gosh Welcome everyone to Mallu Routes TV I am Rin Jacob Today is weekend After I came from the office I was thinking of what to do for a […]

Healthy Eating with My Family

I’m so glad you could bring mama to see us, Alma. Wow, this looks like a healthy and delicious meal. I’m hungry! I brought some of my homemade tortillas, made with whole wheat flour. My favorite! Mine too. I’ve been trying to be more aware of serving sizes, but it’s not always easy. Wait, son, […]

What ‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Misses Most About The South | Southern Living

I do have a favorite Southern food, and maybe it’s not so Southern, but it’s squash casserole. Some people add Ritz crackers, some people add saltines. Now, I say either one. Make sure you ‘on’t forget the cheese. Bing! That was cute. (sighs) Growing up in Florida was so fun. We used to feed horses […]

Why Healthy Family Meal Plans? – Elaine De Santos – #Mealplanning

– Hi, I’m Elaine De Santos, founder and creator of Healthy Family Meal Plans. But really friends, I’m just a mom trying to feed my family healthier every day. And, I am a transformational nutrition coach, so I even know what’s healthy and what I should be feeding my family, but still, it can be […]

Meal Planning Hacks! | Kimmy from Millennial Moms