April 7, 2020
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Why You Should Try “Cook Once Eat Twice” Meal Prep | What We Ate Over a Weekend (Healthy Recipes)

I’d like to start off by saying that I’m a terrible cook. Despite that, we still prepare most of our meals at home, because we believe that cooking is still the best way to look after ourselves, in terms of choosing and understanding the food that goes into our bodies. But cooking can be quite […]

Daliya healthy breakfast meal |bodybuilding breakfast|doctor kitchen

1 bowl Porridge Cracked Wheat cooked with 3 whistle in Pressure cooker Honey Sugar 1 glass Milk Kishmish Chopped Cashew & Almond Make Masala Which is smashed 1spoon Fennel Seeds & 10 cardamom Saffron Oil Oil Kishmish Cashew & Almond Porridge Cracked Wheat 1glass Milk Stir continuously keep it Medium flame & Keep Stirring Add […]

Tips for Successful Meal Prepping to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is best achieved by simply planning meals in advance, that way healthy food is ready when you’re hungry. Almost any balanced meal you can make it home will be healthier than a typical fast food option. That said, there are an increasing number of healthy restaurants and takeout options available but it pays […]

The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives For Nutrition & Weight Loss | Dr. Nick Z

In this video I’ll uncover the eight worst breakfast foods and healthy alternatives for nutrition and weight loss. When you start your day off with things like a bagel – a huge carb load – essentially it leaves you with cravings all day. You don’t want to be starting your day off with inflammatory foods […]

Healthy $1 Breakfast Recipes – Easy Budget Meals with Vegan Options! – Mind over Munch

Welcome my Munchies! I’m Alyssia if you’re new to the channel. I am so happy to have you join us. A few weeks ago I shared some $1 dinner recipes and you guys seem stoked for a miniseries of affordable meals so we’re doing it and today it’s all about breakfast. All of the breakfasts […]

Easy Breakfast Healthy Tasty Bacon Eggs ASMR no talking relaxing cooking Keto diet recipe.

Super easy to make, You will need eggs, cheese, bacon, tortilla. Eggs 2 Salt and Black Pepper Bacon I use 2 slices you can use 1 or 2 Eggs Tortilla Bacon, Cheese put on the top of egg/tortilla Like, Subscribe, Share. Thank you so much for watching!

HEALTHY MEAL PREP! How To Meal Prep For The Week!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new my name is Liv and I make lots of healthy recipes healthy tips wellness and all that on this channel I’m all about natural living and like food as medicine and what food can do for you don’t forget to subscribe if you […]

EGG MUFFINS (3 WAYS) | healthy breakfast meal prep recipe

– I hope you guys are ready to kick off the new year with healthy food because I’ve got a ton of delicious new recipes for you. I definitely indulged in a wee bit too much chocolate over the holidays, which is fine, it’s the holidays. But, I’m excited to feel lighter, and more energized […]

How to Cook Healthy Food! 10 Breakfast Ideas,  Lunch Ideas & Snacks for School, Work!

In this video, I’ll show you ten quick and healthy breakfast and lunch ideas for school or work These recipes are perfect for days when you’re running late and you want to have something nutritious to eat and tasty on the go. Hey Mom! I’m good! I just got back from school and now I’m […]


hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe to see a lots more videos and follow on Instagram because I have lots of holiday giveaway that are going to be going up and two giveaways on right now but you don’t want to miss so the first thing […]