February 18, 2020
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The Mines Resort Seri Kembangan IORMA First Impressions Immersive Video

Welcome to this First Impressions of the Mines Resort Shopping Mall at Seri Kembangan outside Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The start of this video is an unusual way to enter a shopping mall. but there is a ferry service available which can take visitors into the shopping mall along a canal which goes right inside the shopping mall. It is an unusual and possibly uniques way to enter a commerce complex but I think it makes a good introduction to this video which is part of the IORMA First Impressions series and is designed to be used to inform the planning process and also tourists wanting to visit shopping malls A more typical way to enter is through the doors and here we have been walking through the entrance which comes form the Heritage which is a condominium block used by tourists and residents. So we are walking over a bridge which fits in with the theme of the canal and possibly has Venice look-alike and you can see that like many of the shopping malls in Malaysia they are arranged around a series of tiered floors which all overlook a central theme. In this case, the central theme is unlike the atrium effect in Suria KLCC for example, is the canal So we are walking back down from the bridge on to the ground floor of the complex where there are a lot of eating outlets and we have crossed over the bridge and we are now walking away from the food court area towards one of the supermarkets that are available within the Mines Resort. This is the Giant supermarket and we are walking through the main entrance and you can see that there are a variety of special offers that greet us and as we walk into this supermarket area we can see some of the fresh food that is on offer and into more typical supermarket layout where we have fruit and vegetables we have bakery products and we have an area like a delicatessen area that shows and sells cooked food. So we are now walking out of the Giant supermarket into the main shopping area and we can see as we walk alomg the ground floor of the Mines Shopping Mall there is quite an emphasis on health so there are a lot of health and fitness shops, nutritional shop, chemist there selling pharmaceutical and wellness products and we are walking we can see typical of a lot of the ground floors of shopping malls in Malaysia, there are small booths operated by entrepreneurs probably local entrepreneurs Walking through seeing some of the other retail brands that are available and this floor is typical of other floor in the Mines Resort. It is a simple overview. I hope you have enjoyed it

Randall Smitham