April 4, 2020
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  • 3:53 pm Gilbert’s on Main serves New York Style Deli in Bellevue – KING 5 Evening
  • 3:53 pm Keto diet Meatballs with tomato sauce ASMR cooking No talking
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the hassle of somebody I’ll take the
time to tell them and mingle buddies that’s it alright you got it
yeah take the McBaine here today with me I don’t know if you love that red hair
and the blue lipstick I don’t know where she come today with that blue lipstick
trying to be me cuz ya’ll know I’ll be doing this signature be lipstick did you
you ever seen me in the video doing blue singing oh man
good I got song so I’ll be taking I cop it out for you let me give Oh try one of these hush
puppies davidann oh cool I’m just gonna grab my fries with my hand I don’t think
they gave us no ketchup and then you need ketchup yeah I do about have to
have okay cuz I’m saying Curtis bitching on this show get you
some fish without a bone which one to listen mama I think maybe down each
other’s oh she got her little piece uh-huh oh so y’all I could tell the
limits I’ll give a child on there you go honey
i’ma hold it up for a minute because I’d be put in the back kind of quick yeah
I’ll get what I want I hope you got it my dad was wonderful how was y’all’s day
how was your week week was great Valentine’s Day was wonderful
oh yeah mm-hmm did you go out I did not say I have to work it was on Thursday
he’s what we gonna celebrate tomorrow I’m off some work on Monday money’s a
holiday and so I’m off my husband is off on Mondays so we’re gonna do something
mmm Sunday we just tomorrow and Monday no for people like me who don’t keep up
with holidays what holiday is the money missing is it president no I just told you I don’t know what is
very– yo is it President’s Day Oh something up there leave in the
comments what day about time now see this video that I’m gonna be Monday no
more right because I’m at the post office we’re all like federal holidays
you don’t even know why you all see it I just began to be all I dad will kill
wonderful all your days come in to let me out let me let me let my people here
let’s let’s eat free then ask you want to work Monday no ma’am you pay good
work but no I want you to taste it she really want me to excited size button there is no y’all if y’all go to speak
in seafood off of Chilean Lockwood next to the Fiesta Buddhist has parties to
your friends go ahead minutes take right now I’m
sunny buddy dude Nanni’s okay y’all know this my first meal of the day I do have
a couple of shout outs though yes yes I want to give a shout out to live in my
14 she posted the video the other day of she and i doing the letters challenge
and i’m not gonna tell you one channel I see one letters challenge and leave
mm-hmm no living life with team oh my god I just say to you Lee they see a
meager living life routine go check her out when she still got one more channel
did she mean I mean a challenge to post whatever and also the I love Lisa
Michelle show I did a collab with her and she posted it on her channel the
other day what was that we did we did the stop right oh yeah we did the subway
got one mom you have one more of the lemon challenge so y’all go subscribe to
her channel if y’all wanna see who won the lemon challenge I’m not gonna tell
y’all who won yeah I already know already know what I’m not gonna tell
y’all go on go watch the video and make sure y’all leave lots of comments
rooting her own whatever but what does the goal of channel is consistently the
goal of challenge is any time well first of all back in December my circle of friends on YouTube I was
telling them that they need to start going live to build their watch time and
not just be working on their subscriber count but their watch time at the same
time okay so they was like okay we’re gonna do it don’t do it but they wasn’t
doing it they didn’t do it so I said I’m gonna start a challenge
and I’m a challenge out so I challenged them back in December we did food-loving
us so the challenge was that being to go live every day that you could for the
month of January uneasy chamber up to Christmas so we started going live and
they I’ll be real good but after the challenge was over with they stopped and
I said y’all need to keep going mm-hmm so I would I be making challenges
up to encourage and inspire people a lot of people think I’m doing the challenges
for myself but I’m really doing it because you need to have different
activity on your channel you need to make things fun through and so I’m
creating challenges to assist y’all in doing that so it’s really for your
benefit not just mine mm-hmm so when they stop doing going live I was like
I’m gonna do a challenge and as we was in live one day and so I just told them
because they was coming to my life every day I was like but y’all need to be
going on – cuz I was going live everyday and I was staying on there folks I one
time I stayed on there 10 hours Wow I was getting my watch time one way out
of here there’s you uh but I was like y’all need to be doing it – mm-hmm
so I created the go live challenge and all of them in and I say okay I’m gonna
do the challenge so I created the robot challenge and the goal our challenge is
just to people like to have number it’s to go live live for 30 days y’all but
it’s really not a limit you can go like whenever you want it doesn’t have to be
consecutive I try not to put limits on people
something like that cuz me and they’ll say well I can’t go live for 30 days
straight so it’s go live for 30 days but the days
do not have to be consecutive days is whenever you want to do it and it’s
beyond 30 days but 30 days is just to give you an idea of getting a movie once
you get used to doing it if you haven’t meet your watch time yet you’re gonna
continue until you excuse me until you reach your watch time so the challenge
is to go live for 30 days for 30 minutes or more because once you get on there
again people gonna keep you on there 2 3 4 5 hours from so each time you go live
if you’re doing the challenge with me the goal our challenge with tasting my
bank each I will put you in my play list I will give you a shout-out in my video
and I will tell other people to if they are looking for people to go live
because some people like to subscribe to people’s channels that go live so I will
tell my people that are watching me so go subscribe to these people that are
participating in the go live challenge because they are going live often and
that’s what some people are looking for they like to go to keepers live right so
you win win win you could just go live on your own and don’t have to mention
the go live challenge but you’re not getting anything out of it so why not do
the tasty mukbang eats go live challenge get put in the playlist get shout it out
possibly get posted on my community tab and I’m gonna tell people to go to your
channel and subscribe to you because you’re going live mm-hmm you’re not
gonna get that by just doing it on your own
no you I like to kill 2 3 4 5 right Birds and time starts right so that’s
what the goal our challenge is anybody that wants to participate will do the
goal of challenge and any of my other challenges that are in the description
box below I will always shout you out don’t have a problem with that
if you have done one of my challenges and I don’t know anything about it and
didn’t mention you make sure you leave a comment and let me know your doing my
challenges because I I’m gonna mention you right but sometimes I forget to
bring my paper to disabled like today so I know it’s a couple of people that I
don’t forgot mm-hmm so but I will be mentioning you in a future video
oh is this your first time in here yes a pet but it plays several times I didn’t
know that this fish was good and they have Lydia’s girl it’s seasoned so well
I like the bones I’ve had bones I think you know I think in their bag I got some
sriracha Hassan oh yeah I know I’ve told you I’m going to try but if you try you
should get up a Goomba name someone you should get up listen I’m gonna
understand why don’t be edit out and see you might not want them to see you go
get it but in here lady it is in here I I know
it’s here babe I think you got it I think it is jury season baby baby yes
we will be going down right there but back to going live I’m with the
cities right sweet I know when I went live my husband I was so nervous and
paranoid like nobody nobody knows we’re older top and fans and what we gonna do
we don’t have no frankly not having dogs I thought oh come on i exactly girl you
know we administer so my husband’s the minister you know I’m a woman of God –
you know they might not want to hear that whatever but that came through it
feels like for people I feel so comfortable tasty I’m so comfortable
girl I feel so good my sister popped in some people popped in my nephew careful
kid he pops in here by stuff we know he’s loved him so much
check him out careful Keith but it not felt so good you know and it was easy
breezy then one time I guess I’m I think I did by myself you’re fast pocket at
all because I am still of working progress as I said in my channel so I
mean it’s good it’s fun but I work you know so my husband I works over I don’t
want to go live every day I can go live to 30 minutes yeah machine if you’re
trying to push us to encourage us I love you something lady here we and we just
met not too long ago y’all it’s like she’s my sister for real for real
ain’t no fake the funk over here cuz I’m like I can’t do that I’m gonna have a
woman I can’t really be I don’t know how to be funny cuz it is show you know I I
came because it was show through its up now
baby what they didn’t get along Oh looky there was one eyes I can’t do that
though he was from an outcome name you can s it about me no coming out on me is
making themselves there’s nothing happy yeah getting four to you showing the
devil in you and you know a lot of you found your face in a tooth a ninja the
devil is a liar and you is the devil about us I can’t do
this but right now y’all I’m not acting funny but I’m hungry
yo if I ain’t looking at her honey yeah this fish is so good girl
let me tell you this fish make you only eat the bone mm-hmm Godhead I just I
think about the girl I told you listen what I say oh I asked her what she want
to eat but you want some fish – fish or whatever things they papaya or
friendship Popeyes and you say fish I say okay the first place I go no it’s
awful killing and all over the world a lot of people like oh it’s another fish
place I came in the menu it’s right down Kelly and some people like that and then
it’s another fish place on Jensen some people like that it’s like three fixed
places on just a friend of mine goes to the one on Justin and Kelly you can’t smell less cashmere going
didn’t but I know some more spice hey y’all uh once you bought it some tingle
top and least she’ll be like I got a girl I get it that girl Yao’s
I thought you should come stay in this place I thought she’s a monster fish
player I’ve known everything look restaurant called fish place I say I got
a fish feed back right by me I can stop and get it right but we went to this
right and when I say fish I just meant fish place but yeah I got
you but then I’m sorry that’s a place that’s called fish place let me show you
it when we get to so girl I said I gotta kind of change right yeah y’all leaving
the continents if y’all ever heard of the fish place right then that’s the
name of it the fish polite cuz I know we all got eggs this place in
I’m a bride right but I never heard of this place and I always go here because
now let me tell you so now you seen I had two boxes right here put one box
with the fries and the salad like the fish come like twelve or thirteen
dollars mm-hmm so you get the fries the salad and the fish for $13 that’s pretty
good and it’s and usually the one box is enough to be like four people but I got
two boxes cuz I want a lot of food on my plate and then died a monster day wrecking it
I want sure I don’t like to leave nothing behind my husband tomorrow I’ll
eat leftovers I do long isn’t that molded and that’s ball don’t you look so
good you didn’t see them chicken videos you’re out you left a job ie left those
two they’re gone me too and Lobos are I’m I say I always
feel like there are leftover ago I believe leftovers bubu and I could eat
lift those for five days I can’t – then when I make a pot of spaghetti oh you
know what I want us to do for our next video what you cook yes ma’am that’s
what I want us to do I want us to do a breakfast lunch okay y’all tell her I
got be lipstick y’all till I leave it in the comments there yeah it tasty got
blue lipstick red lipstick I don’t know y’all never see me without all the
colors I got yeah I even got some white lipstick so anyway y’all we are here
today to do something that I am very scared of I am scared
I am like steer steer steer steer steer she probably don’t weed maybe I might
let her I might just scarily beat her but we are here with the Buffalo Wild
Wings blazing we got fire wings apiece y’all that’s all we could do is 5 wins
apiece and we might not be able to do this lord have mercy
you won’t say grace today I can and don’t be brave with yourself the wind
either dark with the I promise I’ll show do y’all
like I have I love it she’s so beautiful y’all we are here today to do the pretty
P and the T and Lee challenge with the pig lips I’m not yeah we can maybe eat
some feed lips now I’ve never tried pickled pig lips before and also as a
consolation prize we have some beets pickled beets I love pickled beets and
she’s never had pickled beets before so after we do the pickled pig lips we’re
gonna do some pickled beets and I’m probably gonna need just to take that up
my mouth yeah I ain’t ready I’m not ready
should we say grace over this I would prize everything yeah dear Heavenly
Father we thank you God for this well I don’t know what it is it’s edibles you
not allowed us to happy for our God we pray that it is nutritionist in any way
to other bodies father we also pray they will cause no hurt
harm or danger to us anyway we think your goal for this fellowship we thank
you for this sisterhood that you have created God we thank you for our YouTube
channel family and friends although it our tasty I would tingle tots and I’m
watching funnies and I will leave Shelley is who are watching us on today
we want to develop make them laugh have fun in the name of Jesus we pray we
thank your God amen amen yeah that was a long prayer for some
pickle some pickle I hope yeah let’s get down and you do
the a man in the name it’s a man he too long
I said crack ain’t no it’s right so wait I say you can’t sure yep it look like
somebody took some out of here it look like it should have been more I am yeah
new hotty’s that you is like good how do you say yeah you you dummy yeah yeah you
say yeah I can be able to type back home and do it okay my job
look much about it okay yeah we’re back okay when these don’t give me a black
one so you guys it is our challenge today
you guys always a big in me for something to eat so let me give you the
first black today will you take a bite make sure you know I’m gonna give you
ideas my dying going her child like this only knows a little
so let’s let’s dissect this lip what does this smell like that’s pretty good
i pickled something yall already know she knows tasty song so i can let her
sing get in just jams boom I like the way she’s singing you better so yeah
this is tasty mug bang welcome welcome welcome I am with the I love Lisa
Michelle show in the house I’m at her house in the house y’all today we’re
doing some collabs she called me and she said it tasty I want you to come over to
my house really so I’m over to her house you guys and we are here to do the fruit
roll-up challenge y’all already see me beat one person and yeah this is just
gonna be a thing on my channel I got to break them in and beat them you know and
she easy to beat you so I just I knew this was sudden I could beat her head
today she tried we don’t see I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is right
your money where you I am what well my mother so yeah we don’t do two apiece
y’all even comment down below if y’all want us to do three I know it’s gonna be
after the fact but we still want to know cuz we’re not doing again yeah let us
know if y’all wanna see me beat her again because she might want to do a
rematch on her channel and we do a rematch let me know if y’all want to see
us do 2 or 3 in the rematch so how’s everybody doing yeah yeah yeah you’re
not fair and before we get started yeah make sure y’all go I’m gonna leave the
link to Lisa Michele’s channel in a description labs blue y’all go check out
her channel if you are not subscribed to her already
y’all know what to do cuz I just gave her a shout-out today on my channel I
gave her a feature channel shout out so y’all should know who Lisa Michelle is
like y’all should know if y’all don’t know who Lisa Michelle is yeah nobody not gonna be free and they don’t
know you ya won’t get to know me she’s so sweet
y’all she trying to be nice to y’all and I’m trying to tell y’all
yeah me sometimes y’all but it’s a play mean that a real me they play me I’m
telling them to go check out my break yeah yeah come on over please if you
ain’t free with Merkel India is you my friend so what we’re gonna do again I
think we supposed to attention and make them one unless the train was saying it
that make red mean if you leave them on a poly morning if you want to if you
want to you want to have each other y’all we took it off the pace yeah they
do and I’m gonna you can still leave it on the paper like this yeah as you roll
it up in your mouth it should come off the faces when I let you give no
advantage over me home to you is not about to get oh hello greedy’s Lee
Shelly ends welcome back to another episode of the I love Lisa Michele show
starring me your ladybug Lisa Michelle guess what today what I’m
doing on my channel I’m doing well don’t you see my stuff right here no channel
Oh camera is there oh I forgot it is your sis my wait a minute don’t wait on
me oh don’t wait a minute y’all she trying to steal my show steal my shot
dear mama taste the tingle toxin know what you called they’re all mine this is
my my channel man show house oh I forgot yo what’s tell me what I want to do to
her home chief forgive me sorry first of all you’re supposed to be
doing this challenge with me you can sit down at the camera I owe it
to yourself miss y’all cuz we bought them do some hot mess yes so that was
our little intro to be a mom with y’all she wasn’t really trying to steal my
child isn’t a home chick you know oh yeah we can ready to do the toll of
Satan on Tech stay with me tasty babies y’all yeah whatever
Oh tasty bugbane channel yeah whatever yeah and I will put her in the intro
doing the taste McBain song oh my shines feel my show but y’all this Hong chick
can challenge me yep to a challenge did she know she could win you know I got my
water my water my water my water I got my water y’all we got some ice ready I
got my napkins over here ready clear this is about to beat for me we see how
the tote or Satan y’all let us know in the description box below have y’all
tried the toilet Satan how hot this gonna be who is you teen teen Lisa teeny
JC cuz yall already know I’m just gonna tell y’all right now just gonna go with
lasers I like grits oatmeal oh we could do bacon bacon
yep a breakfast sausage both okay we do bekommen breakfast sausage biscuit yeah
oatmeal lets me have a big breakfast right take a little bit of everything
huh we can do it we’re doin everything anybody else out there they’re living
you some text I got it I don’t wanna come on down if y’all want to collab
with the Lisa Michelle the I love Lisa Michelle show or if you
want to collab with tasty mother brain eats or if you want to collab with both
of us go to our Instagram I’m on Instagram that takes the mukbang eat and
DM me mm-hmm nom on histogram as the I love this Michele show the I love Lisa
Michele show and y’all do yummy too and let us know if y’all wanna do class yep
yep yep ohh be in one place mm-hmm and take turns clapping I like
you collab with me and collab with her at the same time right we have it all in
one place for the convenience so long losers yeah I got my new breakfast at on
my necklace set in my husband I mix for Valentine’s Days there so Cruden Thank
You Cara yep got the necklace and everything yeah
this one due to tell me that good yeah I mean I’m gonna see what you got between
one between but I don’t mind each I like what mine different times but I gonna
get the same thing like we said we share a FaceTime and FaceTime you if you do
not gonna show you right that way you can choose you want mm-hmm she got name
is a gift yep I’m not a very picky person right
I’d be grateful for that I’m so grateful I’ve seen people before married women their husbands would give them gifts and
they tell them to take it back to the store
oh I can’t do that I’d be like he really did that from his heart even if I wasn’t
something that I prefer this right but I would still wear to let him know that I
loved it and I appreciate it thank you for beating me up and
sometimes up every night again I said you met that is such an okay song to
know what me here why should the faded I don’t do it every time but I know
somebody who did it everything I’m talking about every single time and she
was married and I’ll be ruling and I told him one day I said do you love your
husband and she said yes mm-hmm I say do you want to stay married
she said yes uh-huh I say if you do you better change right and she said why
would you say that I said I hear you saying with your mouth this person never
do anything for you they never show you an appreciation they never buy you
anything I say but I just witnessed this person trying to give you this trying to
give you that trying to give you this a every single thing that the person gave
you you see it I don’t like that I don’t wear this I don’t like perfume I don’t
see every gift that he gave her she rejected me well mm-hmm and I say it he
had a big pac-man smile on his face when he gave me those gifts I said do you
know you just made that man go out with his tail stuck right leg and he walking
away to me right right correct yeah you don’t want to do it
every time he bring breakfast I just pay and that would have hurt me right and
just think when we give gifts to people when we give our yep do you have any
father we thank you God for this food that you’ve allowed us to allowed us to
have we’re prayer of God that it may be nutritionists somehow and our bodies of
God we pray also it truly we pray that we will not cause any hurt harm or
danger in any way oh god please protect our bodies from the Rooter to the tooter
Lord well you are in control along with us thank you all God and Jesus name we
pray amen I’m sweating already oh I’m sweating I’m
sorry this is gonna be hard to hear you say that ain’t hot but it’s hot I feel
it gettin honey I just make me want to pull my weight
yeah my seat my bow Hey you won’t say anything to the people
before we get started hey gal Munchie buddies and tinkle tots
and leash elion what’s up with them Hey so y’all leave in the comments down
right now if y’all Team Red Team Blue if you team white one day they can’t see
that Oh lipgloss if you team blue or you team
tasty yeah leave it in if you team Lisa yep
are you team tasty leave it in the description right now and y’all ready
y’all know who put your money on honey where your mouth no no I can’t take no
heat either so yeah I might be putting our money on the wrong person but y’all
know y’all know I’m good I’m gonna try my bitch I’m gonna spicy y’all but the
meat is too much food right here I can do the spicy and no problem you can
handle this heat yeah yeah it is hot now I had before but I thought to do two and
supposed to meet wise but the spice is good with just a meat they say if you
can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen I’m ready to get up out of here
come on if you know who this is leave it in the comments down below if you don’t
know stick around and you will find out and you will know so this is the lovely
and beautiful the I love Lisa Michelle show hello okay this is living life with you guys if you guys do not know these
ladies you have never met them before you and I subscribe to that channel you
know what you need to do go down and to come in and click on the links down
below and make sure you go to both today’s show love and consideration and
when we work hard in the house to cook and clean if you’re married right and
you work hard in the house to cook and clean and educate your children take
care of choosing Deen your husband never come home he never noticed he eat the
meal and never say baby that is correct right yeah well you draw his bath water
and he gonna take a bath and go to bed and and never say I appreciate you
joining a bath water oh you give him a massage and rub his
back or rub his feet and he’d never say thank you babe right like you feel used so when listen y’all I’m a female and
I’m single mmm but I think in the frame of mind of being married because if I
was married my husband would want for nothing
all right now and if you need room for another one is to ya be talking about
what she trying to take my husband your left room for her tie that’s right
doesn’t you was doing what you were supposed to be doing
I’m not saying be a doormat to anybody but but when you love people you show
the people that you like that’s true and if you do not extend that love to them
on a daily basis you leave room for the enemy to come in right and believe it
and he’s looking for room a man he looking for a way in right and I always
had a saying that it’s nothing if I was married it would be nothing that my
husband could go to another woman for because she couldn’t do nothing front
from my man yet that you that I was not doing that’s right anybody if he just
want to be a he gonna be getting everything he needs and done at home cuz
I’m a very good woman cook clean massage pick my hairs the bunk face massage your
feet knowledge and everything I’ll do all of that however that’s not to say if
you do all of that they’re the mainstay and I don’t cheat on you
now that’s not to say that because men all gonna be a dog going man
however if you do wanna all of that and he’s still cheap then you know you got a
guards approved right if they go correct yeah as long as you’re not falling
shutting your in you know you ain’t doing what you supposed to do right you
leave room for that and then when your man doing what he’s supposed to do or
should do and you never show him no gratitude that’s so true you never say
thank you you never say I appreciate you Oh Valentine’s Day you looking for a
gift but you ain’t give him none mmm on birthdays you looking for a gift but on
his birthday you don’t remember you don’t recognize it and on Father’s Day
on Mother’s Day women get good lord no on Father’s Day me and get would some
shaving cream and some aftershave attire but you got to let your man know he go
or not yeah you know even though y’all both might be working right she still
bring you home too he bringing home the butter rock and
he’s doing something you have to let these people have man Here I am and this
is not just for people in relationships you got people in yo every single day
life their guard has blessed you to have in your life it could be a daughter it
could be a mother it could be a sister it could be a brother it could be a
child right you have to let people know that you love them because you never
know when they’re gonna go be gone or when you gonna be gone and I have a pawn
that say give me my roses why I’m a liar I don’t talk yeah give me my stuff while
you’re live so I don’t know how conversation I know yeah we did that a
little bit we have anything to talk about
I believe in showing people gratitude me too man so anyway let’s not ignore me because I’m not ignoring you but I mean
you see what I said you don’t believe it well you have a fine which is fist time
go what so bad it’s lies and you have a fine I even know what there were thirty
minutes so what I was about to say boys miss miss Lisa Michelle I just want to
let you know I appreciate you I thank you for being a part of my life come on
oh I love it thank you for this good food No thank
you for it and it’s good but thank you for joining me in this is the food yes
and it’s good time and just sharing and talking and talking about god I love
that I have somebody not to talk to God about because not everybody that you
meet in life y’all at the same place in life mmm-hmm sometimes you have friends
and she might be a woman of the world she might be going out to the club or
she might be going through some things and she just not at the same place and
even though she’s married and I’m not I am married because I’m Erica all right
I’m celibate and single and I’ve been celibate for over 10 years and I’m gonna
definitely keep it that way because I’m not looking to be married I don’t desire
to be married so I am married to God my 100% commitment is to him so even though
I’m a single lady we’re both married mm-hmm so we have something to come and
do this by okay we all have no timeframe y’all is just I don’t like time stuff I
just like to be batting your eyes at my camera that’s right 8:13 a okay mm-hmm and we she married to a physical
man on this earth but she’s also married to God a man I am and I’m married and
committed to God I do not have a physical husband on this earth but I do
know and respect that that uh what do they call it that what marriage that
Gillian yeah I respect I know and respect that Union so I mean but you got
to be married to God first if your marriage can work that’s so true you got
to be in the Miss yep or do it now if he ain’t you yeah oh you know winning I’m
trying to think of a bomb yeah we’re gonna win it
you’re gonna win it no yeah you might give up when the going gets rough and
try and my husband spoke so we’re tasty on my own one day big last week on the
channel I mean he did a girl he spoke so well but you’re so weird I was just so
proud of him I thought I want to cry man imagine him at ease in I was crying I
said y’all video that was such a beautiful thing like when you could see
someone committed to you regardless of your faults mm-hmm and also knowing that
they have faults because some people only see what’s wrong with you all right
they don’t see what’s wrong with them right and that’s why I’m constantly
butting heads because you see what’s wrong with them and especially if you’re
a female and you are always nagging your husband and you don’t ever see them then
you do right you need to sit back take a chill pill mm-hmm because your first
responsibility is to pray and supplicate for your family and you’re a man and if
he not right with God then it’s your responsibility to get on your knees and
pray and keep him befoe go right and he’s not right with God you need to be
keeping him before God but if he’s not right with God and you
ain’t keeping him before God I did a me the money y’all right right that’s so
true and that’s why you you got your head hurting every day right right fine
every day yep and then that’s that’s the first problem after you married but the
first problem before you got married to use you might have
got married and you wouldn’t equal to yo right all right mm-hmm
and if you did that then that’s why your head hurt man you crying every day right
you better do like me if you’re single don’t be trying to rush to marriage
before God take you there right that’s so true oh my gosh I know this is my
second marriage so I know mm-hmm check your time because their
sacrifice is giving us 11 takes I mean it is it’s work here then both parties
have to put the work in you know you can’t say oh I love him and think it’s
gonna be like that the whole time you know the devil don’t want the marriage
to last in the first place so you’re gonna use anything anybody that you can
to get in now you have to be prayed up man you can’t be praying up at all the
times and when somebody fall off that’s once the other person need to be strong
and vice versa installing the words on the same
struggling to worry and strong and pray out and study and this is coming let him
fix it whatever it is cause trust me you’re gonna go through
something regardless every relationship goes to something well there’s a mother
daughter son dad whatever go job supervising employee go through some
type of stuff you know so you have to have communication as well you got to
communicate and so I gotta be proud for like my systems have to communicate with
one another and be honest be honest about it because when the communication
is definitely a strong key in any relationship definitely marriage you
know so in cuz you got an app you guys are not raised up to the same you may
not be you know from the same area of town just means you raised up different
your thought likes it are not the same so they’re like two individuals coming
together two individuals who are wrong believe it for 20 years I hope whatever
age you are we get married coming together you know how you raise
how your thought process is your thought pattern is bring it together y’all
trying to mingle and mesh in jail together so you got to have proud you
guys you have prep before you get married first of all so you got to have
the Lord in your life period and definitely when you get married because
you know it’s to y’all in you know cuz the enemy gonna come in I’m telling you
that now you’re gonna try to come in I always think that marriage is a ministry
you know and it is and if you’re not ready to minister and be minister
Dean you better stay single amen because it’s better than marriage in the burner
right it’s better to stay single than the burn because you ain’t willing to do
what it take to make my marriage work and everybody’s not called to be married
yes there’s a Ministry of singleness some people call to live a life of
singleness so everybody’s not caused to be married it’s not it’s nothing wrong
with being single at all if you read the word you know some people were not
married at all and they must have said she don’t desire to be I used to but
when I’ve been through so much in life and I have been married before I got
married when I was 16 years old it wasn’t a good relationship it was
abusive and then I’ve been in many relationships since then and I just came
to the floor one day well God just hit me up on side of the head mm-hmm and see
you ain’t seeing but you want my blessing but you ain’t seeing and you’re
getting hurt and every time you get hurt by the person that you ain’t seen with
you’re coming to me and you asking me for help and God just brought me to the
realization hey I’m if I was married I wouldn’t want my spouse to cheat on me
right and I wouldn’t cheat on my spot right but before I ever get married I am
man if I’m a Christian and if I say I love God my commitment to is to him
first and no man should be able to come in my
life and make me cheat on my relationship with God correct that’s
right and when I came to that conclusion over I had been celibate before on and
off for different times I was almost said at one time for five
years I was celibate for four years I’ve been celibate for a total of probably 20
years altogether mm-hmm but this last time I fell on my
face and I cried and I pleaded and I beg to God and I asked him to forgive me
because I finally seen that the reason why I was going through so much that I
was going through in these relationships with men was because I was putting him
before him mm-hmm and this last time I asked him to forgive me and I said lord
I will never I said I’m I said give me the strength to do amen I
would never cheat on you ever again ever I would never do it and I don’t care if
I’m single now the desire for marriage is not even Connie when you let God
really deliver you for something and you you find me and you really really really
truly get here from it that desire go right now we can’t even tempt you in
that area Booker and not a devil he got to come to me another way those that way
baby ain’t going even that way don’t even can’t come to there though that
road has taken a detour all right daddy I have to get to a
detour get to that place and I mean I’m still not interested like she’s safe
yeah they got a sign up at the end of the road to say daddy stop hope you can
yeah so I’m so satisfied like my relationship with God now and the places
that he’s taking me and where I know he’s gonna the satisfaction with him
it’s uncompelled to anything that I’ve ever felt before in my life it makes me
just want to cry no man have ever loved me and made me feel like am i right so
true and no man has ever been there for me the way that God has been there for
me really over and over again so why didn’t he not deserve my faithful me
right you’re hold first mm-hmm and see that’s why a lot of women end up with
any and everything because they’re not faithful to God first trusting him to
send me on that man that is going to because of a man and this is my new rule
if I did start dating again if a man cannot be faithful to God he would not
be faithful to me that’s so true trust me I know that’s true and he got to be
faithful to God first him and when you meet him if he wants you to drive it
like it’s hot Amina and he take it like it’s hot oh boy he met me he is not
faithful to God Randy you already know a man who is not faithful to God and so
doctor God is capable of any and everybody so he cheat on you or when he
down low beam but under me don’t be surprised right because you got married
to a man that wasn’t so dr. Karl what do you expect right this wasn’t supposed to
be no preacher ceremony babe uh took something out of it yeah man let me say
this one other thing you know the word says seek ye first the kingdom of God
and all his righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you
so like my sister see first you had Isola on Jesus first and foremost and
then even know what you need he knows hid your desires and you’re supposed to
ask him he said he said you have not because your ex not so you asking me
that you be patient and wait don’t you do it yourself be proud for be patient
anyway and know that he’s gonna give to you what you need and that’s it mm-hmm
you got anything else you want to eat you three no man I’m full I’m 40 so yeah
I’m late I’ve never had a prayer before at the end of a mukbang always at the
beginning but I’m there to pray so I want to pray right now and thank God for
this food thank you for this conversation
precious Heavenly Father as I come to you right now – lord I thank you for
this meal that you have prepared and laid before us today
I Thank You precious Heavenly Father for the word of God the Fiat our souls their
world there’s someone out there that you had this word to go out to and minister
to today the Lord I ask you to open their hearts their minds and their souls
dolor for them to receive what you have had for them today do the work let it
bless them let it heal them and let every nourishment until their body and
they let it bring them peace of mind or Jesus anybody out there who under the
sound of my voice dear Lord if they are lost and if they are in need of a savior
the lord I ask you to premature their heart pressures Heavenly Father and let
them continue to come back to us precious heavenly father and watch our
videos dear Lord so that way that we could be a light to you precious
heavenly father in Jesus name we thank you for this word we thank you for the
meal and we thank you for this fellowship today in Jesus name we pray
amen amen thank you Jesus God is so good yes he is
if this has been a blessing to you guys today we did not anticipate starting
this conversation is just something that happened
if it was a blessing to you make sure you leave in the comments bar below and
let us know if you want to see the I love Lisa Michelle back on my channel
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by the way guys let me tell you obvious I’m her mother biological daughter don’t
go talking about one and say I know you know the girl that was on there I didn’t
like her she was missing she was talking about old folks about to eat cuz I’m
home yeah we’re gonna start it then you go yeah with the chicken chicken chicken
chicken I know Jay I’m gonna just grab whatever
is sticking out of there yeah yeah I think I grabbed a beach over whoever you
got to grab over to get what you want I’m steamed rice oh yeah have y’all
leaving the comments have y’all went to Jolly B’s before and what do you get
from Johnny D’s when you go what you want to see us try next time we go to
Jolly B’s this is our all of our first times so if you have never been the
Jolly bees before and you want to know how it tastes
we’re gonna give you an honest opinion on how it tastes because this is the
first time we all have had Jolly bees so we’re not biased and we spent our money
or she’s spent on oh yeah so you know we’re gonna tell you to exchange your
double that’s right right here gravy let me see this damn rice I know
some senior rice yeah your own gravy you know
okay someone with a 4-week my choice y’all supposed to try a little heist s
how you gonna tell the people what to get or not together
that’s true my manager yeah you know give them straight that’s what true
sisters do yeah this is a taste test they’re gonna
ain’t no point in buying everything and you ain’t gonna taste it thank you and
yeah I’m still took my voice is still trying to because I’m still on the phone
talking to people like I got a man or something on the phone at night but I
don’t come on with their life I can’t do it baby
I was gonna keep my own chickeny oh that’s true cuz you’re supposed to dip
your chicken they say you the chicken and we gotta all burger yeah what about
this I’m gonna really give us this oh yeah I’ve been waiting on this Getti you
go in treasure wait I was trying to get some rice oh I’m sorry
get it together Lee Yori we all right sorry
thirty minutes of air time oh I’m just kidding y’all mind
I stopped in store it I like the other people okay it’s running out let it run
out and start it over okay okay I’m just gonna try a little bit of
everything my one shot boy but y’all know well yeah I don’t know
but we all go to my channel y’all so learn that I feel like ain’t nobody beat
Tomas – spaghetti spaghetti si oh yeah I have someone out here by me
yeah we’re not ignoring you we just trying to get our grub on so we can try
to give you guys a bite you’re trying to gotta live together I don’t see people and never huh you guys look away now you don’t win you what’s wrong with you and your daughter now kind of crazy you won’t win because
I ain’t trying mmm nice ain’t right enough did you clean the bottles mm-hmm
you want paint oh oh I was like what’s the point of me finishing him mm-hmm
mm-hmm I don’t have to live you win oh I just don’t do it is this hotter
than the below so if anybody come for me let’s get it let’s go you always trying
to get people a new little table Italy when it comments who don’t team taste
him they didn’t know there’s been wind down the seam I was so long and nothing
on the bounce not next thing I would say something I something soon
you lied to me I thought I didn’t know that hungry I am i Bea love sauce in a
minute I’ll be doing I’ve been doing some back so lately but thank you lady
for be love Bethany thank you girl cuz it’s all because of you so I’ll be doing
it over hot sauce on air balloon meal in my
I think I used to another my lips feel like I’m gonna got some injections to
get Botox your yeah it is it is do I look look bigger they look smaller I
feeling like no ma’am good bigger bigger home yeah I got my blood beat hair no
I’m out of here see my bums putting balls up look out
the column ela now let me look at my bowl you see white now ray you’re
getting technical people tasty you did something you never did before I’m proud
of her I really am no I’ll just a fire I really am proud of her because she don’t
do any spicy and not this for show not blatant I need some more milk to get a
little this video game you can’t get another channel I’m sorry y’all know the
deal hold it feel okay you guys
yeah I wanna see us do another challenge together anything anything I want to see
us do this not illegal immoral that’s right he said come on now we would do it
so y’all spam up the comments and anybody that’s 18 Lisa I want you to
know I’m unfriending you milk’s adios over here it’s only team tasty put your
money on team tasty oh no they didn’t they know you and then
you go girl but they know you a spicy person yeah
okay for the future references y’all see team Lisa is spicy mm-hmm
so yeah I’ll make sure y’all pick up next time even when it’s against me what
I’m not fully wired spicy wild and there are long time in the future in your
future I get used to doing this hot stuff and she will look I told you right
now I’m not trying to turn into living life with T and B love life I know I’m
gonna try exactly why it’s a queen hey I’m Woodham dough fuckin hang wood they
don’t have no monitors tried to get that from me
yes what a beautiful wonderful sir yeah but y’all go check out living life with
t she did mine Oh Pizza Hut my boyfriend did my piece of hook a hot wing chairman
and that girl was just sitting up there next I’m gonna get dick son tomorrow
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always and make sure you come back see more of do y’all do intro outro I’m
tasty mukbang tasty mukbang tasty Mudvayne tasting one thing tasty mukbang
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I upload a video okay be quick be nee nee nee nee nee nee nee nee nee nee all right
matcha buddies tango top and leash Elias we bought we said we bye bye see you
later we love you Wow Oh a better joke me not today no you’re supposed to say
whatever yeah whatever you’re you got me singing it in my video whatever and then
I say like Lisa Michelle say whatever yeah whatever whatever yeah there you go
whatever Trevor but really I’ll just make all you get how do you got one over
there yeah you didn’t put did you put all three no okay okay so yeah we’re
gonna do to let me know and we don’t have to eat it we just go see who could
wind it up in the mouth if you want it after what you can but it’s not required
so it’s not about who chews at first it’s about who rolls it up and you know
y’all leave in the comments bar below right now who y’all think is going to
win tasty vs. Lisa Michelle the winner is another y’all are in that’s the truth
I’m in shock they done took a lie detector test and dad is not the truth
nope yes it is you’re ready yeah oh yeah I’m gonna let you say it
let’s ready get ready let’s go one two three go mm-hmm like when I got to the part where double
boom I kind of like what lifting it up a little
I did my hand I have taught you sitting I said oh I like it so much it I want a
rematch yep and then you got to eat it get this
out just too much it’s women this is our toilets because it don’t be enough room
in your mind I was gay but I know I put it it almost was choking me that’s why I
kind of gave up at one point and I was just letting you yeah that’s my cue
should I have said yeah yeah yeah cuz I have really stopped at one time but I
think when I feel like we’re welcome ago who’s not going down my throat I said
we’re gonna go I’m gonna throw up no it was too much mm-hmm so much just
somebody to three I’m gonna pick the data out of one plus three is too much
to put in your mouth fall down time we didn’t want individual like one at a
time yeah well I’m normal beat this imma win
this one let’s go late yeah that’s my team all of my teeth yeah we all do it
come here y’all to know it’s by much this is too is too much at one time I
also checked was saying they put to it again 800 that’s you saying a trainee
needy mmm oh but when I be though shemitah shemitah
it was just sure me – don’t worry about it guys
I see trying to throw them in when I beat you I beat shemitah so I got you
back here I don’t worry about it I’m gonna get fighty don’t worry about it
since you it’s not about to get this oh yes I mean no you yes done well with no
counsel you can’t decide no you do it oh let’s get em let’s go one two three
go yeah that’s alright nope now go to Buffalo why we shan’t see
who got beat down over there mm-hmm Bri man she got beat Lexie like sexy
guys like she stole something rematch I’m getting ready for some Aloha
challenge she got beat like she stole something own album rematch Robert I
feel the rematch coming yeah no I’m ready for that yeah ain’t
don’t you okay y’all I’m over here with the I love Lisa Michelle show I don’t
kick her butt twice yes you did don’t shoot you better lock the fridge without
all there knowing I talk to no I don’t know I just like I do but I put my money
where my mouth you know I gave her the shoot I’m gonna be to get me to boot in
front of it at that time but the first time not up
times – I’ll give it to or the first time because I kind of cheated I didn’t
intentionally cheat but you’re not when you be in an uncomfortable situation and
your first reaction is to and you exceed when you watch the day with my hand I
ain’t really pay attention but yeah so we’re just yeah well you want I want to
first we want to second polite there I don’t know no I didn’t see it you got
Billy now just gonna take it back not really whoa no I’m not to watch the
video no really I’ll watch the video and I’m in charge Oh cuz see it was so
thought of a win really I still think I want because when she was in the lead of
me I stopped well I think I gave you time to catch back up just out doing
what I stopped eating I stopped pulling up yeah I stopped because I thought she
was really I stopped to like I did but I was trying to find my mouth kind of stop
chewing too because I know what a poet I have lit up because I didn’t they’re
wrong isn’t there in a room so I gave not gonna get no oh yeah I stopped too
cuz I almost gagged yo ya’ll must get little bit so hard down there okay this
is we gonna do y’all we’re gonna do a rematch and we’re gonna do three rounds
but we’re gonna do each one red and we’re not gonna eat them we don’t do
three rounds and doing separate so that way we could tell who the wheel we know
the wheel wheel will be the real winner no I’ll tell you wheel the wheel winner
is oh we’re winning is out of three rematch yeah tell me y’all gonna have to
go to her Channel and see your rematch alright another day
thanks that’s how we doing and that’s how we roll in Bagan we got something
special for you I love what they brought me I’m so oh my goodness jolly bees yeah
girl ain’t nobody will stop you do my best you should’ve came and got in with you
completely because she’s already in and she ain’t going away so y’all I don’t
know what Timmy was gonna leave you shoes we have some Jollibee spicy
chicken we’ve got some spaghetti down below we’ve got some I think this is
yumm burgers and we’ve got some french fries we’ve got some peach mango pies
we’ve got some gravy for these of gravy we also have some corn some french fries
and some mashed potatoes and some steamed rice y’all and our drinks we’ve
got the peach mango apple I think it speaks mango I’ve got a Pepsi and my
daughter has lemonade woo in the water the coolest water be what Brad all right
so you guys we’re gonna say grace and then we’re gonna dig in but before we
dig in we will let them tell you a little bit about their channels but
y’all know I got to say grace first cuz I’m in eighth in two days
precious Heavenly Father I thank you for this food that we’re about to receive we
thank you for the bounties of your Lord we thank you for all your wonderful
blessings your mercy and your grace and precious heavenly for you we thank
you for this Union today and we ask you to let everything go according to your
plan in Jesus name we pray amen thank you Jesus we got to give him all
the praise and all the glory today and it’s Sunday y’all and guess what God is
good let’s start with you miss ma’am hello hello hello greetings leash elion
this is I am Lisa Jones Lisa Michelle from the I love Lisa Michelle show you
guys come by my channel and check me out with my husband Carl again hello hello
hello so what types of things you do over there I do
Mook bunks a little bit eating a lot of talking we’re going to be doing vlogs
and pranks and challenges and collabs my girl tasty and living life with tea and
anybody else in Houston Texas they wanna be over
and praying and singing and having fun I’m of a certain age of the 50 age group
and we still a little ad in the city y’all okay so tell us about you your
channel is male okay so I am treasure from the living
life would teach I know it’s me and my boyfriend t of course we do mukbangs we
do blogs we don’t try to do a little pranks him now and we do challenges too
cuz you know means taste you’d be trying to test me out to do a challenge we bout
to see today yo I’m gonna put my money where my mouth so you guys you didn’t
you said it was you and your bar free and you forgot what kami is there
sometimes we bring our lives but we already put her in the video but she
still you’re doing caviar we can’t get any food on the pretty girl the
prettiest girl in the world I am so you guys that is a little bit about their
channel ever you wanna know more about their channel what you got to do what
man getting to not even do my okay okay so I’m not to eat yeah I mean I’m
getting lost I think this was the spoon but this burger right here what kind of
music I said I think it’s John me number mmm
some of the words yummy okay we all try something different first okay well I
just got a little bit of SpaghettiOs but I think I’m gonna have to bring that
back up over here that’s right hmm yeah I’m gonna try the same thing I only got
like a fork for this beginners I need some morning
mmm the SpaghettiOs come with the order well honey Todd you should have told me
that yeah I came separately I got me some spaghetti I came with the two like
some chickens to bucks of the chicken hmm now the rice and gravy the grape is
good and the corn and I don’t know they do horn mmm the corn choice all right however I need
some red bell peppers in there and some butter food just I couldn’t yeah I’m
sure it’s good for y’all if the spaghetti has um like little windows in
it let me taste it I’m gonna have to get some more there this is good i okay so
I’m about to taste the rice the cha feature people cuz I’m not oh yeah
oh I gave her some mind stuff oh okay yeah that gravy is good and it tastes
good on the rice and potato chicken but it kind of got like a a taste to it it’s
kind of different come to Johnny come through and gravy the grape is good yeah
but I do have a different taste to you didn’t normal breathing
mmm-hmm do the spaghetti tastes sweet a little bit yeah oh it was good chicken tastes good yeah I’m still on the rise I
love rice then Justine why price I’m still owning I’m so hungry yeah what
you’re saying okay no find any video so not we eat on here now don’t only eat
mama because we got it whatever you don’t
like didn’t anybody change the fires until I did take the problems I like
them so I know y’all gonna say well compared to pipelines or churches who
would you say this chicken tastes like I think I kind of say pop out it don’t get
me wrong if I had to pick one mm-hmm good so you guys this is a collab that’s
been waiting to take place for a couple of weeks I finally met these beautiful
ladies for the first time today and all we did was hug then sit down and
eat all right so what you see is what you get that’s right is real just like
when y’all seen you sit down with prison food I had just walked in and doing she
said comes to down that’s my other camera right on mmm they prison I never
had lost for words I know I just picked it up well we just
it was cute though it was a child get a chance to meet Chrissy yeah Patong a
chance to do any videos no number she’s texting she has so many people she was
doing working with right we can leverage asthma Otis I’m glad
y’all collab with somebody but I wish I would have known the child was you know
Donald Hill right I was trying to collab with some of the other people that was
down mm-hmm but they already had day bookings and everything I run it and it
was trying to collab with as many people that they cool right we did a video with
me and you mama did one with tea and leave to go up on their video and I’m
not sure if it goit yeah I’m not sure if you got damaged or not but you see I was
and they love life is supposed to come back and what’s their April or right in
April I want to start traveling soon but for now you guys we are conquering
Houston right so if there are any milk bangers out there in Houston and you
want to do collabs with us you guys my Instagram is the same as my channel name
tasty mukbang each DM me on Instagram and you guys we can all collapse a
gather its enough room for all of us and it’s enough shine shine that’s right
cuz you got to make your own shine if you yourself you’re gonna shine period
up okay nobody take my shine they can stand right next to me name take my
shine and I ain’t trying to take this so but listen I’m gonna tell you one thing
you don’t if you were no I don’t take nobody shine it but if you can’t work
with people and know how to I don’t know how to put what I’m trying to say right
now but some people don’t want there’s not that time
oh you know how some people can’t stand next to another person they’re shining
and they try to give that person like oh and I know people don’t call me just
don’t worry about that Casey things just don’t
but don’t worry if you can’t congratulate people and be happy for
people and support people in the process of them reaching their goals and helping
you reach your goals don’t call me yes no comment if you call
them because you want to use me for certain don’t come I’m crazy don’t
listen to me I’m saying because real true sisterhood true bonds bond ships if
that’s such a word sisterhood is what I’m about I’m looking for real people
home and when I say real people I mean people
who like are not too pretty and not too cute to be down oh yeah
like I just lower real people me too I love people that you could walk up to
and even though you don’t know them you can hug them yes and they don’t do this
mm-hmm or they don’t do this and they all do this and they all say oh what’s
that she got on that show no I’ll hook the ball moon street Oh what – I don’t
know wind girl gonna say you cannot your turn alright I don’t know yeah I don’t
know people up and down I’ll do that you shouldn’t that’s not good that’s a bad
thing but now this Sunday did y’all go to
church today about time you see this video about time you see this video is
gonna be Monday I’m a post this video tomorrow oh my god so job go to church
today and what you out you know with us yeah mm-hmm but taste a must man eat
I’m not a yachtie go to because this good oh yeah I want some
spaghetti I want to do my video today of she stone her pantry what the pantry and
fridge challenge is to cook food from your feet reading and pantry and
refrigerator for however many days you want get creative with the meals make
them look like a store buy me a fry some chicken cook some wheels
cook some of that food this turn that fees before you go buy some oh that
woman open up that freezer never figure eight
on eBay in her panties and cabin isn’t she look like she run the shelter she
had so many packs of wheels up in every time and we got if you wanna come down
here sooner gee mama then a vacation yeah yeah if
you want to come down here soon gee mommy
I became some days I’m saying yeah I’ll work at the post office every day six
days a week so I had to waste time on vacation gee mama did not come Yoshii
coming I’m coming to change that she didn’t want to come I said we ain’t
coming into she get a vacation right right soul-g mama you come first came
down out yeah but me I didn’t get a chance to do no Tara yeah because it was
it was late and dark yeah D what pretty now mmm
but we were supposed to do some tequila oh we was gonna do the lemon challenge
I said no chance I get to do a challenge gee mom on my tween I love you mama
she’s so sweet mm-hmm and you just fit right in you
sure do I’ll make myself in there I know I can
see it from afar I said go check this person out she go
no God she like then the roadrunner things like oh she already go I told
somebody come in your lab yesterday one dog didn’t run the womb that’s somehow
you ran him over there too you idiot I got I got me one – whoo mmm and two five
six oh yeah I told her to come to y’all both of y’all – yeah last night when I
was talking to her I liked her she has my cheese really girl um one
ground 25 okay my son’s age yeah my son I have a son and a daughter guys what
you gotta bake people take the munchies my people
matcha buddies and tingle time all right matcha buddies and tingle talking single
watch your buddies and tingle ties so much you buddy same thing with that and
leash elion and chi watchers who are watching us on today I have two children
if you guys don’t know my oldest son he’ll each 27 but he’ll be
28 go out will in February the 19th which is coming up I think next week
then I got my daughter right here miss treasure it hurt 20s so yeah I know she
21 she’s so proud and grateful to be 21 grandmother o3 I think it may be too low
but I know for something those boys you never can tell
boy you know what they say sure you heard the same what’s the fan
you never say Dillon Mama’s babies Papa’s Navy oh no I
never heard of Mama’s babies Papa’s makers no Mama’s babies popping up from
the country I shall show her that I’m from Louisiana
it makes this doughnut yeah it does Mama’s baby you know it’s Mama’s baby no
Papa’s maybe I’ll try this what this is game it’s peach something up again be
something everybody be trying as you saw I want to try it so let’s see what it
tastes like make sure I have the receipt and write everything enjoy the food
yeah it’s good yeah if she’s gonna fine coffee that’s why you’re talking to me
yeah okay this is the put pineapple thing yeah that’s what it was yep man it
tastes so fresh you know but y’all know I don’t take your time
and um single tots and matcha buddies Oh auntie tasty trying to be like me flip
when I have yeah I got said she went hungry acting like his mind
yeah she’d just live her life with teacher just just saying she went hungry
missed a stir and I said we were hungry no she came that food up so she must
know she’s home she did not want to do the full video forgive me later I got a
big eat we don’t uh we’re gonna do something else to see I got to eat I
ain’t ate in three days we have to eat first I don’t have to eat for nothing in
three days two days one day 72 hours 26 hours she got the house unless somebody
yeah it takes the time to tell her and mingle buddies I said all right you got
all they mean what was I saying
oh you said jingles take the time tasting is tingle time and Munchie
buddies what nobody’s but okay munchies buddies I’m sorry I’m matcha
buddies didn’t Eagle ties yeah she was one hungry and first night she got
hungry she saw me miss tasty now she want to
want to groove yeah she better get in wish she could see each other anyway
down here talking Nam town we don’t see how many challenges suit when y’all
kicking somebody but today I don’t know who is gonna be baby i love you know it
might be both yep no no chinko taught any bunch of buddies you know talking
down see y’all yeah I’m just gonna watch my videos
Yama’s don’t see that I be winning challenges and doing all kind of crazy
challenges that other people don’t do G mama not today
Oh y’all pay me no mind I’ve just be talking sometime I’ll be talking a whole
bunch of noise I talked all that noise on the Oprah challenge I did real good
though I love me too but six bags was too much oh yeah
back to back three try to be her so I about six no you gonna be me for me I’m
still gonna do it you know I’m sorry just my one bag when you cook it kind of
goes down I love I love my back home ones that he’s got all over that
challenge can see that’s what my problem was they didn’t handle home but they was
good good what you put in yours imma put none in it oh it was good but don’t worry about it later
it didn’t come with the thing I didn’t think about you good though no friends
Oh sweetie give us a review on the water bottle I
sent it no I have not but somebody told me to do put o in the challenge
yesterday in the film thing put icing and let’s see how long the ice stays in
well yeah we told you then I turned and I’ve not done it yet I’m going to so you
don’t you haven’t put no icing just cold water water
uh-huh I call right now this is water being you take it with you no ma’am I
live right there home Wow water it’s whatever care of my little water
all right oh it’s pretty it’s like almost like a deal in the water
mm-hmm I don’t think there’s no work at home but you’re gonna get you the sippy
thing yeah I want to see us I wanted that’s all man I had an option of one
with the sippy and yeah no no it’s not pink though oh come on I wanted pink
though and I was wondering should I say oh the pink one yeah but now with the
SIP cup no no the straw no he doesn’t it comes like this when I’m tell me you
can’t pre-order you can’t order another one that’s gonna be pink I can’t but he
won’t have the straw like I’m looking for also destroyed oh honey Pete correct
it does not know but B I heard beloved wife said if you were to distort or
making something that comes with the with a spout okay but right now they
don’t know when it’s Christine but what she did was she got she got the black
and she did the top can go on this one too strong and this for hippie okay I
want the whole thing to be pink mm-hmm that’s what I want it oh good oh well
girl friends so close water hurt she says she want a pink one okay so go back
to the drawing board I’m not fool she’s gonna leave I’m tired
oh I guess sleeping now this my sister is my sister I look at me see you over
there you gotta say come let’s take a picture
cheese that’s gonna be on yeah oh that’s gonna be our outro thumbnail so yeah let
me know what y’all think about this food today we ate pretty good we got some
more collabs and some more challenges to do we got some more food to eat the
green y’all y’all so we’re trying to get full full full full right right right
right now this food will be eating it ain’t gonna be throw it away none of
that it’s gonna happen over here so yeah thank you so much for time she is sure
what work you look at clothes uh-huh oh my god 20 yes the greater look you see the
mirror look at the mirrors oh my goodness what even shave the Arizona shame crinkles come on up child
okay yeah so father God in the name of Jesus I’m still living and I don’t want
to die today lord please do not let this kill me you you go cease I’m so Luciano
take a taxi okay before we get started yeah yeah like I can’t think of nothing
else cuz I got pee on my mind so yeah I’ll go check those channels out
let them know the taste immigrant he sent you if you want to do any of my
challenges check the link in the description bar below and also the I
love Lisa Michelle show just got through doing the seven days of Subway sandwich
so go check her videos out let her know the tasty McMahon eat sent you I also
have some challenges on her channel where I did them with her and she did
them with me we collabed we posted some videos on my channel and we posted some
on her channel so if you want to see more of us than there are several videos
on her channel with me and her or she and I so you have to go to her channel
to watch them and also her daughter the living life with T go check her channel
out because we also did some challenges together
so go to her channel watch the challenges that we did together and let
her know that you want to see more videos with the two of us are the three
of us together or if you want to see me kicked a bud or eat something with them
yeah come on just give us some ideas on which I want to see us eating it we need
more ideas on what they want us to do next don’t write yeah because today we
was having a hard time that’s why we ended up eating pig because we know what
else to do so whatever y’all want to see us do let us know that’s enough stop
yes enough start let’s get in no I know you ain’t home I’m so not come on come
on come on ladybug one you know one you can use our gold no listen this love
thing okay come on boom telling me to go I’m scared
smells good don’t think about the seeds don’t think about it it’s not him
you know money always I don’t have to do it see I don’t like fit and slime he was
doing good didn’t I like I can’t do it mmm this ain’t my cup of tea you
actually like it it’s alright do you like eat this if you
was pregnant and he was craving pickles mm-hmm no wait when you get pregnant you
might be crazy big lips stop it whap it it’s a fear factor so I got a thing
right we did attempt to do it we did a little bit it’s better than nothing this
is not something that I would eat ever again in life
unless somebody paying me to do it so right since I like beets oh you’re gonna
try that right but I’ve never had beat ya’ll and I love them never had I’ve
never like I tried them one time I did oh boy oh boy oh boy
use your fork yeah look at again I love beets you guys mm-hmm I didn’t have to
buy these cuz I already had them in the house you better eat their mother pig
feet neither you got to put the whole the
whole jar they pick Oh like they need more pickling now but they people they
need mo paint it up it’s pickle to me I still taste the
nasty beets yeah a little B j gu yeonho her she don’t eat her vigeous not there but it’s edible cuz I wouldn’t dare eat
the other one started being pickled oh no it tastes the same to me I wonder can
I add my own pickle juice they’ll pick a little more is that come on them or go
on in there with that huh doorman everything it’s gonna make them
turn red not not the juice when it’s that good the juice not that stuff I
would eat the juice with didn’t want it you think your husband either I doubt it
mm-hmm we need to say this for another chance come over yeah like when your
door come on yeah good to me mmm yeah did you stop and see
you making faces see my face is nasty mmm who’s all right then I’m just
couldn’t afford a camera but I feel that uh-huh
it’s um no yeah no there’s two dogs now for the pigs
YUM yeah I want them down who domes up for the bezel two thumbs down for the
bees yeah alright there are some beats I eat them with everything put them in
salad even by themself P Tom leave it in the snow yeah
living in the talk the hunger defeat my for the beat mmm we try out though we
get an A for effort Chrissa P and T from T Envy
we thank y’all for bringing us this nasty challenge Thank You girls thank
you like birds now we must take a break from our sponsors it’s the McMahon
tasting like tasty luck man tasty money taste the mukbang here to do her thing
and I have the I love decent Michelle show with me we are doing a Costco
dessert multiband the picture of my dessert look the so immaculate but it’s
a little lackluster oh but it’s supposed to be some kind of a sea AI with the
nuts the berries and the fruit and the ice cream in the middle but it’s not
even mm-hmm let’s just eat y’all hey focus ain’t no
my ice cream tell him what you got I got a nonfat name
it’s a yogurt is vanilla vanilla yogurt yeah what a camera with a lens they’re
right here oh I have vanilla yogurt hi care of a key what’s going on
you how careful could be anyone doing good as he text me on Monday
they’re all as well happy Monday have a blessed week yeah when I texted back not
good yeah yeah we were supposed to be doing something else today we had cows
cold but they’re so pretty outside I just didn’t want to be in my home right
you chose a good day come out I don’t know why I don’t wanna be in the house
they’re so pretty oh you know my name is mr. Joker – oh this is good I’m like keep them on commentary what is
this velvet hey so I have to turn my table the other way also to be a little
more narrow mm-hmm right now I’m going forward in future be the long one right
if I can get it myself I don’t know if the lids gonna be too nice though
laughter there that’s not I feel something else on you won’t think that
Amazon hear something no they got everything you know I got I got I heard
that D I heard it I got something in a word it was just a matter of getting
them wood enough puzzler right here she’ll get it to working mmm mmm that is
so delicious all very young mm-hmm even though I thought it was missing a little
something sitting there not just last week – sweet mm-hmm the fruit you know whatever kind of crunch this is
look at the oatmeal oh stop it oops it kind of remind me a banana that I’m
nut crunch little it is anything I will know where oh yeah that’s very
refreshing if they’d give you enough it’d be worth for Mannion right that’s
the key right now if they would’ve gave her enough cos girls come on got broken eye cream hmm I broke on ice
cream just now a little one I’ve got you come back for anything cuz
yeah I guess so I don’t breath don’t water yeah I think
I have to so how are you guys doing today it’s
been a while since my friend has been on my channel and you know how people talk
what that say I don’t know I just don’t want him to say oh you know how people
talk we’ve seen tasty and Lisa Michelle they must have feel like oh boy no I
mean it I just have to ask my friend come to my channel girl where you at
girl were you up trying to do the seafood balls mm-hmm trying to eat them
lobster y’all that’s so good if i overcook it we’re gonna have to do a
seafood boil one day how do you cook deal with it in a bag and open you ball
diamond in there yeah love you bought it I know that many ways do it I’ll be
trying different things but I guess when I do lobster tails and shrimp then no when I already done with room
like we did when I do the king crab I mean this there’s no perfect this all
clam is different hmm right cuz I can fit them in my little skillet and then
when I’m just doing enough for me I could use my lips to Skinner for every
time you statement with this Damon I put the water in there I do the same
thing I was doing the pot but I just do anything lift your skillet and there’s
so much quicker than fasting you got the dirtier put all that water up in now
because one thing I keep trying to reiterate is get them snow crabs and
king crabs I already cooked right so you do not need to boil them king crabs in a
big old pot of water for 20 minutes yeah mr. Barr your water first let’s come to
a boil dump them crabs up in there for about five minutes
yeah just let them get hot that’s all you’re doing they’re trying to click
them again they already cook my car do you say it was hard to cook I got the
Hat mine’s a little good yeah I might be over 20 minutes now I mind you now the
first time I did the very first time I did my seat before on my own I had them
all together lobster tail snow crab no ants no I had lobster tail not king crab
Dungeness ready ice no I know I Dungeness blue I know I did
I didn’t have King or that I know I didn’t have King and so I’m not that
idea for a long time they had a mouse or thing on your hour I had to limit for
this Lobster really because that’s it I can’t eat it away normally people cook
feels because it’s I can’t my body can’t taste the texture is to something and I
have to have crab boil in the lobster in the water onion and all my seasonings in
there when I cut the finger off and let me look he’s the guy but cut it open I
don’t put the full of meat out and let it boil for a long time over an hour I
know something I’m gonna be cringing like over an hour for me look at her
second hey but for me yeah ask me an hour and it was so good the very first
time it’s really and the second time when I over that
over cooking came in when I bought some more robot so much head-on shrimp and I
bought a lot of shrimp and I added to it and now I kind of then I added to it and
I put it all together so I overcooked the first part but I had ours and I
shouldn’t I should not have done that I should have let what I had already quit
the first time I’m just warming it up and not cooked it all together you know
so that’s what my steak came in but I know better not y’all but 20 minutes
it’s not enough for me I know that’s the number time people don’t know that’s
alone but for my stomach you know I can’t I can’t
you got the big it’s gonna be rubbery it wasn’t very at all it was bit right off
it wasn’t rubbery not to me who’s gonna do it well one thing you got to remember
can’t you like to eat if you’re gonna have a super ball oh yeah oh yeah I know
this for me gorging yeah what you need to do is probably start cooking yours
first right mm-hmm I will and then separate yours and cook
the risk for everybody else right I will do that that that’s that’s a given
that’s the show yeah cuz I know I won’t do it for anybody else but for me and
Carl wait a minute for me really for me for sure I had that lobster buffalo not
for Carl don’t do it good no not the first time the first
time was on point but just the second time look I was saying I cooked it that
first one again I shouldn’t have but I got a down pat down so grateful well
y’all we just was coming for a quick dessert I’m feeling like a little
nappy-poo it’s at the sleep is leave love I’m
these I’m a new nappy-poo but you know we had a Costco it’s a
beautiful day in the neighborhood we do this – ladies chillin like a villain
yeah makes you I’ll give this video yeah see my friend
the other lessee oh yeah yeah see huh she up there that violin is the
silly-willy yeah we are at Costco and we are getting ready to go in just to walk
around we kind of window shopping we just got through doing the mukbangs and
we are going into just shop shop shop and walk around the shop if you need to
see we might even man about a few things you know what they water they water is
you get 40 40 bottles of water for $2.99 and they water tasting good I should let
you taste one in the quarter see if you like it so you can get jobs from water
today ciao but y’all gonna drink that and you
see how one for $2.99 so we might throw a bangle and yeah the
lighting is looking kind of off it’s gonna be different when we get in the
story it’s looking kind of the overexpose is what they have the
technical language for it it’s over exposed and I’m gonna turn my camera off
before we get in the store so I won’t walk up to the door with the camera so
they won’t get to tell me ma’am you can’t hand out camera up in here anyway
i’ma see I’ll in a minute that’s the entrance to Costco y’all and we gonna
see y’all in a minute so you guys we are inside the store and
last time I came here oh here it is right here this is one of them it’s not
this is the t7 see I had 47 I which is I think the bigger than that one that’s
the first one I had was a t7 time I don’t know it’s a little bit more
technology oh but they have this camera here too because this is where uh
Missy’s corner bought her swim oh but she and she got my she got the same one
that I’m here so yeah this is their their electronic department which I’ve
never walked through before I don’t know what all computers $2.99 this a is us
computer for $2.99 so yeah we’re just walking around to see
what we could see today and letting y’all see what we see ah 1,700 for this one fourteen hundred six
thousand thirteen up fifteen you know we have a 30 it’s not like this Oh Lord
that’s too small for me Oh No yeah this is mommy maybe the one y’all got busy visiting
this one maybe this is just exclusive to ya maybe this one is just exclusive let’s go this way so we could go in in
the front and maybe having everybody with samples y’all I love the samples I
enter buying something last month from trying them samples that uh that sausage
it was a breakfast sausage man that lady let me try that breakfast sausage knew
it was so good I said where was it and I did the buck bang with the Brooklyn
sauce it was so good that your eyes to the camera on my channel let me let you
see yourself so you can see what you’re doing you know she be she be flirting with the
subscribers oh no I don’t not flirting but that’s how she get y’all to come and
subscribe to channel like you Chili’s out know better see if you like coming
on to my channel look I can’t evolve doing it look this what I got let me
show y’all where I get my pistachio from they are so good y’all I get this whole
bag right here I ate the whole bag last night I got me a bag this month I
haven’t opened a birthday or so I like to put them on my salad everything a
$15.00 energy I don’t know how expensive oh I love pistachio they taste so good they don’t have anybody in here what
samples today yahoo comes the costco just for the samples tell me don’t go
saying tell the truth and shame the devil
the costco y’all she got some kettle corn
kettle kettle cooked something salt and i’m about to taste one here friend she
gonna taste one listen to your first expression mmm they cause y’all are dead quartz
mm-hmm oh yeah yeah I know me she flew and she needs to say some room for our
dessert cuz seeing I’m gonna eat the dessert I want Univision I’m gonna be
doing a dessert video by myself hello hello I’m gonna show you with sitamma Kirkland see that let’s try this hold the camera
frame this is how you blog this is how you
blow this is how your blog Oh mmm what is that the way from a taste of
my pain he’s the ladies trying to get back to us right here in front of you
why she left her back to bed because it’s a big ol room that wouldn’t go
around I’m trying to fit it on the low-low yeah we two nuts together y’all we
should not be together you should be against the law Bloggie
now I can’t forget your whole self just nice
you supposed to be oh no I want to get just that yeah I’m
vlogging what is going good showing in my hole so what they’ve seen they want
to see you all right yeah we know would be some
time we’ll be a young dog with ideas due to content creators sometimes we’d
be doing I’m saying sometimes we’d be doing I’m up bands just type on will be
have known in the bottle sometimes yeah I know how to be tidy up gals in se they
massage massage things massage chairs yeah it’s a massage chair
yep see y’all yeah ah hello oh yeah I want to do this
I wanna see I’m gonna give me a Costco’s koja me my daughter living life with tea
set out to you this when you’re ain’t eat tasty but is your mother your mother
your mother your mother you know how they say in New York your mother mama
your honor yeah I see youth in the mirror I know
you caseous yeah I want to see the laughs tears I want to see the king crab really I’m going to oh yeah when I made
15 1,500 Kate 1,500 I’m going to grit I’ll ask hey make it we are look at all this year
this is the chase earth Pacific seafood Pacific nobody said when they show you how much
hospital where you see a price I see 7092 saying I don’t go where that ain’t
it let me gonna say show them
there’s 219 through this box that is not friend math come him and when I last
time I got my 209 I had 14 to 1990 wow that’s nice I’m innocent and now we’ve
got baby all y’all get it but you know they got over T yeah this is a 20 count
per pound and y’all see that’s a lot of shrimp up my crab all those my stuff is
they don’t have I want to get some out still chasing my babies but it would be right here if they had
any oh damn and I’ll sell them anymore we go look at my said be look it hurts me I
thought yeah it might be something you have to order I’ve never seen it she’s
also examine I shall I’m the video videographer cuz that’s the right word I
show what I want though music they came they know what Cosco’s is I’m
the one they said Miss Piggy that’s the same thing yeah
check your local store if y’all wanna see they have the solid green one said
that she found a third one who found her so somebody did subway yeah I know I want to go wanna go too
what’s that face be like winter was on the one jungle don’t know something
juice no they don’t use jungle Ju ngle they place where they say I got all the
stuff in it everything is baseball in the language
but they have Chinese one side Japanese one side Corina one side them indicator
one file United States one side American much noise like did like a big old
warehouse post-ups Carl Jung go something don’t have one period I’m
thinking don’t have one here yeah nope nope our space it’s not here it’s only
there I’m gonna say is either what we laughing it might be in whisper she live
in Ohio Don Mason Ohio buddy oh where does she stay a reside
what’s Kirkland’s I want to see what type of sausage a heavy in here I love
sausage oh ok I was thought I thought seeing company now a long sushi tempura one of the bad to do i give me one shot
for the michelle you’ll be I love Lisa Michelle shows is it whatever I can get so y’all come you tell some water
no coming back cuz yeah I will our blog aside is so different yeah I’ve learned
I sold it I shouldn’t stuff will be going to let’s go oh she want me to lead
the way y’all I ain’t gonna be on your flatness I’d be even say my breakfast we
all got flat in this time let’s check out a week there go they tipping never we did all
of the good what is that any notes in real me no I
don’t look like me Larry oh that’s real pizza mm-hmm
$8.99 for appeasement there’s a wraps age arrest was dead was it a thought $16
for Italian sausage pasta in garlic wine $13 this fella you do it but I like the
one over there for $3.99 honey a child all you have to do is take this
this that’s the difference I know I put it making that stuff fellas
I ain’t made a chef in corner on my channel I’m gonna make it I’m gonna go
buy crocus and give me a peck of my bell peppers that I’d be eating somebody want
to do a collab with me she said she could tear it up y’all do
y’all like the they have $4.99 for rotisserie chicken from Costco and they
have the ribs look at y’all they slap a real four seven nine and a seven
seventy-nine minutes cheap that is really inexpensive their
pound the other power Oh ready to eat Kirpal Oh yeah she leave me and the I’ll got you I got to stood chicken app and Apple
never heard of it look how long reason yeah look at that come on it is Telugu
this is Green Ridge natural beef snack this looks like a kind of like a be
jerky I don’t know what you cook it with I don’t want another day let’s see well if your thing
you know where you can’t eat no stall at all
I don’t know what this is the crapper is doing he comes Ron Newsome else on it and then
something else on me hmm what if you want to show them your
merry melodies and halo I’ll go eat the whole bag if I were letting in one mmm
the one wop one day he’ll donate to six million a cheaper at Kroger we get more Chloe rope with that they still cheaper
than this at Kroger’s yeah look at my ring off what I mean how many times I
got the huh what a pretty huh I’m not little ones I want the little me cuz i
have to go to Kroger to get the UH the little one somebody want to do a collab
with me because all do ours go get out with us
sir I just said let’s walk around until oh I don’t need what knock me down I’ll do it by myself you chose for 165 I just want to sell the people different
stuff will he come so do you think I didn’t say no what if
they do something to piss you off this you become my yarmulke tis weirdest
thing is oh yeah there is a ceramic look how heavy it is
but try to put it back down see how heavy it is girl that thing is heavy
right there they’re keeping all the smoking I want
somebody to bite it and show me what it’s like cause that thing no that’s for
the man to be lifting up ah somebody come on the child baby
well how many but it’s my son my mouse my grandson does I yeah you’ll need net
nuts for children to get addicted to nose look no it’s not no slot machine
you know how to do in a stove they go sit that so look at the chair that’s a
pretty good price Garrett until June wall guess what some children want a
cell phone that’s what they want they want a cell phone it got all the games
on if they want no mm-hmm Oh baby they could they they took an Epiphone man
could call out when they own the Wi-Fi they just fine folk no I’m fine and
folios could teach you certain yeah so only thing we got is our water and we’re
gonna get out with dessert you push the basket on that side of the register and
just leave it in she don’t scan it you can come over here
she almost finished with me now you put it over there mr. basket
over the baby show water in mind there’s no yes I still got the old shoe on my
car okay let’s come over here I think you gonna say now we give you movies murder Victor so the first thing you do to purchase
something from Costco you gotta bang I show you a picture do you okay yeah so we bout to go over here and
see what we want for dessert I think she’s gonna get the vanilla nonfat yogurt I guess I’ll get
the Aki boy this was before nightmare how do you pronounce though yeah I think
I got no this one okay let me get that and she wants the vanilla
I want the bowl yeah let me get the UH and she wants the nonfat vanilla yogurt oh sorry my turn the blog yeah yeah I’m gonna show you Oh baby oh yeah now that we go no like run today is though if y’all
want to see yeah I wanna see us eat
this you don’t have to tune in to my channel they turn
right in the most top tell him he misses them on sighs look at my mom big nerves
my just a dollar thirty pass people my screaming put in a video I didn’t yell video I said no already on camera yeah
this show them the show them hard in the other yeah I’ll see how it looks in the
picture yeah see how I look in the picture and
this is how it looks in person they like their water yeah let me go we
haven’t shut him show him my screen you should’ve showed him my ice cream I
ain’t gonna do it I’m just gonna let you I’m gonna let you two say what they got
the same like you hear me he beat my ice cream you get my yeah I shouldn’t that the dollar 35 I’m
guests paid $4.99 for the school but still I should have out of just as much
i scorn you right as you need I said that my bones are filling up the whole
bottle it’s not even in the whole bottom see if
you deserve to go bottom one ice cream in the suit will be sitting up on top of
the ice cream day in the neighborhood
won’t you be money like yeah I can’t sing right Lisa Lisa has a beautiful
voice how you ladies doing today she has such a beautiful voice y’all she
should’ve she missed her calling me late in the shower yeah mr. Conner she say
nope I think in the south oh you don’t be smoky I ain’t touching that one cuz
couples could talk about each other but you don’t start talking about the good
spouse to the other spouse next thing you know you’re gonna really find out
how much they really love each other somebody gonna be knocking you upside
your head what you talking about you talking to my
mom I’m the only one I could talk about my husband I’m the only one can say he
can’t sign yeah guys are pretty today is I get so
beautiful okay yeah I’m gonna have to put this water in the back of the truck
if I can find some room cuz I got stuff back here oh this wasn’t even closed hold this please jános new vlog I’ll show y’all
everything beautiful look at the trees moving it was talking to us say thank
you lord thank you
thank you for the beautiful day thank you thank you for the beautiful but my bang bang bang bang bang bang
bang bang bang banging I seen this know T now we supposed to be doing an
ice-cream mukbang we supposed to be doing an ice-cream mukbang but I think
this is gonna be a cream yeah yeah we bout to go buy cuz tasty ain’t tryin to
do nothin that she changed I’m gonna stay as long as I can and when I can’t
I’m tapping out yeah you said let’s take a thumbnail oh I should have had their
corner up here bringing some smoke Oh last night from the video yeah by me you
want to read these instructions oh no I know but I don’t have on my glasses I
can’t seem to help or you know yeah and mine and cute like yours the toe of
Satan challenge from flame thorough candy company comes possible the hottest
candy on the planet do you dare attempt to conquer this
sinister lollipop don’t do it the toe of Satan has been spawned from a
devastating devastating 9 billion Scott Ville on unit chimney extract guaranteed
to scorch anymore chose tongue yes I’m alive more even do this can’t you
survive whole five minutes of intense heat chickadee tasty mukbang me dance
how you do it can you stab out that’s right can you stay
okay see okay can you stand out the total Satan
so one against what zero is a coward you I’ll be doing try – zero is a coward
one minute is a wimp five minutes is you showing out leads to me was to to me as
I’m sorry two minutes you showing off Lisa Michel 3ms is your loss of feeling
tasting mug better tasting oh hell no loss of feelings because tasting will
make it that far yes you will know moment is there really
mm-hmm and five minutes this is Nayan one what
is your emergency what is number one the elk well that’s
what tasty goby I let you call me a wimp today I’m usually more you’re not a will
– yeah yeah I’m warriors I don’t think I’m gonna make it to to knit you know I
really don’t think so I’m glad you got faith in me but I’m
telling you this is not going not today not today I’m going to keep my plastic
because this is mine and my saliva gonna be only if I wanna try this challenge
again and I can use the same one why are you sure can so what are you doing man juicy no ain’t
bout to handle emergency today okay y’all let me show y’all this five
minutes so let me know when you want sausage anything about those two yeah
I’m taking it off whether I could still have my place we can take cuz I’m just
gonna back into plastic all right cuz I have a feeling this is not gonna be a
Kennedy them it’s gonna be over we come soon is this hotter than the buffalo
wings I mean yes it’s like it’s not even it’s not it’s not like a flavor it’s
just heat like it feels like mm-hmm yeah like so would you put it on your
tongue you know you kids like to like the burn if you feel like then just on
your tongue right yeah see I’m gonna keep my paper and tape okay when I get
through I’ll put it back right this would be for me if we do the hotel when
we did it on a triggers chap on channel we do the whole toe so this is my home
yeah you gotta know how to make this stuff work right economical weaker
economic Lee friendly because I want to challenge you another day and we can use
our same sucker right yeah you write about doesn’t read you don’t I’m gonna
be the same person you have any easier that’s true maybe this shit off yeah
missing every redo house so yeah we got ice right here cuz let me walk let me
get my mouth really right oh yeah is this cheating oh no I mean you go but
you find by me I know we just rip a phone okay know about this mmm-hmm
nice never taste this okay no I know where I know
okay I’m stalling y’all know you you good you tell me know let me know let me
do a one-minute don’t want us just throw it like to eat the button whenever you
ready I can’t see anyway you don’t matter
okay well I’m flying I’m I hit one two three Jesus the keys and that’s why we just wash
your model yes you can oh the same way yet the Barolo but exceed the Piranha
love is different cuz it’s bigger this morning no that’s not hot to me
yeah but not burnt when I swallow it is nasty yeah oh it was a good challenge ow
who was the winner say it with me now Lisa Michelle yeah
I’m sparking this is one thing I can set my sis she is a gold get up super-duper
Trouper she can’t do any spice yesterday she still tried to do it not just for me
even without me so that’s good and she already give up I’m a fuckup but wait because she’s not a spy speed at all
she gotta fight you know and I can’t eat that much of enough nothing but I don’t
even I think it is no I do not I’m a few days is a minute very short I
think you did I really do I think you did you might dig you know a minute
maybe a minute is something if not too no yeah we she’s a real gun
I promise let me tell y’all right now I’m not telling about but I wanna do it
Oh yo yo yo no I’m calling this the tasting mug man eats sales so it’s toy
Satan don’t do a challenge yeah if you do it I’m gonna put you in my playlist
cuz I told you not to I do anybody who anybody who everybody will
do this challenge this girl is not even bother
hmm know anybody who do this channel and you can keep it in longer oh yeah
did she do a shout-out yeah I’m a fifth to your channel if you do this challenge
this challenge is called the tour Satan don’t do it taste look don’t do it if
you do it and you beat her I will see through your channel let’s do it
any move I’m gonna still give you a shout-out right but if you win and you
stay longer than she did she did five minutes she should’ve kept it down
longer okay but I mean me credit we did it we did like five minutes of second so
we we don’t have the time I brought my son edit y’all beat her I’ll feature
your channel do it y’all let’s get it let’s Oh take the time some lunch of
butter I’m suggesting that you do not do it come on you can do it any time
y’all like a spicy bullshit they’re like the beloved hot sauce you
happen to be I like spicy food do it yes but if you do not like spicy ball still
do it like I didn’t just be care your eyes napkins your water just just do
your actual buy me some time oh my goodness y’all we got some other
things to do other challenges to do we got to do it so this concludes another
episode of the I love Lisa Michelle show that’s gonna hit me on my glasses on
make sure she’ll come for me y’all heard I said to do with my intro on ha China
mm-hmm yeah early she let me do my my arms go no she would do my outro on my
channel but no yeah MIDI my intro is she came to me y’all who’s there now I’m
gonna take over go out mm-hmm this concludes another episode of e I love
Lisa Michelle shawls let’s taste most man eats really service so don’t forget
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be quick with it la la la la la la la la la la
la la la all right thing I toss a bunch of buddies by Bali Shelley and see you
later she loves you and I do too mmm peace in
this piece

Randall Smitham