February 23, 2020
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Terres et mélanges de terres pour Bonsaï

Hello YouTube, this is Monsieur BonsaiToday we speak about soilsFirst soil for bonsaiAkadamaIt’s a Japanese clay soil , red-orange color,with a hard enough grain that is generally between 2 mm and 1 cm.The basic soil, is found in all garden centers.An easy base that meets many usesIt is used for flowers and plantsThe Keto is […]

Comment créer une Kokedama – Bonsaï

Hello Youtube! This is Monsieur BonsaïToday it’s about KokedamaFrom Japanese “Koke”=Moss“Dama” (Tama)=BallA Kokedama is a moss ballIt can stand alone, on a plateor suspended by a threadand can contain a plantlike a little tree or bonsaia grass or flowersIt is very easy to make and we will see how in this videoFirst of all: materialsYou […]