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The Best of DJ Pauly D – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– And right now, we’re checking out
some of the prank war
champions’ best moments,
let’s check it out.
– Who’s that?
– Prank war champion!
Yeah, yeah, oh yeah!
(dance music)
Wake up keto guido!
It’s time to wake the (bleeps) up!
Wake up keto guido, wake up keto guido!
Wake up keto guido!
Oh yeah, wake up, yeah.
You know the sleeping’s
over once when I wake up.
Somebody’s boys be sleeping in!
Oh hey Jen.
It’s time to, It’s time to, it’s time to,
it’s time to wake the up.
Oh yeah, wake up, yeah,
yeah, yeah, gotta wake up!
Oh yeah, wake up, yeah!
Oh yeah, wake up, yeah!
We didn’t have alarm clocks.
– And what gets me mad is not him yelling,
it’s that he has this
energy in the morning
and I don’t.
– He gets you mad
about it yeah.
– And I don’t,
you know what I mean?
I’m like why do you have.
– He’s just so hyper like.
– Energy we drank all night.
– I’m a morning person.
It makes me feel sad that we
don’t have everybody here.
So I have a surprise for the house,
and I can’t wait to break it out.
– [Woman] Wait, he has a dead body.
– I had a lot of luggage going into Miami
’cause I pack a lot, a lot
of hair gel, stuff like that.
But I also had a human being,
but try to get that through TSA.
I got a TSA pre check, and
they still screened her.
– Yo, did you have to take her shoes off?
– I did, and her laptop out.
(Vinny and Nicole scream)
– What the (bleeps) is that!?
(Nicole screams loudly)
Oh hey Sam.
– If you’re not a guido then
you can get the out of my face.
– [Everybody] Oh!
– That’s so wrong!
– [Woman] Why, stop!
(Nicole yells)
– She said she’s in a happy place.
– [Vinny] Yo guys, did you read the shirt?
– [Ron] I’m in a good, really good place!
– Oh my god!
– [Mike] Ooh, oh (bleeps).
– Oh my god I thought
that was a (beeps) person.
– Sorry Sam.
Oh god.
You guys don’t realize she,
that thing weighed 150 pounds.
– [Nicole] Oh my god, how heavy are you?
– Stop, stop, stop!
– All right, we got this.
– [Nicole] She’s a heavy mother (beeps).
She’s so heavy!
– Stop!
(blows raspberry)
Stop, stop!
– Girl, relax!
– Oh, and they, and they jumped
her, and they jumped her!
– Stop it, stop!
– Oh!
– [Nicole] You guys!
– Stop!
– I have like the most epic prank ever.
What if we, hear me out,
surprise that mother
(beeps) with Angelina, epic.
Look at that face, that face says it all!
– Hello!
– [Man] This is the prank, of all pranks.
– [Ronnie] Get that bro, please?
– Yo, we’re having this, ya it could be.
– Maybe it’s the girls?
– [Ronnie] Oh shit, probably the girls bro
they need help with their luggage.
– [Pauly] You too.
(intense music)
– Oh yeah, you think I’m
a dirty little hamster?
– (laughs) Yeah you got me, you got me.
(all laughing)
– Hello!
– Party’s here!
– Oh hi!
– Er, stop the record,
they’re so turnt up.
– What the fuck,
what are you doing here?
– To turn down immediately
when they see her, nailed it!
Prank war champion, prank war champion!
Champion, champion.
Prank war champion, prank war champion!
Prank war champion, prank war champion,
prank war champion, yeah buddy!
Prank war champion.
Goodnight Miami, prank war champion!
– Yo Pauly, Pauly, you’ve always been
the ultimate prank war champion,
but after this man you’re
going to the hall of fame bro.
You need like a special jacket,
that was–
– Thank you.
– That was the most epic prank.
– Thank you, prank war champion!
– [Vinny] That was crazy,
but check out me and Pauly
in this adults only,
never before seen footage.
Jenni got her Easter dress on.
– [Jenni] Listen, I don’t really have any
other options, it’s gonna
be classy or Easter.
– [Pauly] It’s like a movie.
This looks like the start of a bad porno.
So we just finished moving your stuff.
– Oh why thanks guys,
how, how do I pay you?
How do I give you a big tip?
– Well usually we take money.
– That’s pretty.
– [Man] We’re in the middle of a porn.
– [Man] We’re in the middle of porn.
– I don’t care.
– Usually we take cash.
– I don’t have any cash.
– Oh.
– We take other forms of payment.
(all laughs)
– Yeah.
(Jenni claps)
– [Woman] Take off your.
– I hate you.
– It’s like awkward move.
– What other, kinds of payment
are we talking about?
– Are you talking my hair?
That was the best.
– That was awesome.

Randall Smitham



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