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The BEST Low Carb Mint Julep Recipe EVER!

A low-carb mint julep that actually
tastes good?
I’ll be the judge of that.
Welcome to Highfalutin’ Low-Carb, the
weekly web series where we find and test
the best low carb recipes these
interwebs have to offer. My name is Wes,
and today I’m going to show you how we
handle mint juleps here at the
Highfalutin’ Headquarters.
I’m skeptical, but hopeful. Now, for those of
you that don’t know, the mint julep is a
Southern staple. This classic cocktail
recipe is simple perfection and requires
just three ingredients: fresh mint
really good bourbon, and sugar. Glorious,
beautiful sugar. Which means a mint julep
is totally off limits for a low-carb eater.
So to solve this dilemma, enter Swerve.
Swerve is an artificial sweetener made
from a sugar alcohol known as erythritol.
Now, like xylitol, it doesn’t spike blood
sugar in most people. Unlike xylitol, it
also doesn’t cause (clears throat) bowel distress, at least
for me. What I love most is that Swerve
doesn’t have a chemical aftertaste.
It is the closest substitute I’ve ever
found for sugar – period. So, go ahead and
swing for that bag of Swerve sweetener.
Now, I swear this is not a paid ad, but
Swerve, if you’re listening, call me! Now
let’s focus on the mint. Pull a couple of
fresh mint leaves from the stem and
place them in a cocktail shaker.
So, you’re probably thinking that you’re
finally going to get a chance to use
that fancy muddler you have on something other than
Well, don’t. I don’t care who tells you
otherwise, a mint julep should never be
muddled! All it does is shred the mint
and overpower the rest of the flavors in
the drink. I’m having bourbon, remember?
Not brushing my teeth.
So instead, just place a few leaves in
your hand and slap them a few times. This
bruises the mint, releasing just the
right amount of flavor.
Now, just add some sugar… I mean Swerve! (bag noises)
So, Swerve measures cup-for-cup, just like sugar.
And I usually use a couple of teaspoons
of sugar or simple syrup in my mint
juleps, so let’s use the same amount of
Swerve. At this point, some recipes called
for a tablespoon of water or club soda
to help dissolve the sweetener. But, I
mean, I’ve got a bottle of bourbon just
sitting here, so, why not?
There’s going to be plenty of water from
all the ice we’re about to add. So, dribble a
teaspoon or so of bourbon into the
shaker and mix it well. Now I probably
should have stirred this a lot longer,
but you’ll see that in a minute. Take out the
chilled glass or julep cup that you
keep stashed in the freezer. Transfer the
sweetened mint into your cup. If you’re
wondering why I took the time to use a
shaker at all, it’s actually because, well,
I’ve scratched the inside of our fancy julep
cups and I’m not allowed to anymore. So fill
the cup with crushed ice to the very top.
Some people prefer very finely crushed
ice but here in Florida I like to use
slightly larger pieces so that they last
The ice is an integral part of a mint
julep because the ice *is* the mixer. So
finding the perfect melt ratio of ice to
bourbon is the hallmark of a well-made
mint julep! And now for the star of the
show. Pour exactly two ounces of your
favorite bourbon over the ice and top
the cup with ice again, creating a small
mound with the ice.
Now, two ounces of bourbon has zero carbs,
but it does have about 140 calories. So
be sure to measure carefully. Don’t be
tempted to add more than the recipe
calls for. Nope. Never do that.
So, there you have it folks. A low-carb mint
julep that any self-respecting
southerner would be proud to serve!
Allright guys. So, bottoms up!
Wow! Holy sh#t, guys! All right, it needs to
be mixed up. Hold on. This, guys! Oh, that is
so good! But it does need to be mixed up a little bit.
I’m gonna do something a little unorthodox here. Probably the sweetener didn’t
get all the way mixed together. That happens
sometimes with sugar. With regular sugar. Give this a good stir.
Ah! Okay, now let’s see. Try it again.
Y’all, that is amazing.
Um, the problem with artificial
sweeteners is that they taste like sh#t. The pink
stuff gives me a headache.
The blue stuff tastes like @ss. The yellow
stuff instantly makes me feel like I
have asthma or something. I’m not
So, it’s some bad sh#t, guys. Ha. But for some reason I can
tolerate Swerve. I can tolerate Swerver, and
it tastes like sugar!
It does have a little bit of a cooling
after taste, I guess you could say. I
hesitate to say taste because it’s more
of an aftereffect. But, it’s a minty
tingle that sometimes shows up in baked
goods when your bake with Swerve. But it’s
perfect for a mint julep! Love it!
Alright guys, I’m sorry
for whatever you do to your low-carb diet
after you drink one of these. All bets
are off.
Don’t blame me for that. But right now,
this is kickin ass!
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We’ll see ya again soon!

Randall Smitham



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