January 17, 2020
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can’t do this right without my friend
look at that okay here we go ready okay yeah yeah it
does okay um I’ll show you how it’s done ah okay well you don’t have as much
stuff in yours I do I’ve got Turkey and mine ah Thanksgiving a time for us people in
America they get together have fun be grateful and celebrate our history by
eating a lot of good food but there’s a problem
after Thanksgiving after everyone’s gone home there’s just so much food left over
what are you doing this day on the herd libraries showing you exactly what to do
today we are doing the leftover Thanksgiving smoothie challenge Wow stay
tuned guys cuz this is gonna it’s definitely gonna be interesting if you
didn’t see our previous video which was be baby food smoothie challenge oh my
gosh that was a so bad go check that out because it was definitely check out
that key it was oh just thinking about it makes me okay we want to say another
awesome Instagram shout-out this one goes to Kenzie nickel you wanna find out
how to get a little shout out go to the description guys there’ll be a link to
show you just how written all right so in order to do this challenge it’s going
to be very simple we have math nine different items here all different
things you have at Thanksgiving such as desserts on a pumpkin pie or like here
your standard turkey so what we’re gonna be doing is pretty simple what we’re
gonna do is our wonderful father who sits behind the camera is going to give
us any of these food items and he’s going to ask us what we think the price
is we’ve got our paper and markers here we’re gonna write down what we think the
price is now here’s how this is gonna work so let’s say the price is $5 if I
guess like 490 and she guesses like 485 I would be the closest which means I
don’t have to put any on my plate or in the cup but she would
have to because she was farther away from it and oh there are over half yes
and it will automatically over it you have to put it in either way so I mean
if we were bowled over we would both have to put it in which you know this is
gonna get really interesting and like I said there’s night items if you guys do
enjoy this at the end make sure to leave a like and let’s get right to this
alright so dad what is the first little food item so your first item is a ten
pound turkey a ten pound turkey okay here’s the problem you know what I
bought stores sell things at different prices so let’s hope the average cost is
okay yes perfect okay there we go I’m gonna keep it
simple and we reveal Bob dollars Bob Dulles yeah we’re not doing euros don’t
785 nope Ashley’s the closest what and sound
turkey is $12.30 what that’s an expensive turkey Oh does that mean have
to put Turkey in the cup yep okay well I I feel lucky because I like turkeys only there we go yes there we go did I put
all of it in or just a bit okay so your next one is how much does a bag of 5
pounds of potatoes cost five pounds of potatoes a lot of potato five pounds
like just regular potatoes potatoes um i’ma say dollar sign boom
okay I got mine got mind you all right Ready Set reveal boy dollars it happens
so Evan you are over no actually you are over five pound bag potatoes cost two
dollars and 79 cents oh wait what did you get what did you guys okay so both
are you gonna put some potatoes in your studio okay all right here we go
okay I’m gonna yeah here we go let’s just get like big chunks of potatoes
there there we go no only if you get a gravy where are we going okay you get a
little bit more in there I’m gonna work hard
oh there we go all right next one what’s the next one
so the next one is how much does a box of stuffing cost box of stuffing here we
go I do not make a good dollars all right $6.50 $2 so you were both over
what a box is stuffing costs a dollar 50 stuffing tears I’m not a huge fan of
stuffing okay oh how am I supposed to get this all in there it’s not push it
down six I put too much potato in there better I grab too many big pieces of
Turkey okay x1 how much does one a sweet potato cost one sweet potato well here’s
my crack a potato dude like sweet potatoes start out as
like normal potatoes or like okay like a little like one sweet potato package
like a two week potato how do you make me potatoes I don’t know my guess real small on this one
thirty cents twenty eight fifty cents so the actual price is a dollar twenty why
evan is the closest add anything that Ashley has to add sweet potatoes Oh
hallelujah I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes so
oh yes that’s the first one I want I feel
really accomplished I want to thank the Academy one thing my mom I want to thank
my family yeah and I want to thank you guys to subscribers we love you okay the
X the next item is how much does a dozen rolls cost a dozen that can dips where
there are so many different types of roles there’s like a lot of different
types are hold okay oh all right there we go there we go mmm yes 595 dollar 28
okay so the actual cost is a dollar ninety-nine Ashley’s the closest so EV I
need me to break up with Pissarro and have it to you uh it’s okay I like these
rolls these are actually pretty good rolls we had a Thanksgiving there we go
here we go break it apart a bit okay what’s the next let’s do this
okay the next one is how much does the can of green beans cost I never know is
one no I love this one there we go well guess work go with the gut the gut says
this number right here you green giant beans here move the ones we got left
here center stage right two dollars 98 cents dollar okay so
you’re both over Oh canna green beans cost 69 cents my dad
green beans – yeah 69 cents cheap green peas are my favorite but they’re okay I
love green beans they’re delicious especially in green bean casserole
comment down below if you love green bean casserole for any day legs like if
you could just like wanted Ramin casserole unlike a regular day basis you
comment down below your friends okay there we go all right so next how much
does a packet of gravy mix cost oh I think I know one I think I know this one
I think I know this one are probably way off but it’s much it’s gonna be like $20
for a packet gravy 26:58 cents so the actual cost is 89 cents closer I don’t
know I mean can I have some great for two means if I want to drink it’s like
oh look at this a jiggle look at this look at this
when you when you I don’t know if you can see this but like Oh why’d you do
that oh wait I probably shoulda said that so I’m close to the edge daddy here
it’s your previous get out of here get out of here there’s only two things left
some pumpkin flying whatever that is Oh think of it okay so the next thing is is
how much does a head of cauliflower cost my head never mind um I’m gonna have to say this because I
have no other guests three hours so the actual cost is a dollar thirty
nine is the closest star staying in O word much then go there it is okay come
on Oh what is that why does it sound like that it’s so good
it decides everything good no don’t there we go there we go look at that
look at that wouldn’t you guys won’t eat this we have got in the blender should
have got in the blender okay set that over there the final things all right
the last item is is how much does a pumpkin pie cost I should know this I go
shopping like every time was I wrong I find my answers on her just in case
found just that five dollars $20 okay that’s like cost
is $4.99 you pull over okay to be fair I purposely got it wrong
because honestly I just want to put some pumpkin pie in life I’m dead serious
like I already know that would cost so much here we go i’ma just get there we
go nice he took these you’re welcome yeah
mmm there we go this is how you properly eat Thanksgiving guys you blend it up
yeah yeah we should have gotten the blender where’s the blender at all right
here we go oh that was a lot of mixture of things and it wasn’t good please pass
the whipped cream no ya can’t do this right without my friend look at that
okay here we go ready okay yeah yeah it does okay um I’ll show
you okay but you don’t have as much stuff in your as I do I’ve got turkey in
mine mmm look how much space there is that’s how
much it didn’t go down looks perfect am I the only one that has that feeling
that this is gonna be even worse than the baby shoots mini challenge loss so
this does not look pleasant how am I supposed to get this down look at this
how am I supposed to get to the turkey there okay seriously comment down below
hashtag smooth a hashtag leftover Thanksgiving smoothie challenge if you
would do this we’re just con man hashtag smoothie
challenges who do it anyway damn I’m like twice as high as yours that’s so true
okay I’m gonna squish it down okay no we’re doing this the old-fashioned way
just Oh No the turkey and stuffing is preventing me from actually squishing it
and that whipped cream is getting everywhere I’m gonna grab the plate to
make sure this isn’t even something you eat these drinks it’s on your feet mmm
that was like full yam okay how’d you get yes you don’t even have it
not yeah I’m comprise sorry they look the same and my brain was like
oh it’s mixed in with all this other stuff
it must be Gans okay okay here we go get the green beans up there yep that no
okay how are we supposed to eat this like stick the spoon in you get a
spoonful like this okay Cheers okay the green bean sure chopped up in
mine all right here we go ready to take a bite I’ll wait on actually what the
heck why is yours not like Sophie no no no look at this look at this what this
is like a full record look at mine it’s just chunk well it did plop crazy in
mine that is true okay here we go oh I can already feel my stomach starting you
be like oh I didn’t hear mice I can feel my stomach saying to my brain
ah don’t you dare don’t you get okay Dona Cleide ear that’s that’s not too
bad do something I know too bad I’m like no I want ready fun can I get my money
back okay um okay no I’m gonna go alright
this would be leftover Thanksgiving food a challenge if you did enjoy please make
sure you like and subscribe you knew it you know oh so I’m gonna say it again
shoutout to Kinzie nickel and no bye Happy Thanksgiving if ya

Randall Smitham