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The HONEST TRUTH About The EGG INDUSTRY (Egg Nutrition Debunked) | LIVEKINDLY

– [Narrator] The egg industry is not what it’s cracked up to be. Eggs are used in many foods. They’re almost ubiquitous. Pasta, pastries, even candy. Egg protein hides in food labels under various names, such as lysozyme, albumin, globulin, and lecithin. But are eggs healthy? Are they necessary? How did the industry come to be? The honest truth about the egg industry. Eggs are used for a variety of purposes. They create stability in batters when baking cakes and cookies. Eggs are used to make
condiments, such as mayonnaise. They’re used as a binding
agent in beauty products. And two eggs any style
are a western staple for a weekend brunch. Humans have been consuming
eggs for a long time. Hen domestication began
with the East Indian, Chinese, and Egyptian populations between 3200 and 1400 BC. Domesticating hens meant
that they didn’t have to go hunting for eggs anymore. Eggs finally reached Europe in 800 BC. Throughout our egg consuming history, up until the industrial revolution, chickens only laid eggs
during part of the year. There’s plenty of daylight in springtime, but it isn’t too hot out. And that’s why we have Easter eggs, and eggs on the Seder plate. Chickens of today face a
much different reality. According to the Humane
Society of the United States, wild hens typically lay
10 to 15 eggs a year. Factory farm raised chickens now produce 250 to 300 eggs year-round. With a growing population,
and with countries eating as many as 279
eggs per person per year, the demand has put an incredible strain on the hens reproductive system in order to produce this unnatural amount. So how does egg laying work exactly? Hens are female chickens,
and like human women, they have a reproductive cycle. Every month a woman will produce an egg from one of her ovaries. Hens only have one ovary. But in a similar fashion, the ovary sends a yolk on its path. This then forms what we
know as an egg white. As yolk moves through
the reproductive tract into the shell gland, eggshells get their hard outer coating from calcium carbonate. And it’s a labor intensive process. For each shell produced a hen must use approximately 10% of the calcium stored in her bones to make this coating. As hens are bred to produce
up to 300 eggs per year, this comes at an extreme
cost to her health. Hens face debilitating osteoporosis, skeletal paralysis, fatal
reproductive diseases, as well as other diseases spread through overcrowded chicken houses. What about free-range? Perhaps you’ve heard it’s better. The Sentience Institute took a closer look at the United States
Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental
Protection Agency’s definition of concentrated animal feeding operations. The report concluded that
99% of animal products in the US come from
factory farms, with 98% of egg laying hens living
in these crowded conditions. As consumers have become aware
of factory farming practices, terms such as free range and cage free have been used by marketers to continue to sell these animal products. According to PETA, the largest
animal rights organization, labels other than organic
are not government regulated. Free range can mean that the chickens spend 10 minutes a day outside. But no one is enforcing any rules on this. Cage free hens face the same overcrowding as factory farmed hens. Except without the cages. They’re still subjected to having their beaks cut off to prevent violence in the overcrowded space. Game of Thrones start Jerome Flynn spoke to PETA about this issue. – British farmers would like us to imagine their animals in green pastures and barnyard scenes of years gone by. But I’m sorry to say, the
reality is far from idyllic. Most eggs come from hens who
are crammed in so tightly, that they can’t nest or
stretch out even a single wing. Or do anything else that’s
natural or important to them. Please also join me in rejecting labels like high welfare,
organic, and free range. They’re only there to make
consumers feel better. Male chicks deemed unnecessary
to the egg industry, as they do not lay eggs, are
killed as a general practice. Hatcheries terminate hundreds of thousands of male chicks per year
by grinding them alive or putting them in a gas chamber. Chickens can live eight years on average. And commercial hens only lay eggs for the first two years
before they are spent. Then these hens are also
gassed at a young age and sent to the landfill,
or rendered into oil to be used by other industries. Why are eggs in such high demand? Eggs are versatile, and
they have been the star of the breakfast table thanks to decades of effective marketing campaigns positioning eggs as a
healthy protein choice. Humans only require 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Or 1.2 grams of protein
per kilogram of body weight if trying to build muscle mass. This equates to about 10% of all calories coming from protein. Aside from protein,
concerns began to spark around egg consumption due to
high levels of cholesterol. Researchers at Northwestern University School of Medicine put
dietary cholesterol concerns back on the map with a
paper that associates the cholesterol from egg consumption with increased mortality
and cardiovascular risk. One large egg contains 186
milligrams of cholesterol, and most countries’ dietary guidelines suggest 100 to 300
milligrams maximum per day. Cholesterol is a steroid. And is a precursor to hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. It also patches up holes
in the arterial lining by making cholesterol plaque, and it helps us synthesize vitamin D. Cholesterol has gotten a bad rap, since cholesterol plaque is usually a sign of cardiovascular disease. But this is largely due
to underlying inflammation causing blood vessels to
tear in the first place. The liver makes up to
75% of our cholesterol. And all of our other cells
are capable of making it too. This all goes to show that cholesterol from our diet is not necessary. Though eggs seem to be everywhere, there are many eggy alternatives that can be added to your diet instead. Substitute flax seed to
create a flax egg for baking. Weekend scrambles and quiches can easily be swapped for tofu instead. And don’t forget the side of tempeh bacon. Southern California
company, Follow Your Heart, makes vegan mayonnaise without the egg, by using grapeseed oil in its place. Bay Area start-up Just has developed a unique process that turns mung beans into vegan scrambled eggs. The company uses the mung bean, as it gels and cooks like an egg. It contains zero dietary cholesterol. And the scramble gets its golden color from tumeric and carrot extract. That’s it for today. Remember to subscribe and
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Randall Smitham



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