August 24, 2019
  • 7:50 pm Cabbage
  • 6:53 pm Healthy Eating – Portion Control
  • 6:53 pm A Quick, Healthy Breakfast by Dana Drori, Model & Food Blogger | BTS Interview
  • 5:02 pm Keto and Cholesterol
  • 5:02 pm How to Prevent Alzheimer’s With Diet
Healthy Eating – Portion Control

Hi I’m Candy Cumming a Registered Dietician with Sharp Healthcare and today we’re goingto talk about portion control. Because it’s really hard to figure out how to set up aplate. I like to use my hands and a clock. Well, we want about 2 cups of vegetables onour plate, so that would be one fist […]

7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 5 | Workout #106 | Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyone, it’s really glad to see you again in today’s videoOmg, this has been the fifth day of the “Ultimate 7-day fat burning challenge” already!How excellent you are as you have consistently follow me till this fifth day alreadywhich means that there are only three days leftI just want to remind you that you […]

What Is Keto? Premium Health Insider

Hey guys! Welcome to Premium Health Insider!We work with the top health and wellness experts worldwide to bring you the most effectiveinsider hacks for your body to give you 80% of the results the only 20% of your effort.All right, so what is Keto? You may be asking yourself after you’ve heard that word thrown […]

8 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Know To Lose Weight

Hey there.I heard you’re looking to get in shape.While there are hundreds of fitness hacks available, a lot of them are bogus.Here are 8 weight loss myths you need to know.Is salt actually healthy?Is diet-soda as bad as people think?Does green tea really help you lose weight?We’re talking all of that AND more…But first, while […]

Metabolism & Nutrition, Part 2: Crash Course A&P #37

Here’s a couple of words you might find useful in the study of human metabolism.They also happen to be two words that I enjoy in general.Brunch. Buffet.I’d throw in “all you can eat,” but that’s kind of implied, and then it wouldbe six words, unless you hyphenate them. But still, brunch buffet!You’ve got eggs and […]

7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 1 | Workout #102 | Hana Giang Anh

Hi everyoneIt’s been really long since my last workout videoBut don’t worry, an abundance of workout video is coming up this June for youToday will be marked as the starting day of a whole new serieswhich is also the first one in 2018 from meand it’s called the “Ultimate 7-day belly fat burning challenge”In this […]

7 ngày siết mỡ bụng + thực đơn | Ngày 2 | Workout #103 | Hana Giang Anh

Hello everybodyWelcome to Hana Giang Anh’s channelI’m really glad to see you again on the second video in my “Ultimate 7-day fat burning challenge” How was your first day?Please let me know by commenting down belowWhether you got a sore abdomen, feel weary, got blood pressure lowered or even feel nothing at all after yesterday’s […]

A Beginner’s Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

Hey, hey, everybody.Shaun Hadsall here with Get Lean in 12, and inside this video,I’m going to talk about 1 of the most popular diet trendsgoing viral across the internet these days.And that is the ketogenic diet.So inside this video, I’m going to talkabout 4 different ketogenic diets thatcan help you lose more belly fat,and I’m […]


Figuring out how to lose belly fat is often the hardest part of weight loss for most people.In this video, we’ll uncover the best breakfast to lose weight and never worry about yourbelly fat again!But before we get to it, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.and make sure to hit the notification bell too.Belly […]

Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!

Keto Diet for Beginners – Top 12 Tips to Lose Weight Fast!Keto is the new word going around.It describes a diet in which you drastically limit carbohydrates,and let your body run on fats.The keto diet is making waves in the diet community these days. For many, it seems to offer lasting results, a stable, healthy […]