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The BEST Keto Chaffle Waffles – Keto Bread Hack! 🥞

Hey guys, Heather Hooker keto
here from HeatherHookerKeto.com
I think I finally got this angle right
so that you can see what I’m doing.
What we’re going to do today
is we’re going to make chaffle.
So if you have made the transition to try
to cut out some of those simple carbs,
cut out some of that processed
foor, cut out some of that sugar,
this is a really good hack.
There’s a reason why the internet is
sort of going crazy over these chaffle
waffles because they do
sort of tastes like Eggos.
So I’m going to show you
how to make them. First,
you need this little
dash mini waffle maker,
which is less than $10 on Amazon.
It heats up really fast.
There are no buttons on it.
All you do is just plug it in.
What we’re going to use today is we
are going to use mozzarella cheese.
We’re going to use one egg,
and this is really like the basic
ingredient list for a chaffle.
Okay. One egg, a little
bit of Mozzarella cheese.
It’s going to make two chaffle waffles.
And then what I like to do with mine
is I like to add just a teeny bit of
vanilla extract because I think it
makes it taste more like an Eggo.
There are a lot of different ways for you
to use chaffles. You can make several,
you can make them savory,
you can add spices to them,
you can add different seasonings,
use them as your hamburger bun,
use them as any type of bread for
a Keto friendly sandwich idea.
But you can also just
eat ’em like waffles.
So that’s what I’m going to do today,
and it’s my son’s birthday today.
I just got back from dropping donuts off
at his school so that he can celebrate
with his little friends. And
I did not eat the donuts.
I’m going make myself some
chaffle waffles for lunch instead.
So stay tuned. We’re going
to make these right now.
So first what I’m going to do
is I’m going to take the egg,
I’m going to put it into this little bowl,
and then I’m going to
take this vanilla extract.
I like to use a quarter
of a teaspoon for one egg.
So I’m going to pour that right into the
egg and I’m just going to stir that up.
I think that makes a big difference.
in the flavor,
one of the questions that I got
whenever I first started talking about
chocolates is do they taste really eggy?
And I think that adding a little bit of
the vanilla cuts down on the egg taste.
So if don’t love eggs,
if you don’t want your chaffles
to be super egg tasting,
adding a little bit of seasoning
will go a long way. All right,
so we’ve got the egg done.
All we’re going do with the Mozzarella
cheese is spread a thin layer and the
bottom of this dash waffle maker.
So a thin layer here.
If you are tracking your
calories for weight loss,
you will want to measure
this out. Just weigh it out.
I am not currently doing that
so I’m not going to track.
And then I’m just going to add
about half of this egg mixture.
thin layer of Mozzarella so that will
have a nice crispy crust and
then just close the lid there.
Like I said before, there are no
buttons on this dash waffle maker,
so you can’t really mess it up.
All you do is plug it in
and heats up really quickly.
You just open and close it. That’s it.
And then you’re just going to watch this
so you know how long it takes to cook
an egg. It’s going to take
less than two minutes.
I’m going to double check this
in just a minute. Pull it out.
And then here is another hack for your
chaffles is let them cool off on a drying
rack. That will help them
to be a little bit crispier.
If you take these out and you
put them directly on your plate,
they can get a little soggy, a little
mushy. I like mine a little bit.
Crispier let’s see, we’re
starting to steam here,
so I’m just going to double
check that. Oh yeah, we’re not.
We’re still cooking away,
so then when my chaffles are done,
I’m going to top them with
a little bit of Kerry gold.
So this is my favorite, favorite butter.
It’s like so rich and creamy and then
just a tiny drizzle of this sugar-free
Syrup, and this is a
grocery store near me.
It’s the store brand sugar-free syrup.
It probably is a chemical
You-know-what storm,
but I don’t eat it very often and
I’m just going to use a little bit,
so it’s going to be fine.
Good. These chaffles
just a few more minutes.
The reason why we use Mozzarella
is because it’s so mild.
It doesn’t make the
chaffles taste like cheese,
so that’s a good option if you want
them to be a little bit sweeter.
If you wanted to make savory chaffles
for like a hamburger bun or who use as a
sandwich with a bunch of ham and
mayonnaise and pickle slices,
that might be my lunch tomorrow.
That sounds really good.
You could also use Cheddar.
You could use really any
cheese, taco shreds.
Okay. Mexican taco shreds,
make the chaffle and then make
yourself a mini Taco. Heck yes. Okay.
I’m going to try that at some point
this week. Let me see if this little,
this little guy is ready. Oh yeah.
So here’s our Chaffle.
I’m going to put that on the cooling rack.
Like I said, I don’t, I
don’t like them mushy.
So the cooling rack is key. All right,
so we’re going to make our other
I do love this little waffle
maker. I had a different,
like a bigger one that I had
bought to use with the kids
and I don’t know what it is
about this little tiny size,
but I just love it. It’s so easy and fast.
It cooks them really fast
because they’re so small,
little bit more Mozzarella on top.
If you see somebody making chaffles
where they put the cheese in the egg,
stir it up and then put
it on the waffle maker.
Just know that that’s a lie. Okay.
Do not try that. I tried that first.
It was a giant disaster. Don’t
overfill your chaffle maker.
That was another mistake that I made when
I first started making these chaffles
is if it’s deceiving how much egg needs
to go in this little mini waffle maker.
And if you’re, if you have a
sort of personality like me,
I was the first time I went to
make these I was like, oh yeah,
this whole thing will fit. Like we
can make it fit, we can make it work.
No egg started spilling out of this
sides of the waffle maker onto my um,
countertop here and it was kind of
a disaster. So you use a little bit,
one egg is two of the mini chaffles.
If you have a regular size waffle maker,
you can probably use one egg per chaffle.
But look,
look how cute.
Perfect little chaffle.
So that is almost cooled all the way off.
I’m going to go ahead and put a
little bit of butter on there.
I like to put this on while
it’s still a little bit warm
so that it melts a little bit.
So now we’ve got this situation
just waiting on our second chaffle.
And then the dash mini
waffle maker is non-stick,
which I don’t -do waffle irons come in
non nonstick because that would be crazy.
I feel like at some point 10 years ago
maybe I had a waffle maker that was made
of steel and I used it one time and then
when I tried to clean it afterwards I
just threw it. I just threw it
away because I was like, no way,
no way am I cleaning out every
single one of these little crevices.
And so that’s another really
good thing about this one
is that there is no cleanup involved.
See it? This one’s ready. Oh yeah,
we’re ready.
Okay, so I’m going to
unplug my little dash.
I’ll pull it up for you guys again
so you can see just how tiny it is.
It’s really small,
like almost the same size as my hand and
I have pretty small hands for an adult
and it comes in a bunch of cute,
I’m not, I’m not a dash sales rep,
but it does come in a
bunch of cute colors.
I like this little turquoise
color that I picked up,
but I’ve also seen really cute red ones,
and I think I’ve even seen a pink one,
so you can get a little,
a little fun with that.
Okay, so I’m going to go
ahead and plate these.
And then do a little
drizzle of this syrup.
If you are a reformed carbaholic
like I am. Look how good this looks.
So yummy. It really does taste good.
So if you try these chaffles,
let me know, comment below.
If you’ve been chaffling it
up, making chaffle waffles.
Let me know what your favorite
Combo is and what I should try next.
So thanks for tuning in and I hope
you guys have a wonderful week.

Randall Smitham



  1. Heather Hooker Keto Posted on September 9, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    What is your favorite way to eat chaffles? Let me know what chaffle I should try next!

  2. Megs Mc Posted on September 9, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I love them with keto sloppy joes 😋

  3. TTown RN Posted on September 9, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    I’m going to try adding vanilla , Thanks 💕

  4. Sonya Becker Posted on September 10, 2019 at 10:31 am

    I've made pizza with the chaffle as the crust. So delish!