April 1, 2020
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Burmese Chicken Khow Suey | Veg Khaosay – Spaghetti Coconut Milk Curry Recipe by Recipes Mix

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美味しさパーフェクツ!肉汁崩壊白だしチーズチキン🍖!Low carb Cheese chicken steak

Dinner tonight … Wait a minute! ・ Chicken thigh 300g Cool fork Cool fork Thoroughly stab the meat side ・ Salt / black pepper each 3shakes ・ Salt / black pepper each 3shakes ・ Knead with your fingers while praying for deliciousness ・ 1tbsp Shirodashi (white soy sauce with soup stock) ・ 1tbsp Shirodashi (white […]

Eat This Not That Part 2 | Healthy Food Swaps

so today I am back with another Eat This Not That video you guys loved my last one which I will link down below in case you haven’t seen it but these are all really great healthy swaps that you could make in your life to just be that much healthier if you’re new don’t […]

[SUB] No밀가루 No빵가루 에어프라이어 치즈돈까스 Low-carb Keto cheese cutlet schnitzel keto recipe 저탄수 키토제닉 다이어트

Winter has grown a keen interest in animals lately. I feel like having a low carb, cheese-filled pork schnitzel today. I won’t use any bread crumbs or flour. I used a fat-heavy pork, but it is actually easier to go with sirloin or tenderloin. Thin out the meat with a mallet to about 1/4 inch, […]

SUB) 이 맛에 이 칼로리 실화냐?! 다이어트 김밥 만들어먹기

(2019.11.03. Sunday) How to deliciously lose weight!!👏👏👏 Today’s menu is gimbap! *Korean sushi roll (Diet Gimbap) (By Yang Soobin) “Gimbap out of the blue? When you are on a diet?” …I see why you could think this way! (SRSLY) But today is a special day! Well then, let’s get right into it! LES GERRIT~~ 😎 […]

RECEPT ZA PUNJENE PAPRIKE SA MESOM – Stuffed peppers with meat

Hi, my name is Aleksandra and today we are going to prepare stuffed peppers with meat. Put 50 gr of butter to melt on medium heat. When the butter is melted add one grated carrot into the pan. Add a pinch of salt so the carrot softens quickly, cover and cook for 3 min. Add […]

Très délice que je n’ai pas trouvé le Titre ! 🤗

Hello very good this dish , for a dinner at a quick meal and surely easy to do. here is the recipe I will wait for your comments and do not forget to share. Thank you 150g fine semolina 250 flour Bakery yeast salt Warm milk (about 250ml) 3 spoon olive oil. Fresh thyme 2 […]

How To Plan For Healthy Meal(Eng Sub)1 Month List-Indian Curries(నెల రోజులకి సరిపడా పక్కా ప్లాన్)

after watching my recent recipes video,viewers requested me to share,how i plan for curries so in this video,i am sharing my plan with simple tips before showing my meal plan list,i want to say one thing clearly. i prepared this list,based on me and my family members taste so this video is just for an […]

Healthy Egg Muffin Cups (Great for Meal Prep!)

Hey, there. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef. And it’s that time again, it’s back to school, where we got to regroup after summer and really start prepping throughout the week to make it easier. So, I’ve partnered with Bob’s Red Mill to bring you delicious, healthy, egg muffin cups that are perfect for […]

Eng) #1. 간헐적단식 다이어트 브이로그🐷ㅣ3일 -2.5kgㅣ아침형인간의 먹방ㅣ직장인 급찐급빠 식단기록ㅣMukbang diet vlog

I’m really going to start my proper diet today! This is my first protein bar. It was sweet and delicious. I ate konyak dumplings and konyak Spicy ramen for lunch. The dumplings were delicious but the ramen was over-priced for its quantity. After lunch, I ate snacks at the broadcasting room. The ice cream bought […]