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– Took my eye off it. Look (laughing) (logo whooshing)
(fanfare music) (logo popping) Hello buddy, little known fact about me, I used to be an actual
girl scout in America. On my honour, I will try to
serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the girl scout law. Yes, I spent four summers of my life, in fact, two with Mrs. Barry, over in America, in Massachusetts,
working on a summer camp. And that was where I
first discovered s’mores. We love s’mores so much, we
actually had them at the wedding and all the British people were like “What are these things.” They’re getting more and
more popular here these days, but today a very popular
playlist I do, Barry Tries, the series in which I
tries, have a Barathon. If you have not seen them already, start after you’ve finished
this video, all right? We are doing some s’more
eclairs from Tasty. You guys like me doing the Tasty ones, I’m very excited about this one. There’s eclairs, but they’re
rammed with marshmallow fluff. There’s a s’more vibe going on. Instead of graham crackers, which is what you use in America, I’m
using digestive biscuits. Little bit of (mumbling) British twist, but these look sensational. And for me, they bring back a little bit of that girl scout vibe. In fact, there’s actually a whole playlist I could do on girl scout cookies. They do peppermint patties, and Samoa, is it Samoa? I don’t know what they’re
called, it was about a billion years ago and
I was absolutely ripped. Check this picture out, that was me. Can you believe it? I knew I look a lot more healthier now, but yeah I was basically
swimming seven days a week. An actual true story that
happened on the summer camp, we saved a bloke that fell on a rope swing and cracked his head open,
which is an amazing start to a recipe video. Right, we are gonna make these eclairs. I love eclairs because they’re
kinda challenging, yeah? But the challenge is worth it. Just punched myself in the face, worth it. All right, first things
first, if you are using graham crackers, you’re being authentic, you would use these now, but
being the British guy I am and to actual import graham
crackers costs a lot of money. (blending whirring) Oh crumbs. Here’s some plain flour and the crumbs. So mixing that in a little bit more. There we go. So, like I say, in there
we’ve got our plain flour. So you wouldn’t normally
put biscuit crumbs in with the batter we’re gonna use
to make the eclairs, okay? Normally in a s’more, the biscuit, or the graham cracker,
is what fuses together a toasted marshmallow and the chocolate. It actually helps to melt the chocolate and you get a gooey marshmallow sandwich. (gasps) Shall I just make those? Okay so we’re basically
making a choux dough, okay? This is some butter, now the Tasty recipe calls to use unsalted
butter, and then salt. I’m just using salted butter. I do that a lot actually. It also says to cube it,
but I can’t be bothered because it’s going to melt anyway. But we’re gonna add in some water, and we basically just let this melt and just start to simmer, okay? Cool. All right, that’s started
to go there quite nicely, but what we’ll do in a
minute is actually add in these crumbs and you
normally add the flour, and that’s to actually cook the flour. I never knew that, I never
knew you had to cook flour. Medium-rare flour isn’t good. So I’m taking this off the heat now, although, it’s still gonna have the residual heat from the hob, and this is basically
gonna kill the party. It’s gonna absorb all of
that butter and water. I’m gonna mix it together,
it’s gonna get clumpy, the biscuits are gonna be like what the heck am I doing in here? I’m not normally in here. That’s because you’re
part of a s’more eclair. Okay, you see now how
that’s bonding together just like a dough? That is what we want. All right, we’ll stick
that down for five minutes just to let it cool down a little bit, and then it choux’d be okay to proceed. Yeah, the reason we really
want it to cool down is, if you can imagine,
if we add the eggs into it being hot there and we
start to mix it around, it’s actually gonna basically make scrambled eggs, or
an omelette, in your pan. So we add the eggs gradually, so that they slowly incorporate into the mixture. And from memory, they normally
take a little bit of a while, you think this egg isn’t
gonna join, we’ll find out. All right, so we’re gonna
do one egg at a time, and that is a good start,
look at that (laughs). And no pun intended because we’re using the drumstick wooden spoon, we are gonna beat it in like that. And like I say, at first
it is gonna look like it doesn’t wanna be part of it. Look how wet that’s made it. But in a minute it’ll come together. (upbeat music) all right, cool. So that’s slowly introducing the egg. (fast forward whirring) (egg cracking) (upbeat music) (egg cracking) (upbeat music) You see, now that is
suddenly got thicker again, but just enough to pipe it. Right, grab your, excuse me, I’m trying
to do a cooking video. Mrs. Barry is going out for
the day, what just happened? – Oh (laughing), so we were halfway to where we wanted to be,
and then my mom’s tyre was making a noise and
she had a big bolt in it, so we’ve come back to get my car. – Had a bit of a break down. Do you remember the girl scout promise? – I promise to do my best to, no. – On my honour, I will try. – I will try. – To serve God, and my country, the rest? – That’s it, that’s all I’ve got. – All right, best girl scout ever. Right then, we’re gonna dangle, this is a little hack for you, get yourself a glass, put
your piping bag in there, in fact, I didn’t know
this hack, one of you guys taught me this years ago and now I’m like yeah I kinda know this
thing, it’s just my life. Yeah, so you see how you
kinda get an opening there? And I’m actually gonna
use a spatula this time, because it’s a little bit more flexible than the wooden spoon,
to help just encourage, I like that word,
encourage the choux dough, hey there it is, into the piping bag. Well I’ve got a little bit left, but that’s gonna be more than enough. Can I eat that? I’ve just got my nozzle on and look, it wants to escape, it’s
coming out that side as well, but I’m just gonna go with it. Doo, doo, doo. Doo, doo, doo. Oh my gosh (laughing), I
need to change my piping bag. What the heck? (air whooshing) Okay, I’m not even gonna explain what the last 10 minutes
of my life has been like, but let’s just say that this guy just had a brilliant view of it. Right, here. Leave it a little bit
longer, it gets nice and fat. Boom.
(popping) Can you see a little
bump sticking up there? That is where you get a
little bit of water, and dab. No. I’m really, really happy with that. Now, there’s one thing that I’m gonna do that I’ve learnt from
another choux pastry video I did ages ago, is if you
flick a little bit of water on the tray, not too
much, because the oven is so hot, initially,
it’s gonna help to steam the choux pastry even
more, it’s gonna help it. But please try not to get
any on the dough itself, on top of it particularly. I’ve never done this before,
but the recipe is telling me to brush some beaten egg on top. So obviously that tends to give something a nice golden colour, so
these should look amazing. Our choux dough is ready to go. All right, so it’s a
hot oven first of all. Okay, that’s going in at
about 10 minutes first of all, in the very hot heat,
then we’ll lower it down. The first rule, a bit like “Fight Club”, the first rule of fight club,
no one talks about fight club, the first rule of choux pastry cooking, you don’t open the oven. Otherwise you end up
with saggy choux, yeah. Maybe that’s where the name came from. If it does fail and go saggy, you could then line your
shoes with actual choux. No, just make it work. (air whooshing) Okay, so hopefully you can see down there, they have enlarged massively. Do not open the oven, lower
it by about 40 degrees. And we leave it again for 15 minutes. This is gonna start to
help it hold it’s shape, and dry it out a little bit. Critical again, please,
please, do not open your oven. Thank you. You can’t see it too well, but very, very, very happy with those. Can you hear the oven? (oven beeping) It’s time. Oh wow, these look amazing. Wow, I love the colour. It’s slightly golden, but there’s a sort of
brownyness to it as well. Now, there’s another
thing we need to do to get the bit of moisture that
can still be inside there, and actually still make them go saggy. Trust me, I’ve learnt in the
past from making eclairs, you don’t want to fail at this stage. All right, so what I’m gonna
do is take an eclair, like so, and a sharp knife, and
literally, ah it’s hot still, just put a little hole in it like that. You can do a cross if you want. Just really a vent. I mean that will help, yeah a cross, because then we can pipe it
from the bottom in a bit. Leave it on your wire rack like this, facing up, so the steam can escape. And do that to all of them, like this. (finger snapping) Got a little bit excited
with that one actually, but yeah it doesn’t matter because once these have cooled down, we’re gonna have these big pockets to fill up with our marshmallow. So we can inject that in there to go with our biscuit-infused choux. Yeah. Just while they’re
finishing off cooling down, we might as well do the chocolate ganache because we can reheat this at any stage. So in the background there
I’ve got the dark chocolate, and we’ve got the double cream here, which is sometimes called heavy cream. So we’ll warm this up, and it’s the warmth of this
that will melt the chocolate. (microwave door banging)
(microwave beeping) So about a minute in there
just to get it nice and hot, then we’ll literally
dunk the chocolate in. (microwave beeping) all right, slide in the chocolate and let the cream do all the work. (relaxing music)
(fast forward whirring) There we go, a nice chocolate ganache. Last up, then, the marshmallow fluff. Now this is sticky and
horrible, bloomin tasty. Look, look, look, look, make
sure you get the lid off, because if you do, make sure there’s no traces of foil or anything like that, you’ll get an indoor fireworks display. If you get it all off,
you can microwave this and it becomes much more pourable. Just also gotta make sure, you
know how marshmallow expands? If you warm it too much,
it will just spill out like the marshmallow
guy from “Ghostbusters.” (beeping) (laughing) Yes, I took my eye off it, look. All right, that’s what happens. Ah, ah, ah. Look, see how manoeuvrable it is? Ow. Oh yeah. Of course, what you’re gonna have to do is let it cool down, but getting this out is an absolute nightmare. And instead, it’s now in our piping bag. Once it’s cooled, we can fill our eclairs. (air whooshing) all right, so now to show you. We’ve got the cross in there, my piping bag, push my nozzle in. Dunno if you can hear that, it’s filling it up with the fluff. Oh. It’s actually raising the pastry. This is so messy, probably
because of the way I put it in there, but just wipe it clean and you’re filled with mallows. Okay, so here’s some that I’ve piped. All we’re gonna do now, the
ganache is still warmed, we’re gonna sit it in just
so it coats it a little bit. Lift it up, shakey,
shakey, shake, see that? (sighing) Yeah. I really like the idea of
putting the biscuit crumbs in with the marshmallow as well actually. I mean, maybe you could try that. This is it, we’re on
the home straight now. Look at that, you have
earned this moment, folks. Take as long as you like. If the ganache is a little warm, you might get some dribble on it. That’s fine, it’s up to you. It will set on there, and look gorgeous. Okay, this is how you
pimp one of these eclairs. You sit some marshmallows, which
you’d normally be toasting, into the ganache. Almost looks like a little
Titanic now, doesn’t it? Chef’s blow torch. (blow torch whooshing) Toast the marshmallows
on top, look at that. And then to finish it, a sprinkle of those whizzed up biscuit crumbs. How cool does that look? (American national anthem) I’m so tempted to eat
all of those, I’m not. I’m gonna be a good boy, here we go. I quite like it how the marshmallow, if you leave it sticking out like that, actually stays to your plate. You could probably tip it over your head, I’m not gonna do that. Oh my gosh. Look at that marshmallow
inside it, it is so naughty. There’s kinda like a deceptive
lightness to eclairs, where you’re like yeah,
that’s quite light, I think I’ll eat six more. And I really, really want to, wow. This isn’t my recipe, this
is Barry Tries playlist, but hopefully I’ve inspired
you to give it a go. Do check out the Tasty
website for the full thing. I’ll do my own write-up
in my own words, but. (sighing) The ganache as well, and
the toasted marshmallows just bring through this sort of scent, this sort of honesty, where
you’re like life is good. So there we go, another
Barry Tries in the bag. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the playlist if you wish. During the making of this video, I’ve already been sent a
suggestion for an Alton Brown one, so that will probably come soon. Don’t forget to subscribe
for regular videos, and if you try any of my recipes, or even wanna show off your cooking to me, take a picture, share it
with me, I’ll have a look. I like to see that. Cheers then, bye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee ♪ ♪ Maybe all three ♪ My sister’s just come round,
and she’s scoffing an eclair. “I haven’t got any makeup on Barry, “don’t show me, oh my gosh.” Bye (laughing). But, my nephews are here. Go on boys, scoff down.
– Hello. – [Barry] Have a go, and your dog, this is their new dog, Loki. Hello, hello. Nice nose. Any good? I want a one word to describe
it, from both of you. Ready? Jack, do you wanna go first? – Fantastic. – Bonkers. – [Barry] Bonkers? Just like the video I did with you, oh you’ve got some on your nose. (laughing) Cheers, guys. All right, I’ll do a really far out. Were they nice? – Amazing. – Thank you, Charlene. She basically looks
like me with long hair, just in case you wondered.

Randall Smitham