April 6, 2020
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Nutrition is all about balance. And to help us achieve balance
in our eating habits, Someone’s come up with
something we like to Refer to as the 5/20 Rule. Ever heard of it? It sounds just about as
complicated as a mathematical equation, but let’s see if
anybody here on the street can help us out. Excuse me, sir. What’s the 5-20 rule? I don’t know what
the 5-20 rule is actually. I’ve never heard of it. It sounds like
a tax code thing. The 5-20 rule. Exactly. Any ideas, Sam? Yeah. Maybe vitamins? Five carbs, twenty grains? There–wait, are there
five or seven–? Let’s keep asking
the 5-20 rule. Is it local or federal? Okay, could you tell me–can
you tell me what the 5-20 rule is? I don’t know. The 5-20 rule?
Mm-hmm. Is it something about five
fruits and vegetables every day? Where is everyone? I don’t know. Can you tell me
what the 5-20 rule is? What is it about? It has something
to do with nutrition. Does anything come to mind? The 5-20. I have no idea. I mean, I’ve–I think
I’ve heard of it, but– We’re still confused here. It’s very complicated,
we need some help. Please. Here’s the deal
with 5-20 rule. If a food has 5% or less of
the daily value of a nutrient, say a bottle of juice that
contains less than 5% calcium, then that food isn’t a good
source of that nutrient, calcium in this case. But a food with 20% or
more of a nutrient means it is a good source. So, a glass of milk that has 25%
calcium is an excellent source. The rule also works for
nutrients you may not want a lot of,
like saturated fat or sodium. With those nutrients, try
to stick to the servings closer to 5%, not 20%.

Randall Smitham