April 4, 2020
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Signs You’re Eating Pre-Made Food At A Restaurant

Even at fine dining restaurants, serving pre-made food is a common practice most patrons are not aware of. So how can you know for sure your food was made before you ever sat down at your table? Here’s how to tell if the food you’re eating is fresh. You may be excited to see your […]

How to Eat Low Carb at a Restaurant | Healthy Alternatives When Eating Out

– Eating out can feel so scary when you’re on a weight loss journey. People feel like they can’t enjoy themselves or socialize when they’re losing weight because they won’t be able to find something that they can eat on the menu. I want to let you in on some healthy alternatives when you’re eating […]

Healthy Summer Recipes For Dinner 2019

What the heck is for dinner Welcome back to my channel I’m Jess if youre new here I film practicle and easy fitness tips every tuesday and thurrday so make sure you hit the sub button so you don’t miss any of my new videos No one wants to spend their summer cooking in the […]

[순대국밥먹방]🐷인천맛집❤ 중 술국 포장했어요~ 막걸리 안주로 딱  그냥 술술~취한다~

Where are you today? It was really delicious at Ewha Sundae for lunch today. Sun Country. In Ewha Sundae? Soongui-dong, Ewhasundae, it was completely bowled. Yes. Maybe you packed the sake soup? That’s right. I’m drinking and eating together. It’s a 52 year old traditional house Should I say the attached meat? There is broth. […]


today we’re meal prepping in the kitchen and I have five easy keto dinner recipes for you guys that are only gonna use beef we’re going to be using a chuck roast and some ground beef so let’s get started I’m sharing with you guys five easy keto dinner recipes that you can make using […]

6 Best Keto Diet Foods

You know what foods not to eat on a keto diet? Foods like bread, rice, pasta, sugar, and all those other carb-heavy foods. But what about the six best foods to eat on a keto diet? The list might surprise you. The list might surprise you. It might, if you’re surprised easily. If you’re surprised […]

🔴 EATING Bloveslife Low Carb Mukbang Challenge | Smoked Turkey Legs Budget Friendly Dinner

hi everybody welcome I don’t have my food sitting up today I don’t know should I sit my food up I think it’s to it I think it’s too late for all that hi everybody welcome welcome welcome to tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty tasty McBaine tasty my bang he heeds y’all good morning i’m […]

The Nutrition Facts label gets a makeover

These are your strongest features. So, I really brought them out. They say so much about you. You ready? Calories and serving size; so bold. You listed new information here, like potassium and Added Sugars. I’ll definitely turn heads at the grocery store. All right, who’s next? See what’s new…and what’s been updated. The new […]

Top 5 (Free) Strategies to BREAK the Keto Plateau!!

plateaus happen to everyone, every single person is going to experience a plateau at one point or another within their fat loss journey. So it’s just knowing that it’s coming, you’re in one… and making adjustments and making changes so that you can move out of that plateau. Okay so don’t continue doing the same […]

Keto Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs Recipe

nope I’m gonna count to three one two three hey guys in this video we’re gonna what nothing okay you’re good hey so what are we making today Karen okay so this is a combination of all good things this has got chocolate peanut butter and coconut and it’s a little more dense it’s a […]