February 27, 2020
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Carnivore Diet | Day 9 – TOILET ISSUES they don’t tell you about on the carnivore diet.

Okay its Day 9 of the Carnivore diet so I’ve managed 9 fulle food days of eating only meat after having been keto for almost two years. so it’s been quite interesting okay so yesterday was a really bad day I started off fine feeling okay but then by the end of the day I […]

Carnivore Diet Day 12 – Teeth Hygiene, Sleep and Energy on Keto versus Carnivory

okay so it’s day 12 of Carnivore diet. I’ve managed 12 days – anyways they have been quite interesting especially the last couple of days. So the last time I was mentioning the toilet issues so I had those for two nights. yeah for two nights didn’t have it last night so I’m kind of […]

How to Make the Best Keto Pancakes You’ll Ever Have | Easy Low-Carb Breakfast Recipe | Hip2Keto

Hey guys! Collin here with Hip2Keto.com and yes I’m totally sitting on mykitchen floor but I had to share that I’m sitting here about to enjoy deliciousketo pancakes and these are legit the easiest keto pancakes you will ever make.All you need is a blender. Literally, you put all the ingredients in a blender.You blend […]

Thai Red Curry | Low Carb Chicken Thai Curry KETO Recipe

I have the best Thai restaurant rightnext to my job and I love the chickenThai curry so I wanted to make a ketoversion so that way whenever I crave itI can make it without guilt if you likerecipe videos on my channel please givethis video a thumbs up and comment downbelow the next recipe that […]


today is gonna be the day they’ll melt the bad one hey all right now tell yousomehow gotta make the leanness happen hello squadies I Phil Mackenzie founder of the leansquadand today I’m gonna show you how to cook meal in under 30minutes that still tastes amazing here are the ingredients we’re gonna make itin […]