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– [Narrator] The following
information is intended for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. The views expressed do not
necessarily reflect those of A Rood Awakening! International
nor this broadcaster. Should you choose to
implement this information please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter nor A
Rood Awakening! International nor this broadcaster
assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or
consequences that may result. – Permanent weight loss and reversal of disease symptoms are real and the formula is simple. Eat more micronutrients
and fewer calories. The key is to eat with nutrients in mind and to be a nutritarian if you will. In fact your long-term health is predicted by your nutrient intake per calorie eaten. Today we’re going to talk with the man who coined the word in nutritarian and has helped thousands
of people lose weight and reverse disease. The one and only Dr. Joel
Fuhrman is our guest today and he’s about to give
you a Health Awakening. (bright music) And welcome to The Health Awakening. I’m your host Scott Laird. Eating a healthful diet unleashes the body’s
tremendous ability to heal, its super immunity if you will. It also allows you to
achieve optimal weight and slow the aging process and
it’s simpler than you think. In fact the nutritarian
lifestyle is simple. It involves logical rules of thumb and even includes its own food pyramid. And the man who has used it to help thousands of people
improve their life is with us today. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a board
certified family physician, nutritional researcher and six-time New York
Times bestselling author. He serves as the president of the Nutritional Research Foundation and Dr. Fuhrman has authored
numerous research articles published in medical journals. And he’s also on the faculty of the Northern Arizona University, a Health Science Division. Dr. Fuhrman welcome to
The Health Awakening. – Thank you great to be here. – So I want to ask you some questions based on your book
called A Super Immunity. We just alluded to it and regards to that, now what does it mean to be a nutritarian? – Well the word nutritarian
means you’re eating a diet that’s rich in phytochemicals
and antioxidants. Those phytonutrients that
improve immune function to protect against cancer. So in the last 20 years
or say the last decade, these advances in nutritional
science can enable us right now to win the war on cancer. And what I mean by that is wipe out 90% of common cancers across America. In other words people
looking for a magic pill, it’s never gonna happen. There are real answers,
the food we’re eating. Don’t eat the cancer causing food, eat the cancer protective the foods. So nutritarian diet is
a super healthy diet, a diet with all the nutrients humans need to maximize their immune function, slow the aging process, live
with full mental faculties to 100 years old and not get cancer. – So I know the the basis
of that is to eat foods that have high nutrient value. So can you tell us what
is the difference then between micronutrients and macronutrients. – That’s right, thank
you for that question. Yeah the foundational principle of a nutritarian diet is this and by the way the foundational
principle is the same thing as the most proven methodology
to extend human lifespan in all species of animals
including primates and humans. And that is moderate caloric restriction in an environment of
micronutrient excellence. Now micronutrients are those nutrients in foods that do not contain calories. We’re talking about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals. The American diet is ubiquitously
and severely deficient in antioxidants and phytochemicals ’cause Americans only eat
5% of their caloric intake from colorful plant foods. All primates and all centenarians
in all Blue Zones are at least 90% of their diet comes from unprocessed colorful plants and the amount of colorful plants and the symphony or spectrum of that that you expose yourself to
is essentially predictive of how long you’re gonna live. So what I’m saying right now
is that these two things, one is our diet has to be vegetable-based and we have to pay attention
to those particular vegetables that are richest in nutrients and have shown the most
powerful anti-cancer effects and number two as you increase the micro nutrient concentration
density of your diet, it naturally suppresses your appetite, it makes you desire less calories. So you don’t have to calorically restrict. You’re just eating the amount of food you instinctually feel like eating but you feel like eating less calories when your diet is
nutritionally sufficient. Now the macronutrients are calories and Americans are eating
huge excess of macronutrients in a low nutrient environment which is exactly the formula for cancer. – Okay so I know, you probably
have a list of these foods that are best and which ones are worst in terms of living a
long life or longevity. Just in a nutshell, what are those foods? The best in the worst ones. – Well that’s right, I mean I have an acronym called G Bombs. G Bombs, G-B-O-M-B-S, to
highlight those six foods that have the most proven efficacy of preventing cancer and
sign of (audio blipping). And that stands for greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds. We’re talking here about the
most powerful protective greens or cruciferous vegetables,
the broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, arugula,
watercress, Brussels sprouts daikon, mustard greens, collard greens, there’s that family of vegetables. So it’s greens all the colorful beans. If you throw a dart at any those things, you know lists do a whole list of studies that show amazing
protection against cancer. For example throw the dart at mushrooms. Studies showing a 64 reduction
in breast cancer incidents in people eating mushrooms regularly. You know the point to
any one of those foods. Beans, the Nurses Health Study showed about a 50% lower risk of cancer in women eating beans
three or more times a week over that 20-year period. Look at the point I’m making right now is when you put together the full portfolio of these anti-cancer
foods in one diet style. Make it tasty, learn how to
cook it to retain nutrient value then we get the maximum power
to not just prevent cancer but really to keep people
youthful, slow aging and have people live a long happy full, you know, with it with their full mental and physical faculties intact. So I’m saying right now
that nutritional excellence is 100 times more effective
at preventing heart attack and taking medications to
lower your blood pressure. The nutritional excellence
is 100 times more effective than saying medications
lower your cholesterol. We’re talking about, it’s not even close. Drugs, most of these medications
increase risk of cancer. Now statin drugs increased
risk of breast cancer calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors
increased risk of cancer. You know people aren’t aware that these drugs have really
many more side effects than they, you know ever
even even thought about. And they and if I think
I’m mentioning that ’cause I think if they really knew that how how small the efficacy was, how little they can do and the strong risks associated with them so many more people would
choose to eat a nutritarian diet or a diet of nutritional excellence to protect their precious health. – Wow well we’re talking
about avoiding cancer and living to be 100 with our
guest today Dr. Joel Fuhrman. This is fascinating. We’ll be right back with more from The Health Awakening, stay with us. (bright music) – [Narrator] When Yeshua left his apostles for the last time he left
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at monthlylovegift.com. Hurry offer ends October 31st. (bright music) – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. we’re talking with our
guest Dr. Joel Fuhrman about using diet to
not only live to be 100 but also avoid things like cancer. And he was mentioning
something called G bombs, an acronym for the best
foods in order to do that. Dr. Joel Fuhrman if you
could just review with us what are the G bombs again? – That’s right the
G-B-O-M-B-S stands for greens, meaning green cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli and cabbage and bok choy and B for beans, O for onions and scallion and garlic and then you know the
O and M for mushrooms and then B again for berries, you know, raspberries,
blackberries, wild blueberries. And then S for seeds. You know everybody in America
are putting a little flax seed or chia seed on thier
morning steel-cut oats or on their quinoa in the morning whatever they’re eating in the morning. There was a recent
study that just came out that showed that women
who had breast cancer who had a 1/3 of a milligram
of lignin from seed in their diet every day
had their chance of dying over that 10-year period
was reduced by 71%. Just from that little bit of lignin when one teaspoon of flax
seeds has seven milligrams of lignin in it. And the later in life you take it if you wait till you get cancer, you’re not getting the full protection. lettuce started early in life before you have cancer. Plan making with the right dose which is really a tablespoon a day and taking starting it
when you’re younger in life before you have a diagnosis of cancer. Just doing that one dietary change alone could have a profound effect on the cancer landscape across America. When you combine that with making a vegetable bean soup everyday with mushrooms and onions in
there and green vegetables with a big salad where you put some watercress or arugula or
shredded cabbage or bok choy on the salad, you’re mixing
it with raw cruciferous greens and you put a dressing that’s
made from nuts and seeds to facilitate the absorption
of those anti-cancer compounds because a lot of these
phytochemicals are fat soluble. And if you eat the salad with
a low-fat or no fat dressing, you only absorb 1/10 as much of the anti-cancer
phytochemicals available to them. And the amount and the type of fat you use plays a tremendous place,
makes a huge difference whether the fat in your
dressing came from almonds or walnuts or walnut oil or almond oil. We’re not saying in making a dressing from like oil and vinegar. We’re saying make a
dressing by blending nuts and the vinegar you know what I mean, nuts and vinegar and tomato sauce and roasted garlic and scallion or I have a whole novel litany of incredibly fantastic
salad dressing recipes. But the salad dressing
themselves are so healthy that you can eat it with a spoon and they’re a health food. But when you put this, when you just make these these
small changes to your diet adding the seeds and the
berries with your breakfast, having the raw salad with
the raw greens for lunch, making the big pot of soup on the weekend with the mushrooms and the
green vegetables in there and you know putting together that, when you just put
together these portfolio, be regularly including
these G bombs in your diet, It has a magical influence. And we’re actually doing
a study on that right now with Northern Arizona University. we have a nutritarian
women’s health study set up and we’re doing a study
to show that women, basically you’re not
gonna get breast cancer. That’s the first study we’re doing there. We have 2,000 women who are
entered the study already where our goal is to get
between 5,000 and 10,000 women, so we’re recruiting it so people can go to
nutritionalresearch.org, they can click on the tab for the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study and they can learn more about it and choose to join the study if they pledge to eat this full portfolio of anti-cancer substances
in their diet each day. And there’s no cost to join the study and we actually teach them
information to motivate them and to help them stay on track and we then we track them over
the years with blood tests and health outcomes to show
that we can prevent cancer in this group of women. – That’s awesome. Now there’s two things you brought up, women especially are interested in avoiding breast cancer of course and the other thing is fat. I know there’s you know the
huge fat out there right now, women trying to lose
weight and stay healthy, they go on the ketogenic diet. I’m sure you’re all
too familiar with this, involves a lot of fat but what do you think of
the meat component of this? Is this a flawed diet? Yes or no? – Well you know we give
more credence to studies that look at hard endpoints
like death as opposed to a short endpoint like
a person lost weight or their triglycerides went down. When we look at death studies and we look at many thousands of people in these studies that go on for decades, we find that as the animal
products increase in the diet, earlier death rates go up in proportion. So the Paleo, the ketogenic
diets are formulas for early life death reducing, you know, especially increasing risk of cancer. We talked about the first principle of a nutritarian diet which is high micro nutrient density and you know that animal
products and oils, coconut oil, olive oil do not
contain any significant fiber or micronutrient load. They’re mostly dense calories
with no micronutrients that are associated with them and because the oils rush into
the bloodstream so rapidly, they don’t turn down the appi-stat like a food that has fiber and nutrients. So they induce overeating but nevertheless there’s
a lot more here to be said but the point is the second principle of a nutritarian diet has to
do with hormonal favorability and the hormones we’re talking about, that have to be favorable are
estrogen, insulin in the blood and IGF-1 or insulin-like
growth factor one. What I’m saying right now
is lower levels of estrogen, lower levels of insulin and lower levels of IGF-1 are associated with slowing of aging, longer life and prevention against cancer. And as your intake of animal
protein goes up in the diet. Protien drives IGF-1,
insulin-like growth factor-1 which is a growth factor
hormone into unfavorable levels. And those high levels promote angiogenesis which is the growth of blood vessels to be able to feed tumors, cellular replication
allowing tumors to replicate and fat storage on the body which then promotes
higher estrogen levels. Which higher estrogen levels promote both breast cancer and prostate cancer. So I’m just saying that obviously there’s a lot of different mechanisms via which those diets promote
earlier death and cancer. – All right well we were talking
about the ketogenic diet, we’re talking about fat and protein and the nutritarian lifestyle
with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We’ll be right back with more
from The Health Awakening. (bright music) – [Narrator] The
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Bible larger print edition online at ARoodAwakening.tv/large. (bright music) – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. Before the break we were talking about the ketogenic diet
effects of too much protein and the wrong types of
fat with our guest today, the man who coined the word
nutritarian, Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman, let’s talk
more about this notion that you need a lot of protein. That’s not really true is it? – No, a matter of fact protein
is the most critical factor. See animal protein drives IGF-1 so high because it’s so complete. And it rushes into the
bloodstream relatively rapidly and you overshoot your protein needs. When you use plant proteins
for your source of protein, broccoli, beans, nuts,
seeds, when you do that, the protein is not as
biologically complete and the body has the
ability to make it complete by matching amino acids. But it does so, it completes protein only as it needs the protein to make hormones and to make body parts and it doesn’t overshoot the amount of protein it’s completing. So you combine the protein as necessary keeping your IGF-1 in
that most favorable range, probably between 90 and 150. Whereas the average
American have IGF-1 levels between 200 and 300 which is way too high and associated with high rates of breast and prostate cancer. – Okay. So having animal based protien
is there’s really too much all at the same time. – Too much complete protein
that all the blue zones and then we look at the
centenarian studies, people live to be 100
they’re are all populations that eat less than 10% of
calories from animal products. There are no blue zone areas in the world where you have large
populations living long life that ever eat more than 10%. For example a recent study
show that we took 6,000 people between the ages of 50
and 65, 6,000 people. We followed them for 18 years and we found that those
that consume 30% or more of animal product had a four-fold
increased risk of cancer over that 18 year period compared to people eating three
or less animal protein. You don’t see the same negative
thing from plant protein. In the Seventh Day Adventist study too, we tracked plant protein,
a nut and seed intake, and as they got more plant protein from seeds and green beans and
beans, they had longer life. The effects of plant
protein is to extend life and the effects of animal
protein is to shorten life and increase cancer. What I’m saying right now is people have to eat more high plant protein foods and less animal protein foods. That’s the secret. That’s again plus when you starting eating these high protein foods
like green like broccoli, you get a thousand
phytochemicals and antioxidants that work on increasing immune function and protection against cancer. Animal products do not
contain phytochemicals and antioxidants, only the high plant
protein foods contain that and then you get plenty of protein. You know some of these vegan
diets are not appropriate for young children and
the elderly and athletes because they’re just
based on rice and potato and they’re not taking in enough greens and beans and nuts and seeds to give you that full protein complement for people who are more vulnerable like children or the elderly
who need more protein or athletes who need more protein. But that’s where a nutritarian diet shines because the foods that
are so rich in nutrients, have plenty of plant protein and we have lots of professional and world-class athletes
now utilizing this. As you know I was a
world-class athlete years ago and I used a high nutrient diet for better stamina and strength
and endurance basically. – All right so let’s talk about that. So Olympic level athletes if they wanted to do this ketogenic type
of concept they could but just keep the protein
to the plant world? – No there’s no advantage
to being ketogenic. Ketogenic means you try
and provide your body to produce ketones by
carbohydrate restricting. That’s a fad with no proven
efficacy extending lifespan. A matter of fact I’m
saying the opposite is true but the only thing
proven to extend lifespan is eating more phytochemicals
and antioxidants and those are found mostly in vegetables. So your diet has to be
vegetable-based to maximize lifespan and athletes to getting the
most endurance on their careers, you know who want to like professional, like the top four tennis
players in the world or you know or Tom Brady or Venus Williams who recovered from her Sjogren’s syndrome on essentially a nutritarian diet. And we’re talking about
people who are switching to these plant-based diets
so their body ages slower so they can maintain their
athletic prowess at all so they don’t get sick
or infections or colds in their training process. Like Erik Schlopy was
in four Olympic Games with downhill skiing. He had such a long career
because he travelled with his blender and had these smoothies with kale and seeds and berries in there so he wouldn’t get sick. And so it keeps himself youthful. In other words these athletes
now so ever advised a lot of professional athletes on
extending their active careers with slower aging by
increasing phytochemicals. It’s nothing to do with ketogenic. That’s a bad, that science
is not only not supported, it’s actually shown that
as long-term health effects that are perhaps risky. – Now Dr. Fuhrman we
have about a minute left. I want to address something before we go and that is that eating this
way is not just preventative of disease you can
actually reverse disease. How does that work? – That’s the whole point and gives me so much satisfaction and personal reward to watch people recover from diseases. And that’s that when you eat a diet with this degree of nutritional excellence it’s very effective for
reversing autoimmune disease like Venus Williams got well
from her Sjogren’s syndrome. We’re talking about reversing psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulceratvie colitis, lupus and heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis. What I’m saying right now is that when used as a therapeutic intervention, we can get people back to
normal and set them free to have a happy and healthy life again. It’s even effective at
resolving depression. And commercial food and fast food creates a depressive environment that dysthymic syndrome means it lowers your intelligence,
it makes you unhappy, it reduces your creativity. What I’m saying right
now is a nutritarian diet which is the most
lifespan enhancing program also is very effective for people who are sick with medical problems. It enables them to make
complete recoveries, freeing them from their
prison of suffering for the rest of their life and it should be the first step to intervene with when people
have a medical problem. – Well we’re talking about
foods that can empower your body and actually save your
life with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We’ll be right back with more
from The Health Awakening. (bright music) – [Narrator] When Yeshua left his apostles for the last time, he left them with a simple commission. But for them it was not so simple. – This is where these
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command to his disciples. Get The Vision Fulfilled collection. Call now or visit our website
at monthlylovegift.com. Hurry offer ends October 31st. (gentle music) (bright music) – And thank you for joining us today on The Health Awakening. Our guest has been Dr. Joel
Fuhrman author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity, Fast Food
Genocide and many other books and he’s also the developer
of the nutritarian diet. Dr. Joel Fuhrman you
mentioned a study earlier, tell us again how people
can get involved in that. – Right I’m the president of Nutritional Research Foundation. They can go to nutritionalresearch.org, they could support us and they
may want to join the study, the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study. They can click on a link there, the Nutritarian Women’s Health Study, they can read more about
it and they can decide whether they perhaps
want to be part of it. They’ll have 30 days to decide once they download the information. There’s no charge to join and
we’re really recruiting women who are pledging to
eat such a healthy diet for the rest of their life and we’re trying to
encourage them to do so. – All right well thank you Dr. Fuhrman. For more information about Dr. Fuhrman and how he can help you
start at DrFuhrman.com. We’ll see you next time for
another Health Awakening. (bright music) Thank you for joining us
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