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The Game Changers, Hidden Agenda! – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

I’m always encouraging everyone to
prioritize health over the taste of food and whenever I see a video an article or
something that’s talking about how we should eat I pay attention because I
know that these bits of information are going to influence the way people manage
their food recently I came across the movie the game-changers which is a
supposed to be a documentary following an athlete about how he learned the true
optimal food source for humans and I want to go through that movie today
because I was super amazed at how inaccurate so it it was frustrating to
me to see how inaccurate some of the things that were being said were and
from a psychologists point of view I’m gonna tell you the things that made me
doubt the movie at the end of the day each one of you needs to make your own
decision I’m hoping that when I tell you why I doubted the movie you’re gonna do
more research right don’t take my word for it do more research and help
yourself to understand if you see the same things that I see because for me
this was a movie not a documentary and I’m gonna say to you why I think that I
might get some notes here see a documentary is a non-fictional motion
picture intended to document reality primarily for the purpose of instruction
education or maintaining a historical record now the first thing that I’m
gonna point out that in this movie made me think this is a movie not a
documentary is this they talk about gladiators and the thing that they start
off by saying is that gladiators were prized fighters who received the best
food and medical care now you know what I think that if we look at what the
average person today would say if I said to you what do you think the gladiator
is they might believe that a gladiator is someone who’s courageous and willing
to go up against all odds to to overcome a challenge but the problem is in the
movie they were talking about historical gladiators so
okay so multiple things that I find wrong with this but let’s start with the
first part which is they’re talking about historical radiators so the
original gladiators gladiators were slaves and criminals so they were used
as entertainment for the upper class so they weren’t prized they were actually
treated like like entertainment so they were fed and housed in a way that was
what we would definitely consider inhumane but yet in the movie they
present as if the gladiators were prized those original gladiators were fed
vegetation because they weren’t worth feeding meat don’t don’t forget that
meat is a commodity that’s expensive so they weren’t speeding the slaves meat
basically we start the movie off with them giving us a version of history
that’s inaccurate which makes me nervous because whenever I see that they’re
giving a version of history that’s inaccurate when they’re giving you
information and they’re only giving you part of the information you wonder why
are they not giving you the rest of the information I started like weren’t even
15 minutes into the movie and I’m already doubting the veracity of the
things then we’ll learn in the movie just to take the idea of gladiators a
step further I want everybody to think about this so now that we are aware that
gladiators were slaves and criminals and being used for entertainment I want you
to think would you consider that the people who do cock fights or the people
who do those those dog fights to the death those those banned activities in
the North America would you consider that those people love their animals
prized their animals would you consider that those people are treating their
animals in the best possible way we wouldn’t right we would clearly
understand that they don’t actually care about the animal more so than winning
the fight to win the bet I want us to be very careful that when we’re looking at
information that suggests that the way that they fed their slaves was the way
that we should feed ourselves we would pause on that the other thing to keep in
mind about the way that the gladiators were taken
tariff is they didn’t mention that they got the best medical care so gladiators
were there for entertainment did they give the medical care enough to
make sure that they were able to make it to the next fight if they survived 100%
but the flip side of the coin is that about 20% of the gladiators that entered
the ring never left if they cared so much about their physical health
then these fights wouldn’t have been to the death for the majority of the rest
of the movie they’re talking about athletes and they’re trying to draw a
parallel between the way that we fuel and feed our athletes and the way that
would be optimal to fuel the rest of the population they’re trying to draw some
lines here to say that if this works for them it’s gonna work for everybody else
first of all that’s not sure I’m gonna get into why that’s not you in a minute
however I just want to follow their line of thinking for a second so they end up
talking about the comparison of energy sources and they’re saying that athletes
make the huge mistake of believing that fueling themselves with protein is
what’s going to help them to win the next game or injure the next race or and
you know what I absolutely agree with them because fueling yourself with
protein isn’t gonna be the best fuel for your body because protein is a building
block so in actuality they’re not fueling themselves with protein unless
they’re starving and since they’re athletes and they’re feeling themselves
on a daily basis they’re not starving so let’s be clear about that
your body will not prioritize using protein as an energy source if there’s
another energy source available and in this particular movie they clearly show
that the athlete was eating protein carbohydrates and fat so obviously there
were other energy sources available so the first mistake the movie is making
and I’m calling it a mistake but I believe this was on purpose is they’re
presenting protein as an energy source well I agree with them that maybe there
are some athletes who mistakenly think that protein is an energy source
absolutely but in the movie they don’t actually correct that mistake
they don’t say protein is the building block they
say protein is not a good energy source and therefore their athletes are making
it so even for the rest of us if there are some of us out here thinking that
protein is an energy source we’re still left to believe it’s an energy source is
just a poor energy source our body is not trying to push us to eat protein
because it’s an energy source our body seeks protein because it’s a building
block for almost everything on us right we need protein to build this so they
compare protein and carbohydrates and they show this graph and they show how
if you’re eating a lot of protein you’re not leaving space for carbohydrates
again not really sure where they’re trying to go with that piece of
information because all the athletes that you see in the movie if you see
them making their plate first of all the plate that they made they put meat there
was a carbohydrate on the plate so it’s not that they weren’t eating
carbohydrates that’s first of all but second of all even if the athlete would
have had a plate full of meat there’s still an energy source on there called
fat which is mentioned nowhere in the movie at no point in this movie they
talked about the relationship between fueling yourself and eating fat if this
is a movie that’s talking about our health why isn’t it even at least
mentioned that fat is the other energy source this is supposed to be a
documentary it’s not but it’s supposed to be and that again helps me to
question what validity this documentary actually has okay so athletes are humans
and food behaves a certain way in a human’s body what that means is that if
we as humans so athlete humans eat carbohydrates in a large enough amount
then our body is going to prioritize getting those carbohydrates out of the
blood so it will use some of them for energy and it will store some now being
an athlete I’m expending a large amount of energy that
means that in the course of a day a lot of that carbohydrate that I eat will be
used as energy because athletes work out for a living they’re not sitting behind
a computer desk or standing behind a counter at a checkout they’re lifting
heavy they’re running they’re doing cardio and they’re doing weights and and
they’re practicing their sport so as a general rule they’re using much more
energy in a day than the rest of us kind of brings me back to when I talked about
the Biggest Loser of course if you workout like it’s your job which is in
this case it really is their job you’re gonna use a lot of energy and that’s
gonna keep you in a certain physical shape here’s the thing for the rest of
us that’s not the way that we functions so what’s going to happen as an athlete
I eat a bunch of carbs my body is using a lot of energy and there’s a high
turnover and so a lot of that energy gets used and so I’m constantly in an
energy either stability or deficit where as a normal person who would try to eat
the same way than an athlete eats but is not using the same amount of energy is
gonna store those carbohydrates as fat the same way that if we look at the
other athletes in this movie who were initially eating a regular diet they
were still in a much better physical shape than would be especially with the
amount of food that they were piling down if they showed you at the beginning
how much food they were putting on their plate compared to if a regular person
like me would be to put the same amount of standard food on my plate and we all
know that story because we’ve all been in that story right where we’ve gained
weight over time by eating restaurant sized meals okay so the other issue that
I have with this movie is that they’re trying to use the athlete to determine
what the average person should eat not recognizing that the average person will
not burn as much energy as the athlete now how does this backup and make a
problem for the average person so if I eat
the amount of energy that I actually need only from carbohydrates then for
sure I’m eating more than 20 grams of carbs per day to get the right amount of
energy that I would need well then if I’m doing that what ends up happening is
that when I eat all of those carbs my body still has to put those away because
I can’t burn them all just for the sake of numbers I’m going to say the number
if I eat too well 2500 calories worth of carbs in a day which is how much energy
about I eat when I eat fat there’s no way that I’m gonna be able to use all of
that energy and like it’s gonna get stored it’s impossible that it not gets
stored whereas when I’m spreading that between
carbs and fat getting most of it from fat the energy gets used so the other
issue that I have here is that they’re sending the message to the grande masses
that you’re going to be able to eat that many carbs and yet maintain a healthy
body and I’m only talking about weight right now there’s more to say about that
but I’m just talking about weight right now that’s not reality and if we all
think about it this has happened and more than like we’ve all lived the story
I’m saying we’ve all lived this story but I want you to pay attention as if
when you’re watching the movie there is that one athlete who doesn’t actually
run a lot he was the strongest metal being the strongest man and I think the
thing that I want everyone to pay attention to was his midsection was
quite large what do we know is happening when we have a large midsection fatty
liver fatty pancreas right excessive amounts of fat around our internal
organs so is he strong yes he is is he a healthy strong that’s a different
question so in the movie we ignore obvious examples of signs of not of not
being healthy in favor of saying but look how strong he is so the same way
that we can be thin and unhealthy right diabetic
metabolic issues Alzheimer’s like we can be thin and have all these issues well
we can be strong and have issues there are so many professional athletes who
have large midsections and as a matter of fact just take this even a step
further you know what they’re saying is that you can eat a fully carbohydrate
diet and be satisfied and get out there and work out and be strong and it’s this
is all going to come together and be like it’s gonna help you to be the best
possible version of yourself the thing that I want us to think about is how
many times have we seen on the news have we even if we know at leats ourselves
seen and understood that they are willing to push their bodies past the
point that the rest of us would ever push our bodies to win that they’ve been
football players who have been who’ve played on damaged ankles just taping it
up and giving themselves injections and continuing to go for it to win the game
that there have been athletes who push through the pain and some of them even
to the point where they end up with permanent injuries because they needed
to win and you know what although that’s amazing if it’s your sport is what you
want to do my question is can we then say that it’s solely the food that’s
causing these gains that they’re getting every single person especially younger
people which most athletes are younger people your body is made to survive
you’re gonna grow whether you have the best nutrients or the worst nutrients as
long as there’s nutrients your body’s gonna grow we see this with children we
see this with adolescents we want to feed them the best quality food that we
can but the truth is even in poor neighborhoods the children grow why
because it’s what our body does so if I’m living in a situation where I’m
eating a food substance that’s not optimal but I’m still working out my
body is still gonna grow muscle why because growing muscle isn’t solely
based on the energy source and it’s not solely based on the protein type right
you need both but also if I have any protein it’ll work why we are the most
amazing machine ever we recycle ourselves and so as long as
there’s protein coming in our body we’ll figure out a way to continue to do what
we need to do now does it mean that we’re going to be completely healthy no
but if I’m trying to grow muscles and I’m still eating a protein source will I
grow muscle yeah chances are will will I grow as much muscle as I would have if I
had a better protein source no but now these are the question marks right what
makes a good source versus what makes a not great source but the idea that by
not eating meat we won’t be able to grow muscle that’s not an accurate idea
because we’re still eating a protein source right we’re getting a plant-based
protein source so right and it’s not because there’s a low level of leucine
because that’s you know when they say it’s not a complete protein source yes
leucine is harder to get from vegetables than it is from meat it’s not because
there’s less loosing that there’s none so of course you’re still going to be
able to grow some muscles it’s the question is we’re talking about optimal
now right and we’re talking about are there other things missing so vitamins
minerals are there other things missing that if I was getting them I would be
growing even better okay so in the movie they showed some studies on-screen to
prove their point and so I I had the opportunity to look up some of these
studies I didn’t look them all up because I started to see a pattern I
just thought okay I want to go over a few of them just to show you something
because I do think again they put these studies on the screen to prove to us
that they have backing for what they’re saying the very first one I looked up is
the nutritional consideration for vegetarian athletes and the first I want
to point out is that their definition of a vegetarian athlete
as an athlete who didn’t eat any flesh of an animal but they were allowing for
eggs so right away if I’m eating eggs that means that I’m getting the complete
amino acid profile so that doesn’t actually counter the idea that we
shouldn’t be eating meat and that we can actually get everything we need from
just vegetation that’s the first point I want to make but the second point I want
to make is that they controlled for the athletes having supplement supplemented
before the study but not for what they were eating during the study so I mean
honestly they could have been eating eggs every single day or they could be
eating eggs once a week we have no idea they didn’t actually follow that the
conclusions that came from the study that they’re saying proves their point
actually were the study suggests that people who do a vegetarian diet would
benefit from increasing their protein intake to ensure that they receive
enough leucine which is the amino acid that was potentially deficient the study
also mentioned that non heme iron would lead to iron deficiency because that’s
what they would be eating the also the authors also reported that a functional
anemia would impair the athletes performance they talked about a
different kind of anemia as well a macrocytic anemia which would come from
their lack of b12 which again is something that you get from eating meats
so the final conclusion was a well-planned appropriately supplemented
vegetarian diet doesn’t seem to impair athletic performance but there’s no
evidence to suggest that vegetarianism or omnivore ISM is better or worse my
point being if I need to supplement according to that first study if I need
to supplement doesn’t that mean it’s not the optimal diet the next study was the
effects of an eighth week of whey or rice protein supplementation on body
composition and exercise performance first of all again there did not there
was no control for what the people were eating outside of the supplement they
were talking about whether or not would have issues with recovery soreness
and readiness to train and the conclusion was there was no significant
difference whether your on way or rights protein the third study that I looked up
was the role of amino acids eat eating amino acids and proteins in the
promotion of resistance exercise induced muscle protein and anabolism and again
they concluded that there is still a lot to be learned and there’s too much
variability for a definitive answer now you know at some point you just get
tired of seeing that the actual answer isn’t vegetarian vegetarianism is better
it’s either it’s no different or it’s we need more research but yet in this study
it’s presented as if it’s better the other problem that I have is that when
you look at the study that the football players then they you know they spend
the blood and everything and I’m not gonna talk about that my point was they
gave burritos if we’re trying to test meat why are we giving carbs alongside
it they’re acting as if the combination of carbon fat wouldn’t make a difference
but we know that it does so again it’s just a lot of question marks in my mind
that I wonder why that as one of the athletes said he thought he was coming
in to just eat a salad why they didn’t separate the things and like have one
person eat a state but no other carbs on the plate and one person eat just
vegetation and then see the difference if that’s what they were trying to solve
and to test for so a lot of question marks for me there in the movie they say
the one food that you can always rely on to be present no matter where you are is
plant food and I feel like again they’re misleading people because if we didn’t
have a refrigerator and we had to go outside today and get food so I’m in
Montreal right now and it’s snowing outside and covered could I just walk
outside and get vegetation to eat no but could I find a
rabbit or fox or something yeah probably right
because we have those in Montreal my point being it’s not plant food that we
always have access to there are always animals scurrying around they’re
squirrels there’s there’s always animals scurrying around not vegetation even
that statement by itself is a blatant lie but if we go to okay let’s look at
our neighbors who live in warm climates year-round even they don’t have access
to every single fruit and vegetable throughout the entire year fruits and
vegetables grow in seasons and again if we didn’t have refrigerators or we
didn’t have the electrical devices that we currently have to grow things out of
season we would have to wait until it was available and at that point can we
then say that vegetation is always available to us no actually we can’t the
other thing that they said in the movie that defies my ability to comprehend is
this idea that humans do not have any adaptations for eating meat and that all
of our adaptations are for eating vegetation okay so if we look at
carnivores carnivores have a short and digestive tract they have acidic
stomachs and they have sharp teeth if we look at herbivores they have an
extremely long digestive tract a basic stomach and flat teeth but if you look
at humans what do they have well they have a medium-sized digestive tract with
an acidic stomach so the acidic stomach helping them to process meat the medium
length helping us to process some vegetation and both sharp and flat teeth
to allow us to eat meat and yet eat vegetation wouldn’t that mean that we
have the adaptation of being omnivores which is exactly what we are what’s
frustrating is that this movie is trying to suggest
that we should be vegetarian which would mean that we should never eat an animal
when we have the adaptations to eat animals this movie is trying to suggest
that eating animals is bad but eating vegetation is good when sometimes when
we eat vegetation we have reactions to eating that vegetation for example
gluten reactions and peanut allergies and all the things that are have been
happening that have been harming humans presenting a one-sided vision of what’s
happening rather than a full understanding again I can’t call this a
documentary another thing that’s mentioned in the
movie is this idea that the only place we’re going to be able to get vitamin C
is in fruits and vegetables and basically this whole idea that we need
antioxidants and we need to eat fruits and vegetables multiple problems first
of all we do have antioxidants that we produce glutathione and uric acid which
are natural antioxidants that we make to help us when our antioxidant needs I
think the thing that I want to focus on is a vitamin C piece of the puzzle
because one thing that we’ve learned is that vitamin C is necessary but not in
the amounts that we originally thought and that the only reason humans need
such a large amount of vitamin C is because we eat so much sugar C vitamin C
and the sugar glucose have a similar structure and when you have a lot of
glucose in your blood in your body it competes for the same receptors that
vitamin C should be attaching to now here’s the interesting thing either
having inflammation causes us to have a lot of glucose in our body because in
order for inflammasome still work correctly they need to have sugar so our
body would produce it or eating glucose helps us to have extra glucose in our
body which actually interestingly enough causes inflammation because when the
body notices extra glucose inflow most infamous ohms
get deployed anyway what we know is that carbohydrates help cause inflammation
and yet in the movie they talk about how if you would
eat more carbs you were going to somehow solve an information issue that one
really had me shocked because it’s absolutely opposite of what we know to
be true but even more importantly if I’m going to eat vitamin C from fruits and
vegetables having it from orange juice is probably
the worst place to get it because the sugar and the orange juice is going to
compete with the vitamin C that I’m trying to get and so now it’s competing
for the same receptor in actuality if we just eat less sugar then the vitamin C
that we get from meat products so from animal products would be enough to keep
us healthy honestly I feel like all I’m doing is giving you each section of the
movie and telling you where the flaws were but honestly they actually said
that our brain only uses sugar and so therefore we have to eat large amounts
of sugar first and foremost yes some parts of our
brain function only with sugar but the majority of our brain can use sugar or ketones but the other piece of the
puzzle is if we were to eat no sugar at all our body would make sugar for our
brain because it knows our brain needs it the same way that our body would make
the sugar that the other parts of our body needs because our body knows what
we need we don’t need to eat sugar to feed our brain and we’ve known that for
years but yet this movie is saying that we have to eat sugar to be able to fuel
our brain the other one that I loved was this interpretation that we developed
the ability to see in color so that we could tell when fruits were a ripe or
not right and I’m not gonna deny that being able to see in color for sure
helped us to be able to tell when fruits are ripe or not right here’s the thing
that I’m wondering about was seeing in color adaptive for that reason and the
reason I questioned that is this you know what’s the worst thing that’s gonna
happen if I can’t see in color well I know this because my nephew doesn’t see
in color and we went apple picking the worst thing that happened was he had to
pull on each Apple to tell which one was right because when he pulled in a
came off you know it was right if he pulled it and didn’t come off he knew
that it wasn’t ripe yet all right so he didn’t need me walking beside him to say
that one’s red that was still yellow that one right he didn’t need that and
the other piece of the puzzle is even if he didn’t know that piece of information
that if you pull on it and it comes off easily that means it was ripe well he
certainly could pull it off bite and if it tasted okay he knew it was ripe and
the worst case scenario if it didn’t taste okay I mean it still fuel him
right just wouldn’t be tasting great so what would be another great reason for
us to be able to see in color how about the fact that when you can see in color
if there’s a lion or a tiger or any other animal that would try to eat you
hiding in tall grass since grass is green and the animal is a different
color with color vision you’d be able to tell that there was an animal over there
waiting to eat you wouldn’t that seem like a much more realistic reason why we
would develop color vision than to be able to see the color of fruit but as
they would have us believe the most important thing that we can do with our
color vision is not detect predators and run away it’s picked fruit while the
lion is chomping on my leg this movie was frustrating frustrating for so many
reasons but I have an understanding of maybe why they would want people to not
eat animals and I think it’s coming from the fact that the way that we farm
animals is pretty horrible and that I agree with they don’t mention that in
the movie interestingly enough they’re trying to push this idea that this is
all about our health yet everything in there seems to suggest that they don’t
necessarily care about our health because otherwise you’d present the
research properly and you’d present history properly what I think it’s more
about saving the animals and you know what I agree we could be treating
animals better I think that if I’m gonna eat a cow or a chicken that while it was
alive it should have been able to roam free live a life
in whatever positive way it could possibly live its life so you know
eating and moving around and whatever cows and chickens and all these other
animals pork and that we eat do and then when it’s time to harvest you harvest I
disagree with the way that animals are treated but do I think that I should
sacrifice my health or the health of my family so that we could treat an animal
better well actually know that for one simple
reason what happens to all these animals right so we’re not gonna eat them what
happens to them if we need to be conscious of the fact that when animals
roam around with other animals they get eaten nobody feels bad when the lion
attacks the cow or the buffalo or whatever and eats it but for some reason
if a human eats a cow it’s a problem and honestly I don’t agree with that
whatever is gonna help a human to be healthy should be done and then we
should take our good health and use it in a positive way to treat the food that
we’re growing properly so that number one we feed it what it’s supposed to be
fed which we don’t always do we feed grain to our cows and and poor-quality
everything to our cows and our pigs and our chickens and our so we should feed
them properly and then we should harvest them humanely we’ve stopped using people
for entertainment to the death and we’ve stopped we try to stop cock fights and
dog fights and and we need to treat the food that we’re growing better and will
I agree with that absolutely would it have been a better movie if they would
have talked about that absolutely do I agree with what they’ve said in this
movie about health not at all this is unfortunate because I really I went into
this movie thinking that maybe it was going to be a movie that would help us
better understand food and how it can be used in a healthy way to fuel us and I
feel like I found a movie that’s full of acting
and I mean you know that’s okay but it should be presented as a movie it wasn’t
a movie that was made towards our health as much as it was made to try to
accomplish something that I’m not really sure is about humans being healthy it’s
tough because I do think we need to respect our food whether it’s plants and
growing them in a way that is clean for humans to eat or animals growing them in
a way that it’s healthy for them and clean for us to eat unfortunately the
way that we grow our animals causes them to need antibiotics just to be able to
survive those situations if that’s what I need to do to keep this animal in that
condition why am I not questioning that condition that I’m keeping the animal in
it’s something that I don’t understand so I definitely want everyone to
consider that there’s another way to do this I hope we find a better way to do
it but to say that the answer is humans never eating meat again I don’t believe
that’s the answer to say that the answer is lying to people about how vegetation
only is actually a solution that’s gonna work for everyone I don’t believe is the
answer because we will never work out to the level of an athlete I shouldn’t say
that the average person will never work out to the level of an athlete and
therefore that extra level of carbohydrates will cause them to gain
weight and whether you’re an athlete or not eating that level of carbohydrates
is causing internal damage as we saw that one like guy that he had that
stomach and there were a few others in there that didn’t have the flattest no
stomach sauna there even though they work out like crazy it makes you wonder
why is it that your stomach isn’t super flat if you work out as much as you do
nobody’s looking at that part of the story but I do because I want you guys
to understand that there’s more to this than just eat vegetation everything’s
going to be okay you know and I do agree that we all should be eating Whole Foods
regardless of what kind of diet we’re doing and that part of the movie I can
definitely agree with that Whole Foods other things gonna help you
be healthier I really hope you guys found this video helpful for those of
you who aren’t subscribed I want to encourage you to take them time to
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  1. Jennifer Sheldon Posted on November 14, 2019 at 11:37 am

    They showed the athletes before they lost muscle and started becoming injured. These athletes got all of their gains before veganism. They lost them while vegan and got serious injuries too when they shouldn't have. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger too and look at the other athletes they showcase. Before and current.

  2. Jennifer Sheldon Posted on November 14, 2019 at 11:57 am

    You didn't mention the how herbivores ferment the food. Running animals have 4 stomachs. Rabbits and other little herbivores have an extra part of the digestive system to ferment. We can't ferment. Our digestive tract is indicative of carnivore. Length doesn't determine carnivore, omnivore or herbivore. There are carnivores that have the longest digestive tracts out of all animals, like a seals and dolphins, which is 30 times the length of their bodies. Ours are approximately 7 times.

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    NFL QB vegan Cam Newton is out for the season because his foot injury will not heal. He got Game Changed!
    Report: Cam Newton's Foot Injury 'Not Getting Better,' to Meet with Specialist

  4. mohin pat Posted on November 14, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    I really enjoyed your review. I laughed so hard and cried, cos everything is so out of context and inaccurate. Congrats! You have the talent to be a comedian….

  5. Richell Mcknight Posted on November 14, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    There were 2 classes of gladiators- slaves, mostly captured/ conquered people, who were housed in the cells( barracks) attached to the colosseum, and free men, who volunteered, for money and fame- these included mercenaries, knights, and even politicians and several emperors. The only reference I can find to the vegan gladiator theory, is based on one mass burial grave found in Turkey in 1993, near the Temple of Artemis. Since mass burial was not the method for the revered gladiator, but rather the poor, the slaves, etc, I would not think it would be accurate to assume that all gladiators ate the vegetarian diet that the slaves would have been fed (as it's less expensiv)e. Considering most of them didn't live past their early 20's , and they were eating ancient, non gmo grains, there was little time for the massive carb impact we see today in vegan diets, although the research does state there was quite a bit of dental decay, probably from all the fruit, especially dried, that they would have had eaten.

  6. Barefoot Sage Posted on November 14, 2019 at 4:23 pm

    You obviously don't know anything about gladiators. They lived with wealthy men that trained them as hard as any modern day athlete. They where bet on by the upper class. Do you think poor sick wounded malnourished fighters are going to win. With huge sums of money on the line, sophisticated training centers where developed. Military combat experts where hired at some of these venues to optimize there combat abilities. These training centers provided there fighters everything they could to ensure victory, even slave woman. They fed them as optimum as possible so they can train them as optimum as possible. Just like modern day coach's and owners. There reputations where on the line. Bragging rights go to the owners who got the most victorys. So yeah putting them in the same category as dog fighters is silly. Even prizes dogs are fed/ trained optimumly and also receive medical attention.

    Your obviously bias towards your keto diet.

  7. Jeff Hall Posted on November 14, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    27:29 No carbohydrate is essential. Essential fatty acids? Yes. Essential amino acids? Yes. Essential carbohydrate? NO!!!!
    YOU CAN MAKE GLUCOSE FROM FAT AND PROTEIN: Gluconeogenesis -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluconeogenesis

  8. FlashGordon1023 Posted on November 14, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    The Game Changer is not a documentary and its not an entertaining movie, its propaganda. FYI – Reading interesting books is right up my alley. Went to Amazon and found two books on your list that I have not read, so I chose the audio version of one, but couldn't use my Audible credits to get it, I had to pay for it in Canadian dollars.

  9. Vilena5 Posted on November 14, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    Really enjoyed how you broke it all down with clear arguments. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Cindy Hsu Posted on November 14, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Exactly! I couldn’t even finish the movie lol

  11. happy happy Posted on November 15, 2019 at 7:15 am

    Very thought out talk thank you

  12. Andy Stevenson Posted on November 15, 2019 at 7:28 am

    Don't forget that James Cameron who produced this mocumentary has $140million shares in a plant based protein company asked Verdient. Do people not think this has an impact on the bias? 🤔😂

  13. pamisjaming Posted on November 15, 2019 at 8:06 am

    Good commentary. Biblically, God gave man the right to eat certain beasts of the field. That's good enough. So whatever this movie depicts is not Biblical and shouldn't be trying to tell others what to consume. Also, knowing how fat Sumo Wrestlers are and very athletic to their sport, I wonder what foods they're consuming. Dr. Sten Ekberg did a commentary on the movie as well and really broke it down. Both of you are spot on.

  14. C. G. Ku. Posted on November 15, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    The best Game Changers debunked video ever! Awesome work!

  15. C. G. Ku. Posted on November 15, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    In Germany, Veganism is being pushed on us so darn hard, it isn't even funny anymore. On TV, on science shows, etc. they actually tell us to eat margarine instead of butter because margarine causes less CO2 emission than butter, because cows and cow farming emits a lot of CO2. They also advise us to eat cookies and shortbread rather than chocolate because they emit less CO2 than chocolate, ignoring the fact that cookies have wheat, lots of carbs, lots of sugar, gluten and artificial emulsifiers while chocolate, if not consuming the sugary commercial stuff, has at least some properties that is good for our body. You know, I don't want to clog my arteries with hydrogenated vegetable fats and transfats that have been produced artificially in a lab and then in a factory for the sake of saving the climate! They are now pushing Veganism down our throats with analog fake-meat right out of a chemistry set, claiming that it is healthy for us and good for the climate. I dare say the best way to save the earth and the climate is to put a bullet in our heads. But we won't do it because we want to live. Well, I want to live, too, and I want to live healthily, so I'm not going to buy into the bull that has been going on around here and I hope many others won't, either! Stay healthy and happy!

  16. Keto4Deb Posted on November 15, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Yes very misleading and a lot of people will follow along blindly without thinking or reasoning, or researching for themselves. Unfortunately.

  17. Gwen J Posted on November 15, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    The gladiator used as evidence of anything seems silly. Even if the gladiator's owner wanted to spend the money to give them the best nutrition, it doesn't mean anything. Why should we believe that those ancient Romans knew anything about nutrition?

  18. Erick Legros Posted on November 17, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    I'm glad to hear you are in Montreal. I just discover your Channel. You seem to have a passion for nutrition and for the truth. So I am. So rest assured I will follow you here. What a beautiful woman you are and I'm betting you are beautiful person as well.

  19. Carbage Man Posted on November 21, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    I'd watch this "documentary" to see how absurd it is, but I don't want the producers to get the money. I'll probably grab a torrent.

    The producers clearly want you to believe that fat is both incidental to food and harmful, particularly animal fat.

    As for the controls on studies, I'm thinking any successful long-term vegan is using supplements that are animal-based, and without fail, they credit a "plant-based lifestyle" for their "health." Clearly, a mostly whole-food lifestyle beats manufactured foods hands down.

    Finally, just so you know, you don't want to try to live on rabbit. It's actually called rabbit starvation, because they don't have enough fat.

  20. Poppy S Posted on November 23, 2019 at 8:09 am

    "A lion is eating my foot off".

  21. mary nguyen Posted on November 24, 2019 at 3:42 am

    I ve just somehow found your videos. Absolutely love them, love the way you present and analyze the topics in clear and comprehensive manner. Thank you!

  22. Mainer S Posted on November 24, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Only the most famous gladiators who had reached stardom were pampered. As long as they kept winning they were valued. The first time they lose, the crowd could turn down their thumbs. The vast majority of the gladiators were treated worse than household slaves. They were an expendable commodity that was constantly being replenished from captives, slaves and prisoners.

  23. lulukan64 Posted on November 24, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    I love your channel so much! I just found it this morning and I can’t stop watching. I love the way you present the information and I like the way you present the facts. ❤️

  24. Imma Aquarius Posted on November 24, 2019 at 5:10 pm

    You are the second professional that I have listened to about the cons of the movie and I thank you. This information is extremely helpful.

  25. Artbug Posted on November 24, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    ooo wow happy I found your channel. New sub! 🙂

  26. Mad Dragon Posted on November 24, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    I've been spending the last two weeks trying to reprogram my 22 year old son who watched that nonsense movie. Luckily he loves his steak 'n eggs.

  27. Warren Posted on November 24, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    First of all I respect your Knowledge, But I know that the Meat and Dairy has brainwashed us in America claiming we need proteins to build muscle and The Veggie People like me know this is Bullshit , getting ur protein from plants is the ultimate protein the Protein from animals is
    from an animal that ate protein and we are getting leftover , weak deformed protein from a dead animal . By the way Dr Mills positively proves that we are closer to plants and herbivore animals than omnivore animals and protein from plants is the best protein .
    I think the movie is out to prove the lies that we need to eat animals to be real strong and healthy , and got off track . I will watch it,
    anyway please watch the Video it is long but dont miss any part { Youtube …. Are We Designed to Eat Meat? Milton Mills MD }

  28. Warren Posted on November 25, 2019 at 12:17 am

    I wrote the comment below I screwed up I did not watch this complete video before I made a comment SORRY
    Now I agree with you I am am a real Plantivore , No Dairy No Meat No Eggs by the way I am 76 yrs young No Hospital stay ever
    No MDs – No Prescriptions . No Drugs No Smoking .. I went to all plant food a few years ago , It works for me as does
    High Intensity Exercise mostly stretching ,rebounding and light weights
    I am doing anti aging No drugs I even got a new email [email protected] I dont sell anything I just love having energy and being Healthy I even started to create my own style of stick fighting I should really write a Book Warren

  29. Orgullosamente Mexicana Posted on November 25, 2019 at 1:34 am

    Most people who create false information count on the ignorance of the masses. If your fooled in today’s world of readily available information then u deserve it!

  30. Kay Allen Posted on November 25, 2019 at 4:26 am

    No, gladiators were SLAVES – men bought and sold and forced to fight in the Coliseums. How well they were treated was based upon how well that man fought. Each win increased their value to the owner. Gladiators were commodities…not people.

  31. Kay Allen Posted on November 25, 2019 at 4:44 am

    You are quite correct – an Optimal Human Diet will NOT require supplementation. Plant-based diets also include things animal-based foods do not – phytotoxins, oxalates and lectins. Plants always available? – Antarctica? Ideologues making documentaries should tell the truth – but they do not – they present propaganda. We didn't evolve seeing in color…that was developed by primates – long before we evolved further. Just as we are bi-laterally symmetrical which evolves eons before us.

  32. Rocketscientist66 Posted on November 25, 2019 at 7:44 am

    Hi Violet, I‘m just curious … what is your professional background? Are you a physician? It doesn‘t really matter, like in the case of Dave Feldman, he‘s a studied engineer and figured out so many things and has/is performing valuable research projects in the name of Real Science! I love all of his work. Just would be nice to know your background, besides your personal health history and your success on Keto. Thanks & keep up the great work, just love your perspective on things – facts, truth and science.

  33. Katharine Liberatore Posted on November 25, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    I just found your channel and I luv your content! I'm also a clinician working with an integrated health approach. Plus, I'm from Montreal (living in T.O.)! Keep up the great work!

  34. Raven Whitechapel Posted on November 25, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    I'm glad you have your channel and you're talkin about this because it's been all over Facebook for 25 years and it's all over YouTube people just want to put up a block or a channel and they just want to chatter and jabber their lips away but they don't know what they're talkin about it's because they steal the information from what other people put up and then try to twist it to give a bit of themselves in there. They don't learn about what they're talkin about by experience and that's why there's so much misinformation they will literally steel topics from one another and try to take over getting Fame about that topic like for instance the keto diet for the low carb diet what you get is a bunch of people putting off different information somebody will actually make a low carb meal with carrots real carrots is not a low carb food especially with keto and it shouldn't be eating some people will make bread and I'm not talkin about bread from almond flour I'm talking about buying it from the store and saying oh well it's not going to hurt they don't know what they're doing they have a semi education and the rest they just throw in there and I'm tired of it I got off Facebook 7 years ago because not only did I realize that people were so antisocial and immature because all they do is unfriend people because when somebody says something that they don't like they unfriend them on that's how they live their lives they're immature and they can't take the fact that in America we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression so they unfriend you when they don't agree with what you're saying it's too politically correct for me it's absolutely ridiculous this country at this point there's very little intellectual people left and there's very little people who can have a social exchange. thanks to Facebook and pretty much anything that's owned by Google they just keep trying to take away our freedom of speech and I'm glad you're taking this opportunity to tell people not to listen to everything they read it's not serious news and even the Sirius news channels like Fox and CNN have been reported in the past for telling Miss truths and slanting the truth to make the Republicans look good and still there are people who can't wait to turn it on everyday. so yes I'm tired of the misinformation about keto and about low carb just because everybody thinks they're a movie star or a TV star now having a channel and people need to realize that a lot of times when you see how many people are following that they have paid Facebook and YouTube to give them the followers

  35. Jola Bogusz Posted on November 26, 2019 at 2:05 am

    Those who don't eat in a ketogenic way, fear that we must be starving , that we eat for fun opposed to eating to nourish our bodies. We must be bored to death eating 🍽 meat and salads and we crave all the deserts 🏜. Nothing fat the truth.
    I'm on keto 7 months and feeling much better than before .

  36. albie071 Posted on November 26, 2019 at 3:35 am

    As I'm watching this and you are talking about plants or animals being available to eat around us, I can see outside a wollaby and two birds and if I had to eat them I could, but most of the plants around me would probably kill me if I tried to eat them.

  37. Gabriel Dulong Posted on November 26, 2019 at 7:31 am

    i'm blown away!! i love you so much!! keep doing those video

  38. Alan Cameron Posted on November 26, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    Game Changers if fake news, they took a sample of gladiators from a particular area but if they had looked at gladiators from Thebes in Egypt they would have seen that they had a high meat and fish diet and they were healthy, it seems that Arnie and James Cameron conspired to cash in on the vegan movement

  39. Alan Cameron Posted on November 26, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    We haven't even began to talk about the phyto toxins in plants and grains, so called healthy spinach and almonds are crazily high in Oxalate. A veggie diet will give you Ochratoxin-A,phytic acid, purines, lectins, suddenly meat is starting to look like the true human diet,our ancestors were not out on the savannah hunting veggie burgers, it's Frankenfood

  40. Dragon Fire Posted on November 26, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    The Game Changer movie is propaganda for the vegan diet.

  41. T Innerste Posted on November 26, 2019 at 2:59 pm

    Maybe we can see red and green to track injured animals from blood trails. Most animals that see no color can see movement better.

  42. AndrewEdwardRoss Posted on November 26, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    I support your statement, but one thing I wanted to point out is that although Gladiators were made up of slaves and criminals, it was also a lucrative business and sport akin to modern day football, hockey, MMA, wrestling. Gladiatorial combat was also mostly just entertainment with flashy combative techniques utilizing the most unconventional and inefficient tools, often categorizing the type of gladiator based on the chosen style, pitting one style against another, like an extreme form of rock paper scissors. Categories were not limited to the style of combat, but also to racial profiles. For example, a person from Thracia, a Thrace, would be called a Thraex Gladiator, possibly due to the Thracian style of combat as well.

    Having said that, it was THE business back in Roman times. Emperors and politicians paid huge sums because it was very much part of the politics as well. Gladiators would join voluntarily to pay off debts, or slaves would earn their freedom. Executions contrary to popular belief rarely happened. One gladiatorial school would often compensate the other for injuries and death. The actual executions were ceremonial and it would be the gladiators performing the execution on criminals. As for criminals being Gladiators, they would basically be slaves fighting for their freedoms, and those types of gladiators were often expendable and cheap to compensate, so in the event that a death would occur, it would often be orchestrated as such that an expendable Gladiator would be chosen to fight a more skilled Gladiator.

    Which leads to my point. Gladiators would earn a lot of income, and schools were more than capable of providing the highest level of medicine and nutrition to the gladiators. In fact, bones were often ground into powder and fed to gladiators for the increase in minerals, collagen, etc to support stronger bones. It was also discovered that gladiators had a high carbohydrate diet which most likely meant that they were fed wheat germ, possibly fruits and vegetables, but mostly grains that were high in protein. There may have also been meat accompanied with their meals. Just like your typical body builder. Except I believe they were on an intermittent fasting regiment.

    Sorry for the essay. Gladiators are my thing.

  43. Mandel Harvey Posted on November 26, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    I love that you point out the abundantly obvious that the movie makers want us to ignore. You're beautiful. I mean that spiritually. You're physically attractive but that's a minor detail.

  44. Mandel Harvey Posted on November 26, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    Like we don't need to eat sugar we don't really need to eat meat. It is pleasurable at times. I'm not mad at smokers. And I'm 100% sure the movie is a commercial for evil.

  45. Claire Baichoo Posted on November 26, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    There is SOOO much misinfo/false info out there, everyone is PUSHING their own agendas! They makes us feel guilty if we do not believe their hype & lies! There is 'NO ONE FIT ALL DIET'. I totally agree w/ the info you have shared in this video. Animals are needed to keep the balance in our ecosystem.So, if we eat meat. it is irrelevant on the waste to the planet.

  46. Tracy Keyes Posted on November 27, 2019 at 10:00 am

    My conclusion is since following the Keto lifestyle, I have much more energy, I eat a lot less, I can fast easily, I don’t get tired easily, my sleep is the only thing that’s not optimal. Best decision ever!!

  47. Xuan Luo Posted on November 27, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    The vegetable is only available year long if you fermented them stored underground. We were doing that back then.

  48. Steve Cedrone Posted on November 28, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    It bugs me that this movie is getting so much traction and it's full of so much bad information. We are drowning in information today as humans but we have never been so stupid! UGH We really need to focus on how we consider things because it's going to be our downfall if we don't!

  49. Steve Cedrone Posted on November 28, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Another thought… Look at the Indigenous folks that survive on fatty meat year round in really extreme climates. They don't have deficiencies and are very healthy!

  50. Wisakedjak Archetype Posted on November 29, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    This guy shows the proof and explains "the cloudy blood". – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s41FM-XoBmI

    Same "visual" results can be duplicated on a carnivore/keto meal.

  51. UNDER GRACE Posted on November 29, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    We know veganism is a growing movement and here to stay so what are your thoughts on lab grown meat?