January 19, 2020
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12 HEALTHY HABITS & TIPS | change your life + feel better long term

– It’s a little cold and gloomy outside today, so I thought it was the perfect time to make a cup of warm tea and chat about some healthy habits. One of the things I love about starting a new year is that we tend to be more introspective, so it’s a perfect time to […]

My EPIC Whole30 Morning Routine

(upbeat music) – Hey Munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new or if you’re not, I’m Alyssia and I’m so happy you’re here. I am doing Whole30 this month as I have done the last three years in January and I always love it because it reinvigorates my passion for prioritizing my health and […]

12 Healthy Breakfast Food Options

12 Healthy Breakfast Food OptionsBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so they say.After all, it’s designed to be the first meal you eat after waking up in the morning;in other words, when you have breakfast, you’re literally breaking your fast from the nightbefore.As for what’s supposed to go into a healthy […]

Morning Routine (10 DIY Ideas, Makeup, Healthy Recipes)

and so many of you said morning routine. So I thought : ‘ Why not!’ But you guys know how Ilove my DIYs so today I’m not just going to show you my typical weekend morning, but also10 epic DIY ideas that make my mornings happy and special. Breakfast recipes, DIY decorations,clothes, shoes, makeup, nail […]

My Morning Routine 2018! (A Parody…) Sketch – Mind Over Munch

Hey guys! A lot of you have been requesting this for a long time nowand I thought it would be fun to show you my morning routine!It’s nothing special, but I think it helps set me up for the day.So I like to start my day REALLY early…That way I have time to just mentally […]

Weekday Morning Routine & Keto Cake Recipe! [CC]

Good morning! As you know my health condition is episodic, so here’s my morning routine on a good day and on a bad dayMake sure you keep watching until the end to see my bad morning routineI’m woken every morning at 6.30am by Matilda, who is an early bird like me…but I’m also woken up […]