August 24, 2019
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  • 5:02 pm Keto and Cholesterol
Keto and Cholesterol

It might be logical to think that a ketogenic diet, which is high in fat, must be high inbad cholesterol.But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.Plenty of modern scientific and nutritional research shows that high-fat, low-carb dietscan optimize cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.To understand the relationship between a keto diet […]

Just As Nature Intended | High-Fat Diet | Vinnie Tortorich

This is Dr. Jack Wolfson the paleo cardiologist, and welcome to another episode of the HealthyHeart Show.Today I am excited to have Vinnie Tortorich on my podcast.Vinnie has interviewed me for his, and we had such a great time and we’re so in alignment,I couldn’t wait to get him onto my show.Now, Vinnie is the […]

Co to keto, co to ketoza – nasze przemyślenia.

Welcome to our channel.Today’s episode will be aboutwhat is actually this ketogenic diet,a few words of explanation and ourunderstanding and view,of what is a ketogenic diet,check it out.Today, without Kinga, she was escape of this episode,so we’re starting.What is a ketogenic diet?The ketogenic diet is in my opinion a revolutionbecause it turns up upside down […]

Keto Day 8 | Meal Plan For Next Week

it’s breakfast hour wake up and smell happy friday guys the kids go to theirdad’s this weekend mommy’s going to a concert in Mississippi always jokesbecause it’s their dad’s weekend I can’t think but I think to myselfevery time I’m in a weekend to myself laughing y’all alright guys today’s vlogis going to be short […]

Axe The Bad Stuff And In With The Good | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey, it’s Dr. Jack Wolfson, the Paleo cardiologist, and I’m so honored today to have on the HealthyHeart Show, Dr. Josh Axe.And If you don’t know Dr. Josh Axe, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding out becauseDr. Axe is all over the place and for good reason.Because he is changing the face of health […]

How I Lost 60 pounds in less than 6 months… No exercise.

hey everybody good morning I’m Phillip Bridges and i’m gonna tell you how Ilost 60 pounds and six months without even exercising but let’s talk aboutwhen I started six months ago I was at to about two hundred and fifty poundsand I just really wasn’t happy with myself I was telling myself I was gonnalose […]

[Korean Food] KETO kimbap |low carbon recipe | diet recipes

Hello. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Stella’s recipe.If you are new to my channel, please don’t forget to press the subscribe button below to see more interesting recipesToday, we’re going to make a KETO kimbap.KETO is the new food trend that maximize the intake of fat and minimize the intake of carbonFor many people […]

5 Months On The Keto Diet: My Final Thoughts

– Hi there, Katherine here from,and today I am sharing my five months on a ketogenic dietand my final thoughts.(upbeat music)So, why did I go on a ketogenic diet in the first place?Well, this was because I was sickwith chronic fatigue syndrome.I started reading some chronic fatigue syndrome books,I, for some reason I didn’t […]

Low Carb Snacks that Aid Weight Loss – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chatedition I’m Violet and I’m Pat these videos are about articles that Patrickfinds online the reason we go over them is because we want to make sure that youhave the best quality information and so sometimes we see these articles worksit’s a he […]

Keto Day 7 | One Week Update + Quitting Keto??

welcome back this is gonna be day seven keto update and today I am going toweigh in and let you know what happened show you what my current body looks liketell you what my goals are and then give you the top ten reasons why I am goingto either quit or continue doing keto so […]