February 27, 2020
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Plant-Based Proteins

– Okay moving on, we want to talk about something that’s become more and more popular, plant based proteins. Today I’m learning about why choosing them at mealtime, can be a healthy addition to your diet. (upbeat music) I’m with chef Elizabeth Alfano, who is going to answer all the big questions about plant based […]


Hey guys Dre Delos Santos here and today I want to show you one of my favorite meals to make, beef stew simple very easy to make super healthy come here and look at the ingredients We have rosemary, thyme, potatoes carrots little bit of olive oil garlic, onions, tomato paste stew meat some chicken […]

Eating Healthy For One

Eating healthy is important, but sometimes it can be difficult to stick with it when you’re just cooking for yourself. (calm music) So today, I’m getting some great advice on how to avoid reaching for junk food, when preparing a meal for one. So today I am with Sara Haus. Now Sara, my mom used […]

Easy Overnight Oats 🌿 With Macros 🌿 Vegan Breakfast [CC]

Hi guys, it’s Lara. Thanks for watching and welcome back to my channel. Today I have for you a recipe for very simple overnight oats. If you are someone who enjoys cereal in the morning, this would be a lovely easy and nutritious breakfast . So if you want to know how I make them, […]

Choosing A Healthy Breakfast

for many of us growing up our parents always told us that breakfast is themost important meal of the day but more times than not today we skip breakfastso today’s healthy eats we’re going to break down why breakfast is so importantI am with Sara Haas Sara why is it important that we’re eating breakfastwell […]