March 28, 2020
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– Cravings are a natural part of life but they shouldn’t be
the reason why you cheat on your nutrition plan and
stall your weight loss. If you find that your
cravings are constant and come around the same time each day, there might be a deeper
reason than you think. Do you wanna crush your
cravings once and for all, and nock the weight off
without interference? If the answer is yes, Download
My Free Mindset Manifesto in the link below. (gentle music) What you need to ask yourself is, am I really craving
something or am I just bored? If you’re just honest with yourself a lot of times people wanna go snack and they wanna eat because they are bored, nine times out of ten. But there are some things you can do. The first thing you can
do is, you can Chew Gum. Make sure it’s sugar free gum and don’t worry about it,
it’s got a couple of calories but it’s not a bridge I would die on, so definitely chew that gum. Another idea is, hey you
know what, take up a hobby, start painting, go back to
gardening, start knitting, stay busy, start crocheting, make a quilt, what ever you like to do,
wood working, I don’t know, what ever it is, take up
a hobby and stay busy. The third idea is drink
that water or hot tea. One of the biggest reasons
why you’re craving something is because maybe perhaps
you’re dehydrated. Get that water in or sip on some hot tea with a tea bag in it, you’re gonna really be able to kill those cravings. If the above items are working temporarily but you’re right back to craving. Here’s what could be happening. Lack of salt, you could be
a little low in your sodium and you need to up that sodium, remember sodium is not the devil. You could add a little bit
of sodium to your coffee, I know it sounds gross but
you really won’t taste it, you could add some more salt to your food and you can even add a little bit of salt to your gallon of water. You really should be doing that anyway and that will help crush the cravings. Identify when you crave
and what time you crave. Most people crave sugar
right after a meal, after a work day, after a fight, after a stressful situation
or they crave it at night. If you identify the time of day that you habitually
crave sugar consistently, then you can stop the behavior and switch that to a different habit. So, redirect yourself. The real reason to why
you’re craving sugar is not because you have a sweet tooth. Often times it’s because
of a stressful situation and we turn to sugar as a
way to numb those feelings. That sugar gives us a temporary
high, just like a drug. The only way to crush your cravings is to be honest with yourself. Identify when you are
triggered and when you crave. Once you identify that, you can absolutely change your behaviors
and redirect yourself. If you wanna keep denying your
triggers and running the risk of going back to your old
habits, I can’t help you but if you’re ready to face this head on and take back control of your life, I have a program for you. Download my free resource today and learn how to get connected. If you like this video,
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when I release a new video, but what I wanna hear from you, what cravings have you crushed? What has been your
experience with cravings and how did you get past it? Comment below and I’ll
see you on the next video. (gentle music)

Randall Smitham