April 3, 2020
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Bold lines are definitely in—and that clearly shows in the calories and serving size. Such a fresh look. New information is listed, like potassium, Added Sugars—that’s something we just haven’t seen from them before. This latest piece from the House of FDA says so much. It’s speaking to me. I imagine this will be the […]

The Nutrition Facts label gets a makeover

These are your strongest features. So, I really brought them out. They say so much about you. You ready? Calories and serving size; so bold. You listed new information here, like potassium and Added Sugars. I’ll definitely turn heads at the grocery store. All right, who’s next? See what’s new…and what’s been updated. The new […]

Know your serving sizes on the new Nutrition Facts label

That large, bold font for serving size brought down the house. Talk about making a statement. Did you know that serving sizes are not a recommendation of how much to eat? They are actually based on the amount people typically eat and drink today. I didn’t know that. Tell me more! All of this info […]

Healthy Eating with My Family

I’m so glad you could bring mama to see us, Alma. Wow, this looks like a healthy and delicious meal. I’m hungry! I brought some of my homemade tortillas, made with whole wheat flour. My favorite! Mine too. I’ve been trying to be more aware of serving sizes, but it’s not always easy. Wait, son, […]

How to Create a Healthy Plate

What can you make your family for dinner that’s healthy and tastes good? You can follow the plate method! This healthy eating plan works for everybody, including people with diabetes. Indeed, making nutritious healthy meals will be a snap. What’s a healthy plate? It’s a way to control your serving sizes where you don’t have […]