April 2, 2020
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Omad And Low Carb – Fasting Weight Loss (Day 321)

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and today is day 321 one of myfasting weight loss journey today’s title is Omad and low carb fasting weight lossokay so yesterday I did one meal a day and I’m gonna tell you to toconor mcgregor quotes i’m gonna tell you my Fitbit stats on which also includesmy […]

OMAD One Meal A Day Results – Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and today I’m gonna share my Omad alternate day fasting weight loss resultsfor day five okay so I completedmy 36 hour fast that’s a win I had a lot of stressyesterday and I realized yesterday I don’t do a well Restrepo town I do nothave a network of help […]

OMAD Fasting Results Day 4 – 2019 Weight Loss Journey

hi its Mika fasting weight loss and today is day four of my omad intermittent fasting diet planthat I’m doing for two weeks I’m doing OmadMonday through Friday and a 48 hour water fastover the weekend I am on a fasting weight loss journey I started at 273.2pounds and my goal weight is 183 pointtwo […]

Omad One Meal A Day Diet Results DAY 3 – Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019

hi it’s Mika fasting weight loss I am on a weight-loss journey to lose 90 poundsI started nine months ago at two seventy three point two my lowest weight was 201I did not have a structured plan and I went way back up yo-yoing all over theplace now I am focusing on consistency of the […]