February 18, 2020
  • 4:53 pm What I Eat In A Day | Full Day of Eating Healthy Meals
  • 4:53 pm Sunny shares a quick, healthy meal using devices you can often bring into a residence hall.
  • 4:53 pm FAMILY MEAL with SEAFOOD
  • 4:52 pm 真っ先に食べ尽くされる絶品黒雲白肉はどうかな👀?(低糖質 Lowcarb) Excellent black shabu-shabu!
  • 4:52 pm Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Hey man welcome on this second episode about nutrition on wich we are gonna take a look to How to build your nutrition plan To reach your goals in building muscle and losing fat, in the first video of this serie i´ve introduced all types Of macronutrients as well as their caloric value , btw […]


Welcome to the wise eats podcast for more on this episode head over to wise – eats Comm slash episode 13. That’s where you’ll find the YouTube video Transcripts pictures recipe videos and more don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave a comment or question Also, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter […]

What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Jason Poston’s Balanced Breakfast

I hate it when it spills over because I don’t want to clean the damn microwave it’s because I use the almond milk the almond milk bubbles more see it’s just what’s up guys Jason Poston here we’re in my kitchen I want to show you guys one of my power breakfasts this little concoction […]

Plaisir & Diète – PANCAKES LOW CARB (Healthy) #recipe #recette #healthy

hello and welcome to enjoying and dieting in the same plateas you could see in the title of the video, we meet today to cook pancakeslow in carbohydrates and very simple to do as you can see herebecause there will not be many ingredients, moreover this pancakes are very healthy because Ido not use any […]

Intermittent Fasting – How Many Carbs A Day To Survive?

intermittent fasting how many carbs a day do you need to survive we hear allthe time how important carbohydrates are how you will get energy fromcarbohydrates how your brain can’t function without the glucose fromcarbohydrates but if that is true then how much do we actually have to have andwhere do they come from when […]

Calculating Net Carbs on Keto — Keeping it SIMPLE!

hey everybody Jodi Brown here and my twins are not wanting to sleep right nowbut I know they need a nap so I suppose they’re just gonna sit up and figure itout but I am getting a lot of questions about carbs versus net carbs how to readyour labels how to figure out how many […]

Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!Keto is the new word going around.It describes a diet in which you drastically limit carbohydrates,and let your body run on fats.The keto diet is making waves in the diet community these days. For many, it seems to offer lasting results, a stable, healthy […]

Keto Day 3 | What Are Macros?

hey guys welcome back to my day 3 Aikido update what’s happening here and why amI in front of my shoes it’s Sunday so it is um laundry homework and fix yourselfday I even tried to be a little extra for y’all and put on some lipstick umbut I have so much stuff to do […]

Meal Prep Mania: Crock-Pot & Instant Pot Recipes

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’sFriday and another rendition of Mealprep Mania! yeah I’m dancing today so it wasa short week this week it’s Friday andyou know Labor Day put us off a littlebit so I have two healthy recipes foryou this week they’re both easy peasyones in the crock-pot ones in theinstant […]

Week 4 on the Keto Diet – Keto vLog #4

this is week four of ketogenic diet forme this was actually a really reallygood week I spent the week doing timerestricted feeding timer started eatingwhat’s their nameintermittent fasting basically what Idid this entire week Monday throughtoday which is sunday the 29th I wouldnot eat so I all the food i ate wasbetween 11am and 7pm […]