August 24, 2019
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  • 7:50 pm Cabbage
  • 6:53 pm Healthy Eating – Portion Control
  • 6:53 pm A Quick, Healthy Breakfast by Dana Drori, Model & Food Blogger | BTS Interview
  • 5:02 pm Keto and Cholesterol
A Quick, Healthy Breakfast by Dana Drori, Model & Food Blogger | BTS Interview

Kristen Van Nest: Hi! I’m Kristen, with FOREO, and I’m here with Dana, one of our models for our photoshoot.Dana Drori: Hi!Kristen: Thank you so much for coming and meeting with us today.Dana: Thank you for having me.Kristen: What are some recommendations you have for a good, easy breakfast?Because it’s so hard to get ready […]

Keto Resources–(The formula has been successfully applied 100% in the fat burning mode with keto)

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Indian weight loss meals PART 2- Wife Mom Boss

Hi everyone today’s video is about what my husband eats in a day to loose weight part2 just for your information he has lost 23 kgs recently. This is a typical day when heis in weight loss the video till end as towards end of video I’m going toprovide you 3 simple to use […]

Indian weight loss meals PART:1 – Wife Mom Boss

Hi everyone today’s video is about what my husband eats in a day to loose weight justfor your information he has lost 23 kgs.This is a typical day when he is in weight loss mode vs the maintain weight mode.If youlike this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel […]

CHICKEN BIRYANI RECIPE | Easy & SIMPLE | My Style | English Subtitles

Hello Friends. Welcome to MUNI’S KITCHEN Today, I am going to prepare Chicken BiryaniHope you LIKE the RecipeIf you are watching for the first time, then please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to MUNI’S KITCHEN Take a note on Ingredients:500gm Chicken, Ginger & Garlic Paste, Curd, Coriander Leaves Mint Leaves500gm Basmati RiceFried onionsWhole masalaBiryani MasalaI have taken […]

[低糖質]柔らか鶏の丸ごとネギ味噌マスタード炒め!Low carb green onion chicken

One huge green onion(Japanese leek)cutting a thin objectBon Appetite! ※just kiddingChicken thigh 250g (without skin)Cut to bite size・ 1tbsp cooking sake ・ 1tsp Grated garlicrub lightly(no soaking time)・ butter 10g Heated on high heatStir fry chicken thighs for 90 secondsStir fry green onion(Japanese leek) for 90 seconds・ Salt / black pepper(each lightly 4shake) ・ 1tbsp cooking […]

[低糖質]ピーマン激旨!レンジだけ胡麻マヨ無限棒棒鶏 Low carb shredded chicken

favorite silicone steamerChicken thigh 250g (without skin)・ Salt (each lightly 3shake) ・ 1 tbsp cooking sakerub a littlemicrowave for 4 minutes(600W)Fresh 4 green pepperTake the contents ※ Actually the contents are also deliciousStack four and cut thinSecond form Green pepper robotBoil for 50 seconds with a small amount of hot waterEveryone gathered!Shredded and put back […]

Grocery Shopping for ONE MONTH ❤️ LARGE FAMILY of Ten! \ Walmart HAUL 2019

– Hey, hey, hey, I am back with a ton of food.You know how this goes.My name is Jamerrill.If you’re new here, welcome.I guess I should welcome new people.This is a large family once a month grocery shopping haulbut it’s actually a lot lessthan what I usually spend in these hauls.I usually spend a few […]

[低糖質]アツアツ極旨!エッグオニオンスープグラタン!Low carb Soup gratin

2 boiled eggsCut with egg slicer ※ Even with a kitchen knife OK・ 1 small onion ・ 1 piece garlicPeel and thin slice ※ not throw away the skin of onionPut in a silicon steamer and microwave for 5 minutes(600W)Heat 10g of butter over medium heatStir in onion and garlic for 4 minutes on medium […]

Keto Fruits and Veggies (Allowed)

A list of healthy keto fruits and vegetables.Nowadays many people are looking to lose weightand get healthy.You can do this by eating low carb and lowsugar foods, or by following the ketogenic diet.Keto allows you to eat 20-30g of net carbsper day maximum.In today’s video we will share with you alist of the top 20 […]