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Target Meal Prep for the Week! Easy Meal Prep Freezer Meals!

(upbeat music)
– Hey, munchies, welcome to the channel.
If you’re new, I’m Alyssia,
and I’m so excited you’re here.
I have done meal preps
from a few different stores in the past.
I have gotten so many requests
for Target, so here it is.
First, this video is not sponsored,
but I would love it if it were.
Now, I will say I don’t
actually shop at Target
for groceries, typically.
I shop at Target for everything else,
and I’m all too familiar
with the situation
where you go in to Target for one thing
and you leave with $200 worth of stuff
that I didn’t know I needed,
but I decided I couldn’t live without.
Typically, groceries are not those things,
but if I’m going to a Target
and I need a grocery item,
I’ll get it there for the convenience.
For the sake of this video,
it is a Target meal prep after all,
I wanted to make sure that I could get
all of the items at Target,
or else this wouldn’t be
very challenging or fun.
So everything you will
see was from Target,
other than my pantry items
like spices or staples that I already had.
I also tried to get a lot
of Target brand-name items,
like the Simply Balanced
or Market Pantry items,
to just see how much they really offer.
This meal prep is for two people
for the week for weekdays,
and it cost probably $75 to $80
to get all of this at Target
so it’s not the cheapest meal
prep you’ve ever seen me do,
but hey, it’s Target, and I
find that all of the groceries
cost like 20% more than
my regular grocery store.
Things like organic meat are
definitely gonna cost more,
but you could do it for
less if you weren’t as picky
on the quality of ingredients
as I was, or of course,
you could just shop for
somewhere else for the groceries.
Also, I have to acknowledge
that different locations
carry different items,
but online, you can see
what your store has.
For breakfast, I am sharing some
macadamia and apricot
fig breakfast cookies.
I know, why not make ’em
paleo for a challenge,
meaning no oats and no added sugar.
In my food processor, I combined a mix
of coconut flour and almond
flour, almond butter.
I do like that the only ingredient
in the Simply Balanced
almond butter is almonds.
As well as Market Pantry apricots,
which have no sugar added,
coconut shreds, which I got from Target,
but weren’t Target brand.
Applesauce, eggs, they
actually had a good deal
on organic eggs, $3.99 a carton.
Vanilla extract, baking
soda, cinnamon, and salt.
Blend for 30 to 60 seconds,
until it’s a thick, wet dough,
and then I added some chopped dried figs,
which were market pantry brand,
also with no added sugar,
and macadamia nuts.
Now, macadamias aren’t cheap,
but Target did sell a small
pack, which is all I needed.
I pulsed to integrate
just a couple of times,
and then I transferred the
dough with a cookie scoop
to a cookie sheet.
(upbeat music)
And pressed down slightly to flatten.
Into the oven they go until golden.
Okay, I gotta say,
these somehow taste like
oatmeal raisin cookies,
even though there are no oats or raisins.
They are sweet and salty,
but not like dessert.
Perfect for breakfast.
I also think that these are
really great a few days later,
stored in the fridge.
Lunch time!
Sometimes I just wanna keep it simple.
If I’m short on time, I
don’t feel like doing a ton
of cooking, and that’s
when I turn to sandwiches.
I have shown freezer sandwiches
in an old meal prep video,
but I’m bringin’ ’em
back, new and improved.
I’m using this gluten free
bread by Canyon Bakehouse.
Target sells it, but I’ve also seen it
at other grocery stores, and it’s actually
a decent gluten free
bread, coming from someone
who acknowledges that bread without gluten
is just not typically something
that tastes very good.
I have tried most gluten
free breads available,
and I actually wanted to ask,
do you want me to do a
video on store bought
gluten free breads, like
which are good or bad,
or healthy or not.
Let me know in the comments below.
I lay out my bread, and
assembly line style,
layer them up with pesto and mustard,
or you could use humus or another spread,
but not everything freezes well,
so be sure to check out my previous video
for a list, as well as
deli meat of choice.
It is hard to find a cleaner one at Target
that is affordable, but
they do have tons of options
that are more processed.
And then some sliced tomatoes, and cheese.
Now, typically, ya
don’t wanna add produce,
especially uncooked to a freezer sandwich,
but today we are grillin’ ’em up,
or we are pressin’ them
down, whichever you prefer.
If you wanna keep them as is, you can,
but skip the tomato.
I think the grill marks make
these sandwiches look nicer,
it makes them taste better,
and I could eat them cold or hot,
and they still have a lot of good flavor
after being frozen.
You could also store them as is,
and then save them to grill later.
– Typically I am guilty of
using plastic wraps and bags,
but I am trying my best
to get away from it.
Partially because I care about the earth,
and partially because I am
sick of holier than thou
people commenting on YouTube videos,
telling me that I am
terrible for using plastic.
But mostly because I care about the earth.
Don’t let them have the power.
I found an alternative,
two alternatives actually,
to share with you.
First are these bee’s wax sheets,
which are essentially a
plastic wrap alternative
that can be washed and
reused over and over again
for a year.
Neat, right?
Until someone comments telling
me how I’m killin’ the bees.
You cannot win, I swear.
But really, bees do rock.
These are not sponsored,
but I wish they were,
because, dang, these are not cheap.
Between the expensive Target groceries,
and these bee’s wax things,
I am gonna need a sponsored video soon,
or I’m gonna be out of money.
Anyway, these are pretty
pricey in my opinion,
but I guess they are
supposed to last a long time.
I will link them on Amazon
if you wanna check them out,
as well as the second non-plastic option,
these silicone sandwich bags.
Say what?
I think these are more up my alley,
they’re easier to clean,
and they can go in the dishwasher too.
Back to the food.
You can refrigerate the
sandwich, pressed or not,
as is, for two to three days,
or you can freeze for a few weeks
in your bee’s wax sheets,
or your silicone bags,
or of course, regular glass or plastic
reusable storage containers,
but for the love of gluten,
please do not use plastic wrap.
Seriously though, I do
just wanna take a second.
I get that plastic is
the devil for our planet,
and I agree that we should all try,
but also know that if
you are using plastic?
I’m not judging you.
Do the best you can.
Finding alternatives, like
these expensive sheets,
is a privilege, and anyone
who’s going around shaming
people for using plastic,
needs to seriously stop,
and check their privilege card.
Oh, she’s so sassy today!
Please don’t thumbs down.
I swear we are actually going
to finish this meal now.
In addition to sandwiches for lunch,
I have got salad, and I am meal
prepping it as a bulk salad.
I’m gonna show you how to keep it fresh.
First, I’ve got a bag of
Kale that I add to a bowl,
and a mixed pre-made Kale salad.
Now I am skippin’ the dressing mixture,
because we know that most of the time they
are not prime fuel,
but for Kale, it will
last better for meal prep
than romaine, and it’s nice
to have some other colors
and textures from the salad mix too.
I also add in some cherry tomatoes,
I toss the salad together,
and store it in a large bowl,
with a paper towel draped on top,
so the moisture doesn’t
settle on the leaves,
which will help keep
it from getting soggy.
Cover with plastic wrap,
or those bee’s wax thingies, and store.
Now, to be honest, these wax things
aren’t holding as well on the bowl.
I sort of got it to work
by crimping a long time
around the edges, but
I’m probably not gonna
be able to keep it like
that all week, we’ll see!
Anyway, now the salad is ready,
and throughout the week,
you can pack your lunch,
and take what you want.
I also got this lemon
basil dressing from Target.
It is hard to find a semi clean dressing,
but this one is good enough.
I store it in little containers,
and also pack some cherries
which are in season,
and were on sale, as
well as some boiled eggs.
I just boiled the rest of the eggs
from the organic carton.
That’s lunch!
I have my components
prepped, and then I can just
throw it together during the week.
It is also nice that if I
do end up going out to eat,
or have a work lunch or something,
I can just keep theses sandwiches frozen
and save them for later,
and they won’t go bad.
It’s good to meal prep
with flexibility in mind.
Okay, dinner time, finally!
First, I have got some adorable
mini personal loaf lasagnas.
For the filling, I cook
up some diced onion,
and add my ground beef.
I got this organic ground beef at Target,
and it was actually affordable
compared to other options.
When it’s cooked, I stir
in some marinara sauce.
This Simply Balanced one
has no added sugar, score!
And, add salt to taste.
Separately, I mix some ricotta,
and egg, now get this,
cooked cauliflower rice.
Say what?
This is the Simply Balanced version.
The only ingredients are
cauliflower and salt.
You are not even gonna know
it is mixed in to that ricotta mixture.
Yeah, for sneaky veggies!
I am also covering it
up with some parmasan,
some parsley, and some salt and pepper.
Okay, we are almost ready to layer,
but first I gotta handle
these oven ready noodles.
How do ya get a big noodle
to fit in to a small dish?
Well, you could just take
your chances and break ’em,
but often, they will shatter.
So here’s what you do.
Soak them in warm water just
until they soften enough
to cut with sheers, about
10 to 15 minutes is plenty.
Then you can make them any size you need.
Save the smaller pieces to puzzle together
because you totally
won’t see it by the end
of the assembly.
Also, as a heads’ up,
these were not gluten free,
but apparently Target does
carry a gluten free variety,
but they were out when I went, figures.
Now I can layer in the
meat sauce, noodles,
ricotta mixture, and a layer of spinach,
I was able to get through
another layer of the meat sauce,
noodles, and ricotta, and
then topped it off with
more sauce, and of course, mozzarella.
It doesn’t really matter
how ya layer them,
as long as ya end up with cheese!
And I used mini loaves,
but you can also use
whatever little individual
containers you have,
or make a regular size lasagna.
Okay, so you can cover these up,
and save for these for
three days in the fridge,
or if you need longer
for prepping purposes,
you can freeze them and then thaw them out
the day before you bake.
I also prepped some
brussel sprouts in jars,
so they’re ready to just
easily roast them up,
and have as a side to
my personal pan lasagna.
When you’re ready to make
dinner, toss the veggies
with oil, salt and
pepper, or any seasonings
you’d like, and in to the
oven they go for about
20 minutes with the
lasagnas covered in foil,
followed by 10 minutes uncovered,
and those veggies can just
be right there next to them.
So easy, and that is a
nice fresh cooked meal.
Meal prepping does not have
to taste like leftovers.
I teach a lot of these
tips, concepts, and hacks in
my two courses.
One is all about meal prep.
It is called Meal Prep Ignite.
Info is at,
and we are about to unveil a new feature
that will actually generate
your grocery list for you,
and make meal planning so easy.
Check it out, and the
other course is all about
finding confidence in the
kitchen, Kitchen Confidence.
Both are currently closed for enrollment,
but I will link them below,
if you wanna put yourself
on the list to be notified
about when they open back up again.
I have one more dinner.
A slow cooker cilantro lime chicken.
I am also prepping this one on Sunday,
but I’m going to cook it later in the week
for a fresh meal.
I am not huge on leftovers,
but that doesn’t have to
stop me from meal prepping,
and it doesn’t mean that I have to eat
the same thing everyday.
It is all about learning how.
Into a freezer safe bag,
I add boneless, skinless chicken breast.
This was the priciest
item I got at Target.
It’s organic, but it was
almost nine dollars a pound.
If you don’t get organic,
it’s obviously going
to be more affordable.
I also add some bell peppers.
Target sells a nice mix,
as well as some zucchini,
red onion, frozen corn,
and canned black beans,
which are other affordable
staples from Target,
as well as garlic, broth,
cilantro, and lime juice,
also from Target, cumin,
and salt and pepper.
The bag gets stored as
is for up to three days
in the fridge, or a month in the freezer.
When you wanna enjoy, just
dump it in to the slow cooker,
and head off to work.
Come home to dinner and a
delicious smelling house.
This recipe is also from my sheet pan
and slow cooker ebook.
It contains tons of full
balanced meal recipes
that are great for busy
weeknights or meal prepping.
I actually explain how
to meal prep each meal
properly in the book,
and all of the recipes
are gluten free and dairy free.
Check it out at
and you can us the code
TARGET for 10% off any
ebook or package of your
choice this week only.
For this cilantro lime chicken,
you can serve it as is.
You have healthy protein,
veggies, and carbs
in this one meal, but you
can also serve it over
rice, or with tortillas.
It’s savory and filling, and
I love that you can just eat
it as is, and feel satisfied without
a ton of other components to prepare.
For snacks, in addition to the cherries
and boiled eggs from lunch,
I got some trail mix and fruit snacks.
Target has a huge selection
of gorgeous trail mixes,
but dang, they are not cheap.
This trail mix was about 30%
bigger for half the price.
Yes, it includes M&Ms,
yes, M&Ms are chocolate,
and yes it is possible
to be healthy and still
eat M&M trail mix sometimes.
You gotta find what works for you.
I also got some of these
fruit and vegetable snacks
from Target, Simply Balanced brand.
There’s actually no added
sugar, so it’s all coming
from the fruit juice concentrate,
which is definitely preferred.
And I guess it’s a bonus
that there are some veggies.
Does it count as veggies?
Does it make me feel better?
That counts, right?
And that is my Target
meal prep for the week.
It wasn’t the cheapest,
but the point isn’t
for you to recreate it.
It’s to give you some
inspiration and ideas
so you can take what you want
and leave what you don’t.
I am not telling you to shop
at Target for groceries,
but I am showing you that you can,
and you can get a lot of stuff,
because they do have a variety,
if you’re willing to pay.
If you have any other stores
that you want me to do
a meal prep challenge for, share
them in the comments below,
and let me know about that
gluten free bread episode too.
I appreciate you being here,
and accepting my sass today.
I will see you next week, and remember,
it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

Randall Smitham



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