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Tasty Solutions for Diabetes Dinner Menu part 4

[MUSIC PLAYING] – One of the biggest challenges
I hear from my patients is what desserts can I eat? So tell us what
you’re making here. – Well, we’ve created
a berry trifle. – A very or a berry? – [CHUCKLES] A
creamy, berry trifle. – Berry, OK. – And it’s a wonderful
dessert that you can fix throughout the year. It’s wonderful in the
spring, cool and refreshing in the summer. It’s got lots of
flavor, it’s creamy, and it really is satisfying. – You said creamy already. – Creamy. Creamy again. – So let’s get started. – OK. Well, first of all,
we’re going to start– the base of the recipe
is angel food cake. So it’s quick and easy– just buy one that’s
prepared at the store. – It’s lower carb and has
a little more protein. – Yeah it’s– – Because of the egg whites. – Then we also are going to team
that with the nondairy topping. – Go team! – [LAUGHS] – And the nondairy topping– two tablespoons a day is
considered a free food by the American
Diabetes Association. – Along with that,
we add strawberries– fresh strawberries. There’s about two cups. And then some fresh
blueberries and boysenberries. – And those are the
cheerleaders for the team. – There You go. The filling for this trifle
is sugar-free pudding. – Instant pudding, right? – Yeah, it’s an instant
sugar-free pudding, and today we’re going to use
vanilla– the flavor vanilla. And we’re going to add a
little bit more flavor to it with an almond extract. All right, so first
thing we’re going to do is we’re going to do
two cups of skim milk. And we’ll go ahead and
get the mixer started, because we want to make
sure that it’s moving as we add our sugar-free pudding. OK, you can probably turn
it up just a little bit. Here we go. And you can put it on
high– probably for at least a minute of two. Maybe not that high. OK. So now we’re just going to
add a teaspoon of extract. And I’ve picked
today almond, which is going to give your vanilla
pudding a different type of a cream flavor. So now we’re going to build it. – OK. – Are you ready? – Yeah. – OK. I’ve selected a– this is just
a small holiday punch bowl that I use as a trifle dish. So there’s a lot of different
types of bowls you can use. You can just use a regular bowl
that you can’t see through, but if you have a glass bowl– this is a beautiful dessert. – It probably makes it look
like you spent a lot of time. – Yes, absolutely. We’re going to start
with angel food cake. We’ve cubed it so we’re going to
put that all across the bottom. – OK. – OK. Just probably about
a third of it. And now we’ll do a little cream. – And you just
speckle it on there? – Yeah, sure. – Probably on the edges
so you can see it. – Yeah, a little bit
around the edges. – Oh, sorry, I
didn’t make it right. I’m sure– – That’s fine. That’s fine. You cannot mess up this dessert. And then, of course,
we’ll use our Cool Whip and we can put a layer of that. And then we’re
going to put fruit. We’ll start with the– yeah, that looks great. – I love Cool Whip. – Well, it’s nice
because you don’t have to worry about the
amounts that you use, so this is a good
one for this recipe. – What I usually tell
patients too is– when you’re having
pancakes, instead of syrup use some Cool Whip on top. – Oh, there you go. – Mix in a little
bit of strawberries. – Sure. OK, so let’s go ahead
and we’ll put some fruit. And I like to put it
around the edges first– only because that’s
really what you’ll see. – How come you get
to do the fun stuff? – Well, here, you can do that. – All right. OK. Now, all right, we’ve got
a good little layer there. Let’s put some more of
our angel food cake. As you can see, it
really is light. But that creamy
center just makes you feel like you’re having
something extra special. Well, there you have it–
the cream berry trifle! Isn’t that beautiful? – It is. And it contains–
for about 3/4 cup it contains about 140 calories,
with about 22 grams of carbs. – The perfect dessert
for family and friends. [MUSIC PLAYING] For more fun recipes,
expert advice on diabetes, or to order a copy
of this program, visit our website site at – Well, today we prepared some
really great dinner recipes, starting with our
red pepper tostada. – Right, and it has about 300
calories with about 15 grams of carbohydrates. – And then we paired that
with an unusual salad of interesting flavors– our berry spinach salad
that has some red onions and some strawberries. – Purple onions. I still think they look
like purple onions. – And then, of
course, we finished up with our luscious berry trifle. – Right, and this is a
little over 3/4 of a cup, because Kelley would not stop. – This is a Kelley
serving is what this is. – Not a Lola serving. The overall calories
is about 600 calories with about 50 grams
of carbohydrates. – So we invite everyone
to just take your time and enjoy and prepare wonderful
dinner recipes that are healthy and work for you. – Right, and Kelley,
don’t forget– stay active to help
manage your diabetes. – That’s right. [MUSIC PLAYING] The preceding was a production
of New Mexico State University. The views and opinions in this
program are those of the author and do not necessarily
represent the views and opinions of the NMSU Board of Regents.

Randall Smitham



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