February 21, 2020
  • 7:53 pm Whistle Blowing Nutritionist Tells You What Diet Is Best For You (LIES EXPOSED)
  • 7:53 pm 아삭한 양파김치 만들기 | 다이어트 식단 | 하루 haroo diet recipes
  • 6:53 pm BIG FAMILY GROCERY HAUL with MASSIVE DEALS! Family of 10 ❤️
  • 6:53 pm [ENG] Roasted Lamb Shoulder / مشوي كتف الخروف – CookingWithAlia – Episode 454
  • 5:53 pm Zalmi by Fortitude – Pukhtoon Core | Peshawar Zalmi Official Anthem 2020 | HBLPSLV

(guitar music) – Okay friends, the sun is shinin’, Travis has a whole lotta kids in this car, Gabriel and I are gonna run into Sharp Shopper and snag all the deals we can, ’cause yeah, that’s what we’re here to do, and everyone else needs a bathroom break, so it’s like how quick can […]

One Week Aldi $150.63 Grocery Haul  +  Large Family Meal Plan | 5.16.16

– Hey friends, I am back with another one week large family grocery haul from Aldi, which I think might be my new favorite store in the world. And it’s a little dark in here, let me flip on another light switch, there we go. Got a little better light in there. So I’m going […]

😱I BOOKED THE WORST HOTEL ON THE INTERNET // Large Family Travel Vlog // Jamerrill Stewart

– [Jamerrill] I think I’m gonna call this vlog, mom books the worst hotel ever. – That sounds right. – And we still make the best of it. Good morning friends. It is day, oh what day are we? Let’s count the days of the week. I think today is day three. Yes, it’s day […]

Homeschool Family Trip to the Creation Museum +  ARK Encounter | Large Family Travels

– So we made it in basically this morning, it was like 12:30 or so, midnight by the time we made it to this hotel. We are now at a Homewood Suites by Hilton that’s just outside the Cincinnati area, the address is actually in Kentucky, we’re right over the line there. This hotel has […]


– So this is like- – Hey! – Big wild hair don’t care, – Mama! – Toddler hollerin’, commitment to vlog this morning. – Mama! Sippy cup, that’s what is needed. Anyway, if I waited to start filming until my hair was done and I was ready for the day, then we just may not […]

🏘Large Family VACATION House Tour 🚐

– [Jamerrill] If you watch all of my vlogs you know I’ve been talking about us getting ready to go way over the river, over many rivers and through many woods and over many mountains, we are heading on a Stewart family big trip, big vacation this week, here we go. So many of our […]

Homeschooling a Large Family | First Day Back | Nature Journaling + Read Alouds

– Good morning, friends. Oh, that light is just highlighting my fuzzy hair. So today is the first day of our brand new homeschool year. I set my alarm super early, I did hit snooze and add an extra hour, ’cause Benjamin and I were up a little extra in the middle of the night, […]

Large Family Instant Pot Beef Stew | Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

– Hello friends, it is a rainy but it’s not cold, we’ll just pretend it’s cold, but it is a rainy, drizzly weekend afternoon here and because fall is on it’s way, fall is here, by the time you see this, yes fall is here so I’m making a big hearty pot of large family, […]

🥕HEALTHY Big Family One Week MEAL PREP | Cheese🧀Sticks, VEGGIES, Berries, Eggs!

– Well, happy Sunday evening, friends. Travis and I are gonna sit down here in the kitchen and we are gonna do a large family meal prep for the week. We’re doing all kinds of fruits and veggies for snacks and salad and side dishes. Got us some pasture-raised cow, so a couple different roast […]

❤️ONCE A MONTH FREEZER MEALS | Dump & Go Crock Pot Meals, Healthy Casseroles, Easy Recipes!

– Hello, hello, welcome back again today friends. We are doing a whole bunch of freezer cooking. You know this song and dance. I am cooking up my brand new large family freezer meals pack eight, it’s going down. I’ve got some of the meat already cooking and prepping over there. We are gonna cook […]