February 28, 2020
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[생일 VLOG] 흥서방 생일파티하며 보내는 저녁

Husband Birthday D-1 I got the message that he’s going home Seaweed soup complete Dungeonness Crab also complete Coconut Chicken also finished I wore the birthday cap Prepared for today event It’s like one hundredth day I’ll turn the candles on with tiramisu cake Kale Avocado Salad The chicken legs are shaped like a heart […]

🎂Happy Birthday Elise🎁
Fried Mozzarella Puffs – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes , with fried mozzarella puffs that’s right people love bumpy food especially when it’s also crispy and produced by frying cheese which is exactly what we have here as I’m attempting to update and sophisticate the good old-fashioned fried mozzarella stick and not only are these tastier […]

Buffalo Chicken Wings in a Jar – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with buffalo chicken wings in a jar that’s right this amazing spread offers all the same things traditional buffalo chicken wings do accept the bones the messy frying and of course your drunk friends dripping sauce all over the place and as if that wasn’t enough […]

Baked Chicken Parmesan Dip – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with big chicken parmesan dip that’s right I love chicken parmesan and I love hot baked dips so it was only a matter of time before I eventually did a hot chicken parm dip which ended up coming out so amazingly delicious I would make this […]

Meatball-Stuffed Garlic Bread Sliders – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comma with meatball stuffed garlic bread sliders that’s right i’m going to show you a very simple technique for turning a plain old package of dinner rolls into a stellar slab of what are basically mini meatball subs and while I’m not sure exactly what occasion you’ll […]

Lemon Jalapeño Marinated Mussels – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with lemon and jalapeno marinated mussels that’s right there are a few things better than a big beautiful bowl of steaming mussels especially when paired with some crispy fries and maybe a nice cold beer and yet as amazing as that is it’s still only my […]

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao)  – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with steamed BBQ pork buns that’s right believe it or not this is what they come out looking like if you don’t know what you’re doing which is surprisingly similar to what they look like if you did so yes my love for steamed pork buns […]

Ideal Protein – Halloween Party Tips for Success

Halloween Message Halloween is Just One Night Tips for Phase I Eat Before You Go to the Party Bring What You Like to Drink Bring Your Snack Bar with You Alcohol does not work in Phase I It’s Not about the Number of Carbs Your Body Burns the Alcohol Immediately You can get Drunk, Black […]

Epic Slumber Party and Sleep Over Ideas for Teen Girls | Brooklyn and Bailey

*Music**Wohoooo*And today we’re gonna let y’all follow us around at the best sleepover ever!Because we’re hosting a sleepover for our friends,and y’all know that we are partnered with Beddy’s.We’re kinda doing a Princess Diaries-type sleepover.Cause you guys know in her sleepover she like had her friends bring mattresses and that stuff.But for our friends we […]